Hold On, The Entire Globalist Economic System Is About To Come Apart – Episode 1376

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Hold On, The Entire Globalist Economic System Is About To Come Apart
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The EU and UK cannot come to agreement on the BREXIT. The UK will not pay a punishment fee. The US Government and Fed are reporting that job openings are soaring. We seen this pattern before right before the recession of 2008. The US Government changes the methodology on how they calculate wages, just another manipulated statistic. SocGen warns of a recession headed our way. The debt level hit 20 trillion and the clock was removed. Italy wants a new currency, which indicates Italy would like to leave the EU. Comey is being recalled to testify because of false statements. There are reports that the Awans will get immunity. The fake news checker agenda is going down the tubes, the population does not believe the fact checkers. US takes part in military exercises in Ukraine. The UN places sanctions on NK. Turkey signs the S-400 contract and puts down a deposit. Russia reports that 85% of Syria has been liberated. Iraq and Syria sign with Iran for power and nuclear plants. The Globalist system is falling apart.

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Current News – 09.12.2017


Cable Sinks As EU-UK Postpone Next Round Of Brexit Talks

  • it appears disagreements over the ‘divorce’ payments forced EU and UK to postpone the next round of Brexit talks… for a cooling off period?
  •   the EU is accusing UK of backtracking on its promise to pay an exorbitant fee to leave the union.

EU negotiators were said to have been left “flabbergasted” after British lawmakers told them there was little or no legal basis for their £90billion claim. 

“Article 50 is clear,” he said. “Once a state leaves it has no further rights and benefits, and no further duties or obligations. It is of course true the treaty does not prevent the EU accepting a payment volunteered by a departing state if it wished to pay one. However, the UK could not make such a payment legally under our own law and system for controlling public spending.”

“The British public won’t accept a punishment payment.  

Source: zerohedge.com

US Job Openings Soar To New All Time High 

  • After nearly two years of being rangebound between 5.5 and 6 million, the BLS’s JOLTS report – Janet Yellen’s favorite labor market indicator- showed that the recent surge in job openings which was observed first last month, when job openings smashed expectations above 6 million for the first time ever, continued in July when the total number of job opening rose to a new record high of 6.170 million, an increase of 54k on the month, and well above the 6.0mm consensus forecast.  
  • Aside from the unexpected surge in job openings, the rest of the report was more subdued, with the pace of hiring reverseing last month’s decline, and rising by 69,000 to 5.501 million…

  •  On an annual basis, the pace of hiring slowed down modestly, rising by 3.2% in July, down from the 4.9% in June.


Source: zerohedge.com

Real Male Earnings Below 1973 Level: Median Household Income Improvement Entirely Due to Rising Female Earnings
  • The Census Bureau report Income and Poverty in the US 2016 shows real household income in the US hit a new record high of $59,039 in 2016 thanks to a methodology change and rising incomes of women.
  • Real, inflation adjusted, earnings of men are below where they were in 1973.
  • Men vs Women

  • Methodology Change Impact on Earnings

  • Methodology Change Impact on Poverty

  • New Record  
  • Slightly more than half of US households are now back to where they were in 2000.
  • When all else fails, change the methodology.

Source: mishttalk.com

SocGen: “Now Entering Dangerous Volatility Regimes”

  •   SocGen’s Praveen Singh, the French bank analyst boldly goes where so many prognosticators have gone before, and looking at the evolving cross-asset volatility trends, warns that the market is “now entering dangerous volatility regimes.”  
  • So after predicting that a 2007 vol episode may be imminent (as a reminder, back then the VIX briefly tagged 80 in the process destroying all vol sellers 

Source: zerohedge.com

US National Debt Clock Removed in NY After Hitting Historic $20 Trillion Mark

  • The billboard-sized running clock that in real time displays the US national debt has been removed from its location in New York City after the federal debt surpassed a historic $20 trillion mark last Friday, 
  • As of Tuesday morning, the clock was detached from its location on the southeast corner of 44th street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan, supposedly for physical updates to the display.

Source: sputniknews.com

EUROZONE WARNING: Italy’s opposition call for NEW currency sparking EU concerns

  • Beppe Grillo’s populist Five Star Movement, the nationalist Northern League and former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia want the new currency introduced after elections scheduled for next year.
  • Their proposals replace previous calls to leave the euro completely.
  • Analysts say the parties is trying to appeal to anti-euro sentiment in the country while avoiding the upheaval of an outright exit.
  • But while some supporters say the primary goal of the new currency is to persuade Brussels to change European fiscal rules to allow them to spend more and cut taxes others hope it will help make an eventual euro exit more likely.
  • The proposal is opposed by the European Commission which insist there can only be one legal tender in the eurozone. 
Source: express.co.uk


