Government Not Ready For The Collapse, More Stimulus Needed – Episode 108

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youtube_needstimulus_economic_collapse2In this report we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. The government signaled that the collapse is coming to quickly and they are not prepared. The FED reported that since the economic indicators are not where they would want them they will need to pile on more stimulus to keep the economy going. The FED is the market and without the stimulus the entire world collapses. The government still needs to get the gun bills and CISPA passed, and the war started in Syria. To do this they will count on false flag events to try to pull this off. If they cannot pull this off with these events they will use the main event the Cyber Attack.

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Current News


French-Owned Fitch Downgrades FrAAAnce To AA+

  • On the even of Bastille Weekend and the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France, you know it must be bad when the French-company-owned ratings agency Fitch is forced to remove its AAA rating from France. Key drivers include Debt-to-GDP projections rising and substantially weaker economic output and forecasts.

Economic Bellwether UPS Just Slashed Earnings

If the FED prints more money this should help UPS, right!!!!

  • Global shipper UPS just reported preliminary earnings of $1.13 per share in the second quarter, below consensus estimates for $1.20 EPS, and lowered its guidance for full-year earnings as well.
  • The company cites several factors expected to weigh on earnings when the company officially reports its Q2 results on July 23:
  • UPS (UPS) today announced that second quarter diluted earnings per share are expected to be $1.13. Overcapacity in the global air freight market, increasing customer preference for lower-yielding shipping solutions, and a slowing U.S. industrial economy drove revenue and operating profit below expectations. In addition, UPS experienced some slowing in package volume growth as a result of labor negotiations.
  • “We expect the second quarter market trends to persist and UPS is adapting to meet these conditions,” said Kurt Kuehn, UPS Chief Financial Officer. “Despite downward revisions to economic forecasts for the second half of the year, we anticipate solid profit growth. However, we are reducing guidance for 2013 adjusted diluted EPS to a range of $4.65 to $4.85, a 3 – 7% increase over last year.”
  • Shares of UPS are down 4% in pre-market trading on the news, while shares of competitor FedEx are down 2%.

Consumer Confidence Misses For First Time In 2013

  • In an odd reversal of recent trends, the future expectations sub-index of the UMich consumer confidence survey fell (lowest in 3 months) as the current rose notably (to its highest in 6 years). Is hope fading? Perhaps it is the spike in gas prices? Or the spike in mortgage rates? Critically though, this is the first miss of expectations since December 2012 as inflation expectations also surged to the highs of the year.

 Here Comes the Pain: Detroit To “Significantly Cut Vested Pensions” For Retirees

  • During the summer of 2011, as Ben Bernanke and his mainstream propaganda arm convinced Americans that green shoots were cropping up all over the nation, warnings of the coming destruction of America’s pension funds had begun to emerge.
  • Government employees may currently enjoy higher salaries and benefits than the private sector, but they have been given a false sense of security.
  • Whether you are a police officer, fireman, school teacher, or utility worker, you could have serious problems down the road.
  • Chances are that every major metropolitan area in the country is heavily in the red. This means that the jobs and retirement futures of millions of people are under threat.
  • [The only] option will be for ex-Federal governments to start reducing benefits and firing workers.
  • Just two years on we’re seeing the warnings manifest in the real world.
  • Once again, we focus the microscope on Detroit, which to those paying attention, is America’s canary in the coal mine signaling what’s to come for the rest of the country.
  • With the threat of a city bankruptcy looming, Detroit city workers and retirees are pushing back against the state-appointed emergency manager, filing lawsuits to limit his options and refusing to accept demands to keep details of their discussions secret.
  • The plan, if enacted, would be expected to result in significant cuts in pension payments. Although the city currently lists $643.7 million in unfunded pension liabilities, Orr in his report said the number is closer to $3.5 billion if “more realistic assumptions” are taken into account.
  • Pensions generally are considered off limits in bankruptcies, Nicholson said. “It’s very, very rare for any entity to go after people’s pensions because it puts people in the poor house,” he said.
  • The push back from labor groups is a new front in a growing resistance to Orr’s efforts.
  • This is a nationwide problem.
  • If you are a government employee, a labor union member, or even a retiree from the private sector, you had better be looking for ways to protect your current retirement portfolio or find yourself a new source of income, because that money you’ve been promised is going to be wiped out.
  • The pain is coming and millions of Americans will end up in the poor house as a result.
  • BET ON IT:
  • We’ve discussed the coming wave of State and local defaults, and it appears that the end game is close…
  • Eventually, the Federal government will hit its (real) debt ceiling as well. That will happen when no one else but The Federal Reserve will buy the US Treasury’s debt issues, at which point the retirement accounts, 401k’s, savings and dollar denominated assets of every American will be completely and utterly destroyed.
  • No worries, right? Because they told you that YOUR retirement account is perfectly safe and those investments you’ve spent your entire life acquiring are in good hands.

 Remember The Debt Ceiling?

