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Info Release Will Shatter The Deep State, Dark To Light, Confirmation
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UK might accept a watered down BREXIT agreement, we will see how this plays out.  Consumer prices surge, we are now seeing the beginning stages of inflation. Auto lenders are becoming desperate, sales are declining and they need a way to bring people in, so they lowered their standards and extended loans. Government tax receipts decline, spending skyrockets, deficit explodes, the US is one step closer to bankruptcy. Over the main years the bankers and the elite have pushed the US into a bankrupt country, now it is time to get rid of the central banking system and move into a people’s system. Deep state pushes back on the ZTE deal by adding an amendment to the defense authorization bill. Ukraine is pushing the Normandy 4 meeting. Trump and Kim Jong-Un meet and sign the peace agreement. Trump says no more war games in the South Korea. Pictures of Libya before and after have gone viral. In Syria rebels have 48 hours to agree to the terms of Syria. Q drops more bread crumbs and confirms dark to light and says that once the info is released the deep state will go down in flames.

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Current News – 06.12.2018

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  • Update: UK PM Theresa May has won a watered-down vote that leaves her cabinet in control of the Brexit negotiations for now… but in order to avert mutiny, she had to accept a considerable concession.

  •   “Government indicating that it will use 5a and 5b but not 5c of the Grieve Amendment as basis for a discussion on meaningful vote…”
  • The “Grieve amendment” is a slightly watered-down version of the original “meaningful vote” amendmentthe House of Commons will be able to direct Brexit negotiations if there’s no deal by the end of November; and lawmakers will have a veto on how it goes from there.
  •  the government has made big concessions towards the Tory rebels lobbying for a softer Brexit (or at least a more measured approach). This puts huge pressure on May’s cabinet to sort itself out and conclude a deal, with the October EU summit now looking like a big crunch date. If Brexit returns to Parliament, it is likely to adopt a softer approach.


  • For the 32nd consecutive month, the consensus estimate on the street was +0.2% MoM – and expectations were met – pushing the headline CPI to +2.8% YoY (as expected) – the highest since December 2011…

  • Core CPI also rose to +2.1% YoY (as expected) – the highest since Jan 2017.
  • The indexes for new vehicles, education and communication, and tobacco increased in May,
  • The index for all items less food and energy rose 2.2 percent over the past 12 months, after increasing 2.1 percent in the 12 months ending March and April, and the medical care index rose 2.4 percent.
  • And while rent inflation remained the same, shelter index rose 3.5 percent over the last 12 months

And while prices are soaring, real wage growth is slumping…

  • Real average hourly earnings were unchanged YoY – the weakest since Feb 2017.


  •  auto lenders,  are issuing more loans that are longer than 5 years and extending credit to borrowers who, in laymen’s terms, can’t afford it. T

Their moves come at an unsettled time for auto lending. Sales growth has been choppy and missed payments are up from a year ago. Also, used-car prices are under pressure, raising the risk of higher losses for lenders when vehicles are repossessed. Faced with these headwinds, many lenders shunned applicants with low credit scores and have been looking for ways to make up the lost volume.


In the first quarter, the average loan term for a new car exceeded 69 months, the second consecutive quarter it had ever been above that level, according to credit-reporting firm Experian. Also in the first quarter, new car loans originated with repayment periods of between 73 and 84 months represented more than a third of total new car loans, up from 7% of loans in late 2009.

  • In addition to blaming the lack of creditworthy borrowers, banks are all blaming the rising prices of vehicles as a reason for their disintegrating lending standards.


  • The US is starting to admit that it has a spending problem.
  • According to the latest Monthly Treasury Statement, in May, the US collected $217BN in receipts – consisting of $93BN in individual income tax, $103BN in social security and payroll tax, $3BN in corporate tax and $18BN in other taxes and duties- a drop of 9.7% from the $240.4BN collected last March and a clear reversal from the recent increasing trend…

… even as Federal spending surged, rising 10.7% from $328.8BN last March to $363.9BN last month.

  • … where the money was spent on social security ($83BN), defense ($56BN), Medicare ($53BN), Interest on Debt ($32BN), and Other ($141BN).
  • The surge in spending led to a May budget deficit of $146.8 billion, above the consensus estimate of $144BN, a swing from a surplus of $214.3 billion in April and far larger than the deficit of $88.4 billion recorded in May of 2017. This was the biggest March budget deficit since the financial crisis.

  • Meanwhile, as rates blow out, US debt is expected to keep rising, and  somehow hit $30 trillion by 2028
  • … without launching a debt crisis in the process.