Rep. Franks Predicts Awans Will Get Immunity For “Significant, Disturbing Story” About Wasserman Schultz

  • Last week the Washington Examiner reported that Hina Alvi, the wife of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s now-infamous former IT staffer Imran Awan, had struck a deal with federal prosecutors to return to the U.S. where she currently faces charges of conspiracy and bank fraud.  The deal with prosecutors mandates a return to the U.S. during the “last week of September 2017” and is structured so that she will not be arrested in front of her children.
  •  according to Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) who appeared on Fox News recently, there may be more to Alvi’s return than meets the eye as he predicts that the Awans could be working on a broader immunity deal with prosecutors in return for a “significant” and “pretty disturbing” story about Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
  I think there is a good chance she is going to reach some type of immunity to tell a larger story here that is going to be pretty disturbing to the American people.”

“I would just predict that this is going to be a very significant story and people should fasten their seat belts on this one.”   


Source: zerohedge.com

White House accuses former FBI director James Comey of “false testimony”

  • Pressure mounts for James Comey to return to Capitol Hill and testify under oath, again.
  • Former FBI director, James Comey has recently been exposed to have exonerated Hillary Clinton months in advance of any investigation into her email server scandal, proving that the entire FBI investigation into HRC was a complete farce.
  • Fox News reports

The White House on Monday accused James Comey of giving “false testimony” and suggested the Justice Department look at whether he perjured himself, as Republican lawmakers stepped up pressure on the former FBI director to clarify apparent discrepancies in his public statements to Congress.

“Since the director’s firing, we’ve learned new information about his conduct that only provided further justification for that firing,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said, citing “false testimony” among her examples.

Asked to clarify whether she thought Comey perjured himself or at least misled Congress, Sanders told Fox News’ John Roberts: “I think that’s something probably for DOJ to look at, not me. I’m not an attorney.”

Source: theduran.com

Flagging Fake News on Facebook Doesn’t Work, Mainstream Media Not Trusted

  • A major new academic study has found Facebook’s fact-checking methods, aimed at identifying and neutralizing ‘fake news’ on the network, is ineffective – in part because individuals don’t trust the mainstream media
  • Yale University study has found Facebook’s much-touted anti-fake news strategy — of fact-checking stories and tagging inaccurate content — doesn’t work.
  • The research found tagging false news stories as “disputed by third party fact-checkers” had a meager impact on whether readers perceived headlines to be true. Overall, the existence of “disputed” tags made participants just 3.7 percent more likely to correctly judge headlines as false.
  • ​The researchers believe the sheer volume of information that floods the social media network makes it impossible for fact-checking groups Facebook has partnered with —Politifact, FactCheck.org and Snopes.com — to scrutinize every story. Moreover, the existence of flags on some stories made individuals even more likely to believe any story that was not flagged. The team believe the results show it’s unclear whether Facebook’s efforts in this regard can even be considered a net positive. 
  • Perhaps the most damning findings of the study, however, related not to Facebook’s fake news fighting efforts, but the mainstream media. For one, the younger participants were, the less likely they were to place stock in flags, which the team suggest indicates declining trust in media among younger generations. 


US troops take part in Ukrainian military exercise

  • U.S. troops are currently taking part in a multinational military exercise in Ukraine 
  • The U.S. involvement will include approximately 250 soldiers from the Oklahoma Army National Guard, 80 soldiers from the California Army National Guard, 45 airmen from the California Air National Guard, and some additional Army and Air Force personnel in support and control roles. 

Source: arklatexhomepage.com

North Korea Doubles Down On Threat Of “Greatest Possible Pain And Suffering” After Latest UN Sanctions

  • After the United Nations unanimously voted to impose stricter sanctions on Kim Jong Un’s regime on Monday, North Korea again vociferously rejected the unanimous Security Council decision and issued its latest in a string of threats, recycling verbatim language it had used on Monday (local time) when the US was still calling for a total ban on energy imports to the North. At the time, the North warned that it would inflict “the greatest possible pain” on the US if more sanctions were to be imposed.   

Source: zerohedge.com

Kremlin Explains Why Russia Voted in Favor of UN Resolution on North Korea

  • Russia, when considering the UN Security Council resolution on the North Korea, proceeded from its interests as a country in the region of the escalated tensions, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.
  • “Russia’s position concerning the adoption of this resolution is primarily based on the interests of the Russian Federation due to the fact it is located in the region where the events are taking place, where we see a very serious escalation of tensions caused by Pyongyang’s provocative actions,” Peskov said.
  • “As for the discussions that have taken place with the leaders of China, South Korea and Japan [on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum], of course, they have seriously helped us to understand whether regional countries were on the same page,” the spokesman said.