  • As Erskine Bowles notes “Everyone claims that they’re not going to let our nation default. And Lord knows we all ought to pray that they don’t. But, could it happen? You bet.” But it seems the world has forgotten that between the “grand bargain’ negotiations and the looming final-final debt ceiling deadline, the US fiscal situation remains troubled at best. While Washington is “only capable of focusing on one big issue at a time,” dominated currently by espionage, immigration, and scandals, Bowles notes, from mid-September to mid-November the fiscal issues will be forced into the headlines and he believes there is only a 20-25% chance a deal is struck. As Stone & McCarthy notes, the Treasury will exhaust its extraordinary measures to create borrowing authority on October 31, and run out of cash on November 1.
  • Key Takeaways:
  • We expect the Treasury to exhaust its extraordinary measures to create borrowing authority on October 31, and run out of cash on November 1.
  • Our “drop dead” date is about two months later than an earlier forecast. The main reason for the change is that we underestimated how much borrowing authority Treasury could create this time around.
  • Our forecast assumes that Freddie Mac pays Treasury a $30.0 billion dividend at the end of September. That’s not a given, though.
  • Even without the dividend payment, Treasury could probably make it to November 1 without a debt limit increase.
  • We’ve updated our projections for when Treasury will exhaust its extraordinary measures that will allow it to borrow under the current debt ceiling. We now expect that Treasury will exhaust those measures on October 31, and run out of cash the next day, November 1.
  • We estimate that Treasury used $89 billion of its extraordinary measures as of June 30, leaving about $183 remaining.
  • Based on our projections for marketable debt issuance and SLUG redemptions, we think Treasury will use up that $183 billion on October 31. More specifically, we think Treasury would be about $30 billion short of the room needed to settle all of the auctions scheduled to settle that day.
  • Our projections assume that Freddie Mac will pay Treasury a dividend of about $30.0 billion related to the release of a valuation allowance against deferred tax assets on September 28. (For a related comment, see Agency Focus: Fannie and Freddie: The New Treasury Cash Cows? 4/2/13.) While that’s our base case, we think there is some risk that Freddie won’t release the allowance or only releases a portion of it. The language in Freddie Mac’s first quarter SEC filing regarding the valuation allowance was a little more tentative than in Fannie Mae’s fourth quarter filing. (Fannie Mae released its valuation allowance in the first quarter, and paid Treasury a $59 billion dividend at the end of June as a result.)
  • Our cash flow projections show Treasury with $7.0 billion less than it needs on November 1 if Freddie pays the full dividend; that shortage grows to $37.0 billion if Freddie doesn’t pay the dividend related to the treatment of deferred tax assets. (We are assuming that each GSE will pay about $5 billion in dividends just based on quarterly profitability.) We will have clarity on this issue in a few weeks, when the GSEs release their financial results for the second quarter.

 Bernanke says Fed stimulus still needed

It will always be necessary to print money, the FED is the stock market, Bond market, Housing market, the FED controls everything and there is no free markets left. They will manipulate the unemployment numbers, GDP and inflation numbers to explain away why they always need to print money. The only reason they are printing is because the economy would completely collapse right now if they didn’t. It doesn’t matter, the outcome will be the same with printing a collapse of the economy.

  • Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Wednesday that the Fed’s easy-money policy is still necessary, because the jobs market remains weak and inflation remains too low for comfort.
  • Speaking in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Bernanke also warned that the full impact on the economy of steep government spending cuts initiated in March was yet to be seen, underscoring the need for more Fed support.
  • “Both the employment side and the inflation side are saying that we need to be more accommodating,” he said, answering questions after a speech.
  • “Moreover, the other portion of macroeconomic policy, fiscal policy, is now actually quite restrictive…. Put that all together, I think you can only conclude that highly accommodative monetary policy for the foreseeable future is what’s needed in the US economy.”
  • Bernanke said that the 7.6 percent unemployment rate, though far below its crisis peak, “if anything overstates the health of our labor markets.”
  • He pointed to the low overall participation rate in the job market, four years after the country emerged from a deep recession, and the high rate of long-term unemployment.
  • Both are barriers to the economy pushing toward full employment, one of the Fed’s two policy goals.
  • “So we’re not there, obviously, on the maximum employment part of the mandate,” he said.
  • On the other goal — price stability — inflation at the current one percent level is low, he said, and well below the Fed’s two percent target rate, and low enough to generate some worry about deflation.
  • “We expect inflation to come back up. But if that’s not the case, I think we have to say that that would be a good reason to remain accommodative and try to achieve that objective.”
  • Bernanke’s comment threw cold water on the market reaction to the release on Wednesday of the minutes from the Fed’s policy board meeting three weeks ago, which suggested the central bank was ready to begin quickly winding down its $85 billion a month bond-buying stimulus program.
  • Treasury bond prices had fallen, and yields surged, after the minutes showed around half of the policy board members wanted to fully end the quantitative-easing bond purchases this year — as opposed to mid-2014, as Bernanke had said at the time of the meeting.
  • But bonds rebounded after Bernanke’s cautious remarks Wednesday suggested the original timeline is still in place.

Fed’s Plosser Admits Fed Was Responsible For Last Housing Bubble, Doesn’t Want To “Create Another”

This is what Bernanke said prior to the collapse of 2008, during the same year of the collapse.