What’s Wrong with the Economy: 9 Toxic Dynamics

  • Beneath the surface signals of an eternally rising stock market and expanding GDP, we all sense something is deeply, systemically wrong with the U.S. economy.
  • 1. The financialization of the economy, which transformed services, credit, risk and labor into commodities that could be traded globally. Financialization generates enormously asymmetric returns: those with access to low-cost credit, global markets and expertise in finance collect the lion’s share of gains in income and wealth.
  • 2. The technological transformation of the economy, which has placed a substantial scarcity premium on specific tech/managerial/communication skills and devalued ordinary labor and capital. As a result, the majority of gains in wealth and income flow to those with the scarce skills and forms of capital, leaving little for ordinary labor and capital.
  • 4. Globalization, which transformed the developing world into the environmental dumping ground of the wealthy nations and enabled the owners of capital to offshore waste and labor.
  • 5. The destructive consequences of “growth at any cost” are piling up.Growth” is the one constant of all existing political-economic systems, and none of the current Modes of Production (i.e. the structures that organize production, consumption, the economy and society) recognize that “growth” is not sustainable.
  • 6. The dominance of debt-funded speculation as the means of “getting ahead” as opposed to producing products and services of intrinsic value that serve the core needs of communities.
  • 7. The economy’s gains in income and wealth are concentrated in the very top of the wealth-power pyramid: the top 5%–entrepreneurs, professionals and technocrats, etc., and within this class, most of the gains go to the top 1/10th of 1% –the existing owners of wealth, and financiers/speculators with access to cheap credit.
  • A. The gains in housing are concentrated in specific markets; outside these hot markets, gains are modest.
  • B. Asset bubbles eventually pop, leaving those still owning the assets with losses. The risks are thus intrinsic and high. The average investor/gambler lacks the experience needed to recognize the bubble has stopped expanding and exit the market before ll the other speculators rush for the narrowing exit.
  • 8. The devaluation of ordinary labor and capital means the bottom 60% of the economy that lacks the requisite skills with a scarcity premium in the Emerging Economy have lost easy access to the ladder of social mobility.
  • 9. The concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the self-serving few corrupts the economy and democracy. The U.S. economy is dominated by insider and elite rackets, skims, scams and cartels/quasi-monopolies, all of which corrupt the economy by creating perverse incentives for exploitation and gaming the system to benefit the few at the expense of the many.
  • This corruption in service of maximizing private/personal gains at the expense of the system itself also corrupts the mechanisms of governance, which are now little more than cloaking devices that protect insiders and elites from scrutiny and consequences.
  • The 20% above the bottom 60% may appear to have some access to social/economic mobility, but this is largely an artifact of the bubble economy since 2009. Once the bubble deflates, the illusion of social mobility for the “middle class” between the bottom 60% and the upper 20% vanishes.



  •  a group of senators have successfully attached an amendment that would effectively kill the Trump administration’s deal with Chinese telecoms firm ZTE to a “must-pass” defense authorization bill,  the latest sign that the movement to kill the deal is gaining momentumThe measure has found support among a bipartisan group of Senators who claim that the ZTE deal poses potential national security problems,    the ZTE deal is “genuinely a bad deal” that must be overturned.
  • The amendment to kill the deal, which was first unveiled last Thursday shortly after Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced the administration had worked out a deal to save ZTE, would reimpose the White House’s original ban on ZTE buying components from US firms (what some have described as a “death sentence” for the company). Still, the bill as amendment has a long way to go to make it out of the Senate, let alone the House, where it will likely face more intense opposition.




  • Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin considers it possible to hold a meeting of heads of the Normandy Four states (Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine) in the near future,
  • We have discussed the importance of such a meeting in the near future. We have not set any particular dates, but have agreed to work further to outline a general framework and leave two or three issues of solely political importance in terms of heads of states’ decision,” Klimkin was quoted as saying. “When we have this logic, we will surely get closer to the summit. There are plans to hold such a summit in the near future, though it should be thoroughly prepared,” he said.
  • The Normandy format negotiations for the settlement of the Donbass crisis have been underway since June 2014 when the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany who gathered in Normandy for the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of D-Day (the landing of allied troops on the beaches of Normandy in 1944) discussed the settlement of the conflict in southeast Ukraine for the first time. Several


We will negotiate only with Taliban: Afghan official

  •  “Stop making a distinction between good terrorists and bad terrorists… We will never negotiate with any foreign terrorists. We will talk with Äfghan Taliban as they are our citizens,” said Dr. Sharifi H


  •  Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un signed what the US president described as a “very important, comprehensive” document following the conclusion of their “really fantastic” whirlwind historic summit in Singapore, the first between a US president and North Korean leader that came after decades of hostility.

  • “The letter that we are signing is very comprehensive, and I think both sides will be very impressed with the results,”

  • Speaking through an interpreter, Kim said that the two countries “had a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind and we are about to sign a historic document” adding that “I would like to express gratitude to President Trump for making this meeting happen.”
  • The letter says that the U.S. and North Korea “will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula,” and that North Korea “commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”
  • Notably, the U.S. and N. Korea agree to follow-on negotiations led by Sec. of State Mike Pompeo and a DPRK counterpart.
  • In other words this is just the first of many summits.
  • *


Trump Talked Human Rights With North Korea, Contradicting Media Reports

  • It was discussed relatively briefly compared to denuclearization. That is where we started and ended.   But discussed it at good length, we will do something on it,” he continued. 
  • NBCNews reported ahead of the summit that human rights was not on the agenda and was widely circulated ahead of the landmark event:


Kim Jong-un agrees to repatriating US military remains – Trump

  • US President Donald Trump stated that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has agreed to repatriating US military remains, when speaking at a press conference in Singapore on Tuesday, following his meeting with Kim.