Source: sputniknews.com

Turkey signs deal to buy Russian S-400 missile systems

  •  Turkey has signed a deal with Russia to buy S-400 missile defence systems in its first major weapons purchase from Moscow, Turkish newspapers Tuesday quoted President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as saying.
  • “Signatures have been made for the purchase of S-400s from Russia. A deposit has also been paid as far as I know,” Erdogan said in comments published in the Hurriyet daily and other newspapers.  

Source: middle-east-online.com

Iraq: “US-led Coalition Jets Deliberately Bombed Our Positions to Halt Our Progress Against ISIS”

  • The American planes bombed our positions to prevent us from reaching the Nineveh Plains”, said Ryan Khaldani, a leader of the Popular Mobilization Units-aligned Babylon Battalions, adding that the countries, known to be hostile to Iraq, are looking for ways to create tensions in the country, especially as regards the post-ISIS era.
  • In an interview with Al Mayadeen network, Khaldani said that both, the US-led international anti-ISIS coalition and the Kurdish Peshmerga were deliberately making moves that benefited ISIS, while causing damage to the Iraqi forces fighting ISIS. 

Source: globalresearch.ca

Russian Defense Ministry: 85% of Syria is liberated – will not stop untill 100%

  • There are only 27,000 square kilometers of Syrian territory yet to be liberated.
  • The Russian Defense has today confirmed that 85% of Syria’s territory is now fully liberated from terrorist occupation. Russia has said that its armed forces will continue to work with Syria until the entire country is free of terrorism. 

Source: theduran.com

Iraqi parliament votes against Kurdistan independence referendum – reports

  • The Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum set to be held on September 25 has reportedly been rejected by the country’s parliament.
  • The Iraqi parliament voted against the Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum planned by local authorities later in the month, Sky News Arabia reported on Tuesday.
  • Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim Jabouri said that the results of the vote in the parliament confirm the intention of the lawmakers to keep the country united.

Source: almasdarnews.com

Syria signs Aleppo power plant contract with Iran

  • Syria’s government signed a contract with an Iranian company on Tuesday to import five gas-fired power plants to the war-battered city of Aleppo, in an early sign of the major role Tehran is expected to play in Syria’s reconstruction.
  • The Aleppo contract was awarded to the Iranian firm Mabna and is valued at around 130 million Euros, according to a Kharboutli statement carried by SANA on Sunday.
  • Syria also signed memorandums with Iranian Energy Minister Sattar Mahmoudi promising to import five plants to provide 540 megawatts of electricity to the coastal Latakia province, as well as to build wind and solar plants, and to restore plants in Deir el-Zour and Homs.

Source: sacbee.com

False Flags

FBI warns US private sector to cut ties with Kaspersky

  • The FBI has been briefing private sector companies on intelligence claiming to show that the Moscow-based cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab is an unacceptable threat to national security, current and former senior U.S. officials familiar with the matter tell CyberScoopThe FBI’s goal is to have U.S. firms push Kaspersky out of their systems as soon as possible or refrain from using them in new products or other efforts, the current and former officials say.In the briefings, FBI officials give companies a high-level overview of the threat assessment, including what the U.S. intelligence community says are the Kaspersky’s deep and active relationships with Russian intelligence. FBI officials point to multiple specific accusations of wrongdoing by Kaspersky, such as a well-known instance of allegedly faking malware.The FBI’s briefings have seen mixed results. Companies that utilize ISC and SCADA systems have been relatively cooperative, one government official told CyberScoop, due in large part to what’s described as exceptional sense of urgency that dwarfs most other industries. Several of these companies have quietly moved forward on the FBI’s recommendations against Kaspersky by, for example, signing deals with Kaspersky competitors.Earlier this year, a U.S. congressional panel asked federal government agencies to share documents on Kaspersky Lab because the firm’s products could be used to carry out “nefarious activities against the United States, 
  • “The company doesn’t have inappropriate ties with any government, which is why no credible evidence has been presented publicly by anyone or any organization to back up the false allegations made against Kaspersky Lab. The only conclusion seems to be that Kaspersky Lab, a private company, is caught in the middle of a geopolitical fight, and it’s being treated unfairly, even though the company has never helped, nor will help, any government in the world with its cyber-espionage or offensive cyber efforts.”   


White House on lockdown for second time in 2 days

  • The White House has been locked down for the second time this week, due to reports of a suspicious package. Media waiting for the daily press briefing were told to stay indoors.
  • This is the second time in two days that the Secret Service has locked down the White House due to a security incident. Two individuals were detained on Monday, after a man threw “a sign and a notebook” over the White House fence on Pennsylvania Avenue, the Secret Service said. The objects were declared “nonhazardous.”
  • Some reports said that one of the objects was a yoga mat. That was not confirmed by the Secret Service, however. President Donald Trump and the First Lady were not on the grounds at the time, but were attending the 9/11 commemoration ceremony at the Pentagon.  

Source: rt.com