(June 10, 2008) “The risk that the economy has entered a substantial downturn appears to have diminished over the past month or so.”

(January 10, 2008) “The Federal Reserve is not currently forecasting a recession.”

Bernanke on the stock market bubble of 2013

“I don’t see much evidence of an equity bubble,” Bernanke told the Senate Banking Committee in his semi-annual testimony on Tuesday.

Does anyone really believe what he says

  • The “mutinying” half of the Fed – that which the FOMC minutes indicated wanted an end to QE by the end of 2013 – is not going to take Bernanke’s Wednesday steamrolling lying down. Enter Charles Plosser, who becomes a voting member next year:
  • Good luck there. But here is the punchline:
  • Finally, someone from the Fed admits it was Greenspan’s and Bernanke’s ruinous cheap money policies that created the last housing bubble. As for preventing another housing “boom” or bubble as it is popularly known, we have two words: too late.


Bernank’s Bluff and the Coming Crash

  • 1)   A collapse in corporate earnings
  • 2)   The collapse in US GDP
  • 3)   The European banking crisis back
  • 4)   The European sovereign crisis back (Portugal’s 10 year spiked above 8%)
  • 5)   China’s hard landing (electrical consumption is up just 2.3%)
  • 6)   A Fed that is literally beginning to mutiny with calls to end QE growing louder by the week
  • Against this backdrop, stocks are undoubtedly in a bubble.  Today, the S&P 500 is sitting a full 30% above its200-weekly moving average. We have NEVER been this overextended above this line at any point in the last 20 years.
  • Indeed, if you compare where the S&P 500 is relative to this line, we’re even MORE overbought that we were going into the 2007 peak at the top of the housing bubble.
  • We all know how bubbles end: BADLY.
  • This time will be no different. The last time a major bubble of these proportions burst, we fell to break through this line in a matter of weeks.
  • We then plunged into one of the worst market Crashes of all time.
  • By today’s metrics, this would mean the S&P 500 falling to 1,300 then eventually plummeting to new lows.
  • This is not doom and gloom. This is a fact. The Fed has created an even bigger bubble than the 2007 one.



S. American states to recall ambassadors from Europe over Bolivian plane incident

  • South American countries belonging to the Mercosur trade bloc have decided to withdraw their ambassadors for consultations from European countries involved in the grounding of the Bolivian president’s plane, said Uruguayan foreign minister Luis Almagro.

U.S. Navy ships in Red Sea move close to Egypt as precaution

[sIf the crisis in Egypt does not go in favor the US government/central bankers and the central bank and the us reserve currency is in jeopardy the US will send in the troops

  • Two U.S. Navy ships patrolling in the Middle East moved closer to Egypt’s Red Sea coast in recent days, the top Marine Corps general said on Thursday, in what appeared to be a precautionary move after the military overthrow of President Mohamed Mursi.
  • The United States often sends Navy vessels close to countries in turmoil in case it needs to protect or evacuate U.S. citizens or take part in humanitarian assistance. Their presence does not necessarily mean the United States is preparing to carry out military action.
  • “Egypt is (in) a crisis right now,” Marine Corps Commandant General James Amos told the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank. “When that happens, what we owe the senior leadership of our nation are some options,” Amos said. He did not say what the options were.
  • U.S. Navy and Marine Corp officials said the two ships, part of a three-ship amphibious readiness group, had been in the region since May, patrolling the Red Sea, Horn of Africa, the Gulf and the Arabian Sea, and that there were no new orders to prepare for a possible conflict in Egypt.
  • Washington has walked a careful line, neither welcoming Mursi’s removal last week nor denouncing it as a “coup.” U.S. defense officials on Wednesday said they still planned to send four F-16 fighter jets to the Egyptian government as planned in coming weeks.
  • Amos said the USS San Antonio, an amphibious transport dock, and the USS Kearsarge, an amphibious assault ship, had moved further north in the Red Sea two or three nights ago to better respond if needed.
  • U.S. Marine Corps officials said moving amphibious ships closer to shore would enable easier movement of helicopters and other equipment, if it were needed.
  • “Why? Because we don’t know what’s going to happen,” he said.
  • Navy officials said the third ship in the group, the USS Carter Hall, remained off the coast of Bahrain in the Gulf.

New front opens in Syria as rebels say al Qaeda attack means war

Looks like the US paid mercenaries are turning on each other.  The rebel forces are starting to fall apart, Assad’s forces are winning the battles and the US government and central bankers are losing and are their backs are against the wall. They will need to do something to quickly move this war in favor of having the US invade and help the rebels and the only way to get the US into war is with a false flag. This will need to be big, bloody and horrific.