Trump says Kim Jong-un accepted his invitation to the White House (VIDEO)

  • North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong-un has agreed to visit the White House, according to US President Donald Trump.
  • Source:
  • In what was perhaps the most surprising announcement to emerge from today’s Trump-Kim summit, president Trump agreed to suspend military exercises with South Korea in return for a commitment to denuclearisation from North Korea.
  • As we reported earlier, Trump said the war games were expensive and “very provocative”, and yet stopping them has been called a “major concession”, something the US has previously rejected as non-negotiable on the grounds that the exercises are a key element of its military alliance with Seoul, 
  • In other words, Trump made it appear that he is negotiating from a position of weakness to achieve a diplomatic goal which would have remained unachievable had Trump not taken the initiative. In doing so, however, he infuriated the neocons in his immediate circle. Immediately after the announcement, the WaPo’s Josh Rogin noted that “Everything Trump is saying and doing goes directly against everything Bolton has ever said or believed about North Korea.”


  • A Libyan man who took photos of himself posing at various spots across Beghazi in 2000 has revisited the same locations 18 years later to photograph life under the new “NATO liberated” Libya.
  • The “before and after” pics showing the utter devastation of post-Gaddafi Libya have gone viral,


Rebels have 48 hours to accept reconciliation in southern Syria

  • The rebel forces in the Dara’a and Al-Quneitra governorates have 48 hours to accept the Syrian government’s reconciliation offer or else the latter will begin their long-awaited offensive.
  • According to a military source in Damascus, the rebels were given until June 14th to inform the government of their decision.




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When did we mention/emphasize the 11th?
Those with an agenda to discredit are pushing false information.
They (you) will fail.
Use logic.


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Q is this man free? Is he safe? If he isn’t, can you help him? He is a hero.
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What recent news came out re: SR/JA/WL lawsuit?
Back in the news.
The ‘server’ brings down the house.


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No. 100
Dark to Light.
1:07 [Marker]📁
Do you believe in coincidences?


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Would you believe Hussein tried to call Kim prior to the Summit?
He did not have his updated phone number.
(3) NK Generals [released] closed the pathway for bad actors.


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I think he means that the generals were blackhats, and that once they were gone there was no more connections for the cabal to influence Kim
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ES isn’t sleeping well.


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From the summit document… 4 BOOMS

BOOM 1:The United States and the DPRK commit to establish new U.S.-DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity.

BOOM 2: The United States and the DPRK will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.

BOOM 3: Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

BOOM 4: The United States and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified.

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: c65afd No.1714862📁NEW
What a coincidence.
4 points / 4 booms
Dark to Light 1:07
More to come.


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When the info is released [RR] no more.
When the info is released no more Russia investigation.
It will factually conclude the corrupt nature by which the entire false narrative was created all to 1) prevent the election of POTUS 2) delay/shelter/mask/hide all illegal activities by Hussein/others during past 8 years.
DOJ/FBI cleanse vital as primary.
Huber coming.
These people HATE America.

Mueller Scrambles To Limit Evidence After Indicted Russians Actually Show Up In Court

  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller is scrambling to limit pretrial evidence handed over to a Russian company he indicted in February over alleged meddling in the 2016 U.S. election,

  • Mueller asked a Washington federal Judge for a protective order that would prevent the delivery of copious evidence to lawyers for Concord Management and Consulting, LLC, one of three Russian firms and 13 Russian nationals. The indictment accuses the firm of producing propaganda, pretending to be U.S. activists online and posting political content on social media in order to sow discord among American voters. 
  • The special counsel’s office argues that the risk of the evidence leaking or falling into the hands of foreign intelligence services, especially Russia, would assist the Kremlin’s active “interference operations” against the United States. 

I don’t think anyone (including Mueller) anticipated that any of the defendants would appear in court to defend against the charges. Rather, the Mueller prosecutors seem to have obtained the indictment to serve a public relations purpose, laying out the case for interference as understood by the government and lending a veneer of respectability to the Mueller Switch Project.

  •  Concord could force prosecutors to turn over discovery about how the case was assembled as well as evidence that might undermine the prosecution’s theories.”
  • In a mad scramble to put the brakes on the case, Mueller’s team tried to delay the trial – saying that Concord never formally accepted the court summons related to the case,
  • The Judge, Dabney Friedrich – a Trump appointee, didn’t buy it – denying Mueller a delay in the high-profile trial.
  • The Russians hit back – filing a response to let the court know that “[Concord] voluntarily appeared through counsel as provided for in [the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure], and further intends to enter a plea of not guilty. [Concord] has not sought a limited appearance nor has it moved to quash the summons. As such, the briefing sought by the Special Counsel’s motion is pettifoggery.
  • In other words, Mueller was denied the opportunity to kick the can down the road, forcing him to produce the requested evidence or withdraw the indictment, potentially jeopardizing the PR aspect of the entire “Trump collusion” probe.  
  • And now Mueller is pointing to Russian “interference operations” in a last-ditch effort.