  • Syrian rebels said on Friday the assassination of one of their top commanders by al Qaeda-linked militants was tantamount to a declaration of war, opening a new front for the Western-backed fighters struggling against President Bashar al-Assad’s forces.
  • Rivalries have been growing between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the Islamists, whose smaller but more effective forces control most of the rebel-held parts of northern Syria more than two years after pro-democracy protests became an uprising.
  • “We will not let them get away with it because they want to target us,” a senior FSA commander said on condition of anonymity after members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant killed Kamal Hamami on Thursday.
  • “We are going to wipe the floor with them,” he said.
  • Hamami, also known by his nom de guerre, Abu Bassir al-Ladkani, is one of the top 30 figures on the FSA’s Supreme Military Command.
  • His killing highlights how the West’s vision of a future, democratic Syria is unraveling.
  • Assad appeared close to defeat a year ago when rebels killed top officials in a bomb attack and pushed deep into Damascus. Now, with military and financial support from Russia and Iran, he has pushed the rebels back to the outskirts of the capital and put them on the defensive in the south while radical Islamists assert control over the north.
  • The FSA commander said the al Qaeda-linked militants had warned FSA rebels that there was “no place” for them where Hamami was killed in Latakia province, a northern rural region of Syria bordering Turkey where Islamist groups are powerful.
  • Other opposition sources said the killing followed a dispute between Hamami’s forces and the Islamic State over control of a strategic checkpoint in Latakia and would lead to fighting.
  • The two sides have previously fought together from time to time, but the Western and Arab-backed FSA, desperate for greater firepower, has recently tried to distance itself to allay U.S. fears any arms it might supply could reach al Qaeda.
  • Louay Mekdad, FSA Supreme Command Political Coordinator, said Abu Ayman al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State’s Emir of the coastal region, personally shot dead Hamami and his brother at the roadblock.
  • He said a fighter who was travelling with them was set free to rely the message that the Islamic State considers the FSA heretics and that the Supreme Command is now an al Qaeda target.
  • “If these people came to defend the Syrian revolution and not help the Assad regime, then they have to hand over the killers,” Mekdad said, adding that the bodies of the two men were still with the al Qaeda affiliate.
  • The FSA has been trying to build a logistics network and reinforce its presence across Syria as the U.S. administration considers sending weapons, in part to present a bulwark against units it considers “terrorist organizations.”
  • But with funding from Gulf-based individuals, Islamist brigades have taken a leading role in rebel-held regions of Syria, filling the vacuum of power by setting up religious courts and governance bodies.
  • The FSA — a mixture of loosely-affiliated brigades — is accused by locals of looting and has not been able to present a unified front to sideline hardline units who favor an Islamic caliphate over pluralist democracy.
  • Some frustrated FSA fighters say they have joined Islamist groups and moderate and hardline fighters sometimes buy and sell weapons from each other.
  • The anti-Assad Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the conflict, said the FSA and the Islamic State have had violent exchanges in several areas of Syria over the past few weeks, showing growing antagonism between Assad’s foes.
  • “Last Friday, the Islamic State killed an FSA rebel in Idlib province and cut his head off. There have been attacks in many provinces,” the Observatory’s leader Rami Abdelrahman said.
  • Syria’s conflict turned violent in the face of a crackdown on protests. Civil war ensued with disparate rebel groups taking up arms and the Observatory says more than 100,000 people have been killed.
  • U.S. congressional committees are holding up plans to arm the rebels because of fears that such deliveries will not be decisive and the arms might end up in the hands of Islamist militants.
  • Syria’s opposition bemoans the delay, and repeated on Thursday assurances that the arms will not go to Islamist militants.

Russia To Get New Air Defense System For Detecting Missiles At Blastoff

[stextbox id=”x22report”]The build up of military for the eventual war. Each nation is placing its assets in prime locations and are building up their forces for the eventual war. This war is needed and will happen to cover up the collapse of the western world economy.  The central bankers will try to hold on to their system of banking until the very end and they have no problem starting WWIII to do it.[/stextbox]

  • Russia is getting a new defense system which will ensure guaranteed detection of enemy ballistic and long-range cruise missiles at blastoff, a top military official said Tuesday.
  • The officials said the system would feature advanced information-gathering, data-processing and attack capabilities with an early-warning radar system to be deployed along the entire Russian border.
  • The other measures will include the modernization of existing surface-to-air missile systems and the provision of advancedS-400and S-500 air defense systems, “capable of reliably protecting critical installations against air and missile attacks,” according to reports.
  • Priority in the organizational development of Russia’s armed forces through 2020 will be given to the strategic nuclear forces and the aerospace defense system.
  • Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces will continue to be equipped with advanced Yars ballistic missile systems featuring higher capabilities in overriding enemy missile defense systems, the officials said.
  • In mid-June, Russia’s prototype medium-range air defense system that should replace the S-300 was demonstrated to President Vladimir Putin.
  • The Vityaz system, manufactured by the Almaz-Antei corporation, which will have a more advanced radar and a launcher with 16 missiles, compared with only four on theS-300, should enter service next year, Almaz-Antei chief designer Igor Ashurbeili previously said in an interview.
  • The Vityaz will complement the Morfey, S-400 and S-500 air defense systems in Russia’s future aerospace defense network to engage targets at ranges from five to 400 kilometers, and at altitudes from five meters to near outer space.
  • In late May, Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces conducted a series of snap drills that checked the combat readiness of aerospace defense units, air force units and air defenses in the Western Military District, as well as military transport and long-range aviation command. The exercises involved 8,700 people, 185 aircraft and 240 military vehicles.

Police State

Meet Atlas

Forget about Canada or the Russian troops, the US government has the best solution they could come up with. Terminator robots to fire on Americans. They don’t feel, they don’t ask questions, they don’t hesitate, they don’t disobey orders.

US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano set to resign today – Getting out before the collapse

America Is Now Under Martial Law

Boston was the test case and now Chicago wants to have the National Guard patrol the streets.  With the Zimmerman trial and the country preparing for race riots we might see martial law happening in many cities, to keep us safe they will make the case they need to take your weapon just like they did in New Orleans

  • Martial law is defined as when the “Military government engages in the suspension of ordinary law.” The term martial law is thrown around quite a bit these days and the elements of martial law often gets lost in the conversation. Government critics maintain that this administration is merely looking for an excuse to put the country into total state of martial law and begin to act upon their various “enemies of the state” lists and to ultimately suspend the Constitution. I have got news for the more conservative “Glenn Beck” type of fence sitters, martial law is already here and most of the worst elements of martial law have been put into place and are just awaiting a catalyst
  • Two Types of Martial Law
  • Although the terms may differ, there are essentially two types of martial law. There is the hard core, very overt from of martial which is not disguised, it is simply brutal and deadly. The second type of martial law is often referred to as a “soft” type of martial law.
  • Hard core martial law is most often declared through a series of directives issued by executive civilian authority or most often by the military commander who has just seized control. Martial law which emanates from civilian authorities most often occurs in stages or in response to a significant crisis, real or false flag. In these instances, false flag attacks are often used to eliminate civil liberties prior to the elimination of the perceived opposition.
    • Hard Core Martial Law Characteristics
    • Hard core martial contains the following elements:
    • -mass roundup of political dissidents
    • -dusk to dawn curfews
    • -rationing of essential resources
    • -the seizing of personal assets such as food and water
    • -control over all food and water
    • -the prohibition of weapons of any kind including guns, knives or chemicals which can be turned into explosives
    • -the confiscation of property, homes and businesses
    • -arrests without due process
    • -massive “papers please” checkpoints with intrusive searches
    • -forced relocation
    • -forced conscription into various labor camps and even into the military
    • -outlawing of free speech
    • -the installation of massive surveillance programs and the establishment of snitch programs
    • -the total control or elimination of religion
    • -control of the media
    • -executions without due process of law
    • -total suspension of the Constitution
  • Just how many of these intrusive government policies are in place? The answer will surprise most readers.
  • How Many Elements of Hard Core Martial Law Does the US Posses?
  • As of this publication, the United States is not experiencing the mass round up of political dissidents and dusk to dawn curfews. However, the no-fly lists and the reputed enemies list derived from NSA surveillance activities, are precursor events to mass roundups.
  • The globalists are not yet rationing essential resources in totality. However, Executive Order 13603 does give the President the authority to do so. I find it concerning that Obama has derailed the Keystone pipeline and is shutting down coal plants. And there is the threat Obama recently made to implement his cap and trade through Executive Order. This is a prelude to the control of all energy.
  • FEMA regulations limit the amount of food and water one can store to three days total. Anything in excess of that can get one declared to be a domestic terrorist. Under Agenda 21 provisions, many local governments place severe restrictions on growing one’s own food. Colorado has criminalized the private trapping of rain water and the reuse of irrigation water by farmers. I would say that moves that state quite a long way down the road to hard core martial law.
  • Through perpetrating various false flag attacks, Obama is doing his best to seize and ban weapons on an incremental scale.
  • The omnipresent property tax, in this time of high unemployment, increases the amount of forfeited properties and results in the increased confiscations of property, homes and businesses. Just the mere fact that the government tolerates the MERS mortgage fraud in which American homes are being stolen under fraudulent circumstances, constitutes martial law confiscation by the very banksters who are running our government.
  • The NDAA allows arrests without due process.The Military Commission Act of 2006, in which some can be declared a terrorist for very flimsy and nebulous reasons, constitutes hard core martial law as well.
  • On July 4, 2013, the TSA and DHS were on several highways, bus stations, train stations and of course, as always, in every airport conducting a massive “papers please” searches of property and people. These types of checkpoints are consistent with the most hard core of martial law conditions.
  • We are not yet witnessing forced relocation of people in large numbers. However, Obama’s friend and previous mentor, Mike Kulig and his Build One America is working towards a tax incentive system which will eventually turn the suburbs into ghost towns. The Agenda 21 restrictions placed upon farmers has forced many into the cities. A rose by any color is still a rose.
  • The Civilian Inmate Labor program grants the government the ability to forcibly conscript, any citizen, healthy or not, with no age qualifiers, into various labor camps and even into the military. Further, Executive Order 13603 grants the government the same authority.
  • Obama has declared war on journalists as evidenced by the assassinations of Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings. In essence, Obama is beginning to outlaw of free speech, whistle-blowing and freedom of the press.
  • For nearly 20 years, many in the alternative media have known about the massive surveillance programs conducted by the NSA and several other alphabet soup agencies. Now, because of Ed Snowden, the ignorant public is aware of the installation of massive surveillance programs which are cataloging everything Americans read, do and say. These conditions were the cornerstone of the East German Stasi. East Germany was in a perpetual state of martial law. And the newly announced Federal worker snitch program to go along with “see something, say something” civilian spy programs are absolute hallmark indicators of martial law. And if this not enough, there are the omnipresent Fusion Threat Centers and Infraguard.
  • The church could have served the purpose of opposing the creeping incrementalism of the hard core implementation of martial law. And to this end, most of your churches and your religious leaders have let you down. The control or elimination of religion is being implemented through the 501 (3) (c) tax exempt status which prohibits churches from making political stands or backing certain candidates. This past spring, DHS authorities declared “Bible believing Christians” to be domestic terrorists.
  • The very bankers who desire total control over you have enjoyed total control over the media for at least the last 15-20 years. Ninety five percent of the media is owned by five corporations. Obama, through the UN is trying to take control over the internet which would leave us with a totally state run media.This is a cornerstone trait of martial law.
  • Most Americans do not realize that executions without due process of law have already been carried out against American citizens. The primary targeted individual, Anwar al-Awlaki, was a radical Muslim cleric whom U.S. officials said was involved in planning Al Qaeda operations and terror attacks. Besides al-Awlaki, Samir Khan, Jude Kennan Mohammed and Awlaki’s son, Abdulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki, were executed by drones according to Attorney General Holder. The precedent has been set and Holder has declared the authority to carry out unwarranted executions.
  • Due to the passage of the NDAA, the Patriot Acts, intimidation through the murders of Breitbart and Hastings, the ability for the government to transfer property from one private party to another private party under the New London, CT. Supreme Court decision, has rendered much of the constitution to be null and void.
  • The only elements that have not yet been acted upon in today’s America with regard to hard-core martial law are MASS roundups and MASS executions. I contend that it is only a matter of time and that the NSA surveillance grid is still profiling every individual to that end. The evidence is clear that soon many of us will not be freely walking the streets of the United States.
  • The military take over of Boston
  • The military take over of Boston. This was a dress rehearsal.

Cyber Attacks


Iran to sue U.S. over ‘Stuxnet’ Sabotage

If the situation was reversed the policy of the US government is that any cyber attack against the US is an act of war. So cyber attacks do have the capability of creating havoc on systems and even bringing down a nuclear plant.  The US government always likes to remind the people of the following

Meanwhile, U.S. officials say Iran is behind a new wave of destructive cyber attacks on American corporations and energy firms, according to the New York Times – a wave that WND reported nearly two years ago.
The May 24 Times article said the targets included American oil, gas and electric companies, and the goal is finding ways to seize control of critical processing systems.
The Department of Homeland Security warned last month about the cyber attacks, and one government official told the Times, “Most everything we have seen is coming from the Middle East.”


  • Iran’s Foreign Ministry is preparing to take legal action against the United States over the Stuxnet computer virus, charging that Washington was behind the sabotage of its nuclear program.
  • Regime sources Sunday told the media outlet, which often quotes regime insiders on the Iranian nuclear program, that the Foreign Ministry has concluded there is sufficient evidence to take legal action against the U.S.
  • The computer worm attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2010, causing many centrifuges to spin out of control and ultimately require replacement. It also caused havoc in the Bushehr nuclear power plant, and despite regime denials that the facility had been infected, it was shut down several times, with many delays in restarting. Stuxnet and other malware have attacked other regime infrastructure, including Iran’s oil industry.
  • The U.S. participation in the creation of Stuxnet was documented in a report in Der Spiegel, which interviewed whistleblower Edward Snowden through encrypted questions sent by security software developer Jacob Appelbaum.
  • In response, Snowden said the U.S. National Security Agency and Israel “co-wrote” the virus that created havoc for Iran.
  • “The time for legal action has arrived,” a source told “The American government is condemned both based on international standards and based on two documents of its government, meaning the Pentagon’s strategic document on cyber space and also America’s national strategic document on cyber space.”
  • The unnamed source, a diplomat, told the outlet that the Foreign Ministry is gathering documents for the legal case, which will be submitted to international organizations.
  • “Statements by American officials will have an important role in these documents,” he said. “Plus, Iran feels that it can unite a strong front on the world stage on this case because other countries also face this danger.”
  • The source predicted that President-elect Hassan Rohani will pursue the effort as one of the new government’s main projects and that Iran will calculate the damages caused by the virus and request payment from the U.S. government.
  • Become a part of the investigative reporting team uncovering the truths about Iran, and get author Reza Kahlili’s “A Time to Betray” about his life as a double agent inside Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.
  • said President Obama himself confessed to sabotage by stating – in response to a New York Times story that Stuxnet was a joint U.S., Israeli and German project – that he will not tolerate disclosure of sensitive information. The outlet said that last week the Washington Post and CBS News reported that Gen. James Cartwright, the former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was the source for the leak on Stuxnet to the Times and is being investigated by the Justice Department.
  • said Richard Clark, the former national coordinator for security and counter-terrorism, in an interview last week clearly stated that Stuxnet was a U.S.-sponsored project.
  • The outlet’s source said Iran from now on will consider any cyber attack as an act of war and will respond accordingly.
  • Meanwhile, U.S. officials say Iran is behind a new wave of destructive cyber attacks on American corporations and energy firms, according to the New York Times – a wave that WND reported nearly two years ago.
  • The May 24 Times article said the targets included American oil, gas and electric companies, and the goal is finding ways to seize control of critical processing systems.
  • The Department of Homeland Security warned last month about the cyber attacks, and one government official told the Times, “Most everything we have seen is coming from the Middle East.”
  • Government officials and other experts, according to the report, confirmed a report in the Wall Street Journal that the source of the attacks had been narrowed down to Iran.
  • However, the U.S. had been warned of cyber attacks by Iran. A WND exclusive in August 2011 reported Iran had been planning to retaliate against the U.S. for its efforts to stop the Islamic regime’s nuclear program.
  • A July 29, 2011, editorial in the Kayhan newspaper, the mouthpiece of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said that the U.S. has all of its infrastructure connected to the Internet and as a result “it is constantly worried about an unknown player whom they will never be able to identify … sitting in some corner of the world who would launch an attack on a sector of (America’s) foundations. They will be taught the mother of all lessons.”
  • The warning was reported in WND’s story.
  • America’s vulnerability to a cyber attack was discussed in a meeting among Iran’s Revolutionary Guard commanders and Iranian scientists, according to a source in the Revolutionary Guard, as reported in April 2011. They concluded that the U.S. power grids represent the best opportunity for such attacks, as more U.S. utilities are moving their control systems to the Internet and using smart-grid technology.
  • The head of Iranian cyber warfare within Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Gholam Reza Jalali, officially had blamed the U.S. and Israel for Stuxnet. Guard officials have repeatedly warned of retaliation – both for the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists inside Iran, which they called acts of espionage, and for Stuxnet.
  • Iran’s cyber warfare unit is now actively recruiting hackers from around the world for what it promotes as the goals of the Islamic Republic.
  • Amid acts of sabotage crippling U.N., U.S. and EU sanctions, Iran, nevertheless, is getting help from North Korea and China as it continues to work toward arming its missiles with nuclear bombs.

EAS Susceptible to Hacker Attacks, Says Tech Corp

  • IOActive, the corporation that controls interception of emergency messages (EAS) by interrupting broadcasts to transmit those messages, a.k.a. DASDEC, has become susceptible to hacker attacks.
  • Mike Davis, research scientist at IOActive stated : “These DASDEC application servers are currently shipped with their root privileged SSH key as part of the firmware update package. This key allows an attacker to remotely log on in over the Internet and can manipulate any system function.”
  • Davis calls attention to the fact that “re-engineering needs to be done on the digital alerting system side and firmware updates to be pushed to all appliances.”
  • IOActive works closely with Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) to make sure that the EAS is reputable.
  • According to the report: “An attacker who gains control of one or more DASDEC systems can disrupt these stations’ ability to transmit and could disseminate false emergency information over a large geographic area. In addition, depending on the configuration of this and other devices, these messages could be forwarded to and mirrored by other DASDEC systems.
  • Earlier this year, Monroe Electronic, producer of DASDEC, relayed that they have resoled “potential security vulnerabilities and improve[d] several operational features” for the EAS.
  • The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reviewed the IOActive report and commented that: “IOActive reports that the administrative web server uses a predictable, monotonically increasing session ID. This finding is based on running the web server in a test environment. Testing on a variety of firmware versions on devices both at the factory and in the field, Monroe Electronics could not reproduce this finding.”
  • This report comes after hackers were able to take over a Montana TV station and broadcast EAS false reports about a pending zombie attack.
  • The fake warning stated: “Civil authorities in your area have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living.”
  • Davis commented: “Earlier this year we were shown an example of an intrusion on the EAS when the Montana Television Network’s regular programming was interrupted by news of a zombie apocalypse. Although there was no zombie apocalypse, it did highlight just how vulnerable the system is. These DASDEC application servers are currently shipped with their root privileged SSH key as part of the firmware update package. This key allows an attacker to remotely log on in over the Internet and can manipulate any system function. For example, they could disrupt a station’s ability to transmit and could disseminate false emergency information. For any of these issues to be resolved, we believe that re-engineering needs to be done on the digital alerting system side and firmware updates to be pushed to all appliances.”
  • Earlier this year, the EAS was beta-tested for the National Warning System (NWS) as outlined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
  • This federal version allows the Obama administration to interrupt broadcasts to relay important information in the event of a “grave emergency”.
  • Although this technology has not been tested, Twitter and email alerts have proven effective in lessening the complication during a crisis.
  • In 2010, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) tried to coerce Congress to require that all Americans purchase an FM radio.
  • These radios would be equipped with a microchip that could control the device; turning it on and off and automatically broadcasting Obama’s messages to every American.

 British Report: International cybermercenaries for hire

Cyber attacks are at the highest level ever. US, UK, Australia, European Nations are all bracing for the main event. The governments have been telling us for over a year now that we can expect a cyber attacks and it will be like a nuclear attack

  • A British intelligence report said Wednesday that other nations are hiring hackers to launch attacks against their enemies, a trend it described as particularly worrying.
  • The warning over cybermercenaries came in an annual report published by Britain’s Intelligence and Security Committee, a watchdog body of senior lawmakers that oversees Britain’s spy agencies.
  • Citing testimony from British eavesdropping agency GCHQ, the report described the mercenaries as “skilled cyber professionals undertaking attacks on diverse targets such as financial institutions and energy companies.
  • “These groups pose a threat in their own right, but it is the combination of their capability and the objectives of their state backers which makes them of particular concern,” it said.
  • The lawmakers didn’t name any specific countries or say how widespread the practice was. The report didn’t go into much further detail, but there’s long been concern over the proliferation of private companies that profit from developing and distributing offensive software.
  • The report quoted GCHQ as saying that the electronic threat facing Britain is “at its highest level ever and is expected to rise further still” — a warning that tracks with longstanding trends relating to the growth of cybercrime and increasing official interest in online espionage. As with past reports, lawmakers singled out Russia and China as two countries alleged to have carried out attacks over the Internet.
  • The report also covered issues surrounding the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, counterintelligence, and terrorism. It touched on the threat of Islamic radicalism out of Syria, where it said a significant number of British citizens had flocked in order to fight a holy war. It quoted Britain’s security services as saying that “individual jihadists in Syria currently represent the most worrying emerging terrorist threat to the UK and the West” and said that there was a risk that the country’s stockpile of chemical weapons could fall into the hands of extremists.
  • Not covered in the report were allegations published by the Guardian newspaper that GCHQ and its U.S. counterpart, the National Security Agency, were engaged in a global surveillance campaign aimed at securing access to as much of the world’s communications as technically possible. Some of the revelations raised fears that Britain was swapping data with the United States on its own citizens to get around restrictions on domestic espionage.

Homeland Security urged ISPs to block IP addresses of suspected Chinese hackers

  • The US Department of Homeland Security and FBI provided a list of IP addresses used by alleged Chinese military hackers to American internet service providers (ISPs) earlier in February, and not-so-subtly encouraged the ISPs to block themThe Wall Street Journalreported today. Based on The Journal‘s report, the IP addresses that were on the list handed to ISPs were ones linked to the “Comment Crew,” an alleged Chinese military hacking outfit that was described in a widely-publicized February report fromcybersecurity firm Mandiant. As it turns out, Mandiant actually alerted the US government to its findings a week before it went public with them on February 18th. According to The Journal, the DHS and the FBI then released a memo listing the Comment Crew’s suspected IP addresses. DHS officials then sent a follow-up email to ISPs telling them to “institute actions” based on the memo.
  • The Journal cites US officials as saying the goal of giving the IP addresses to the ISPs was to let these companies know that traffic coming over their networks could be actually attacking other US companies. At least some ISPs appear to have followed the urging of DHS, because The Journal reports that shortly after the DHS / FBI memo was released, there was a noticeable drop in observed attacks and infiltrations by the Comment Crew. But that also appears to have been short-lived, as the number of attacks quickly rebounded, and The Journal‘s sources in the US government say that it was because the Comment Crew wised up and changed their IPs.
  • The Journal doesn’t specify exactly which ISPs received the memo, nor which IP addresses were included on the original list, but says that one of the IP addresses was for the website of a “major oil company” that was compromised by the Comment Crew or other hackers. If it’s accurate, The Journal’s report suggests a previously unknown level of cooperation between the government and private industry when it comes to fighting hackers, one that calls into question the need for further expanding information-sharing efforts between the two sectors. Nonetheless, Congress has been pushing to pass new bills including the controversial CISPA that would do just that. At the same time, US officials told The Journal that US intelligence services were also running cyber espionage operations on Chinese targets, but that these were all military and government, and not private companies. While the particular series of incidents described by The Journal took place months ago, such cooperation and spying allegedly continues to this day.

False Flags

New Black Panther Party allegedly busing mobs to Sanford, Florida for expected riots

All I can say is prepared. If Zimmerman is found not guilty I do believe riots will occur. It seems like the government is looking for a reason to declare martial law.

  • Reports have come in from eye witnesses in Sanford, Florida that the New Black Panther Party, an extremist group that has called for the killing of George Zimmerman if he is found not guilty, is busing in thousands to that town. Sanford is the location of the trial and near the place where the shooting of Trayvon Martin by Zimmerman occurred. There have been threats of riots if Zimmerman is not found guilty and it is believed that the New Black Panther Party and other extremist groups will attempt to take advantage of racial tensions after a non guilty verdict by organizing riots.
  • Local police should be prepared for riots and Governor Rick Scott should be prepared to call in the National Guard at a moment’s notice if needed. Local authorities should be ready to act and not allow this to create a situation like the South Central Los Angeles riots of 1992 after the verdict in the trial of the police officers that had beaten Rodney King.
  • It must also be remembered that these events are not “spontaneous” as the left wing media likes to portray them. They are deliberately organized. The riots in Los Angeles in 1992 were organized by several extremist left wing community organizer type groups including the local chapter of the Revolutionary Communist Party.
  • It should surprise no one that leftist groups are prepared to ignite rioting after the upcoming verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. Peaceful demonstrations should be allowed, but any degree of violence should immediately be stopped by local authorities.

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