Is The White House The Target Of The Next Terrorist Attack?- Episode 426

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youtube_white_house_target_economic_collapse2The corporate media is pushing that increased consumer spending will help the GDP numbers. Huge layoffs in tech jobs. Pending home sales plummet during the real estate hot season. Hong Kong looking to separate itself from the dollar. 800 miles of the border are left wide open because of wildlife preserves. International teams report no violation on Russia’s border. Secret report helps Israel answer questions using carefully constructed sentences to cover up the war crimes. UN cracking down on stolen oil sales by the Islamic State, but the US has no response to the illegal oil sales.  Libya calling for international help. The central bankers/US government using the propaganda that North Korea will be hitting the White House. This is used to convince the American people that terrorist will strike the White House.

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Current News – 07.28.2014


Consumer spending, inventories seen lifting U.S. second-quarter GDP

    • “Pretty much across the board, components will look better. I do think we can sustain a 3 percent growth number for the next couple of quarters,” said Jim O’Sullivan, chief U.S. economist at High Frequency Economics in Valhalla, New York.
  • Economists expect upward revisions to output for the last three years, noting that an alternative growth measure, gross domestic income, is running above GDP. The government tends to revise GDP towards GDI.



Gary Shilling: “Q2 GDP Was Closer To 1% Than To 3%. It Could Even Be A Negative Number”

  • Consumer spending is 69% of GDP and it barely grew in the quarter. According to monthly data, real consumer spending fell 0.2% in April and 0.1% in May. June’s numbers aren’t released yet, but based on the correlation with retail sales, which are available for June, real consumer outlays rose just 0.1%. The jump in March from weak January and February gave consumer spending a higher starting point for the second quarter so we believe it rose 1.3% from the first quarter.


Death knell for tech jobs

  • Technology companies have been slashing jobs at a more rapid pace than they have in years.
  • According to data released Monday by outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, job cuts in the tech sector for the first half of 2014, which totaled more than 48,000, were up 68% compared with the same period last year. and that’s before you even factor in the 18,000 job cuts announced by Microsoft in July.


Pending Home Sales Tumble From Recovery Highs, Biggest Miss In 2014

  • Following last week’s collapse in new home sales , the -1.1% MoM print is the worst in 2014 (and the biggest miss in 2014). they were expecting .5% increase.
  • ,supply shortages still exist in parts of the country, wages are flat, and tight credit conditions are deterring a higher number of potential buyers from fully taking advantage of lower interest rates.
  • Yun forecasts existing-homes sales to be down 2.8 percent this year to 4.95 million,


The Senate Is About to Approve a Plan to Use Pensioners Money to Fill Potholes

  • The highway trust fund is the finance source that is used to fix potholes and bridges at the Federal level. It is on the brink of insolvency. Congress appears ready to “solve” the underfunding problem via a method known as “pension smoothing.” A more accurate term would be “looting pension accounts.”
  • Congress can change the rules so that companies will have longer to fund their pension deficits. Since companies’ pension contributions are tax-deductible, lower contributions means more tax revenue for the government; this will be used to fund the highways—it will, also, ultimately result in more companies not having enough funds to make retirement payments down the road (no pun intended), since not only will the shortfall in contributions have to be made up, but the foregone interest that would otherwise have been earned will have to be made up.
  • The House has already passed the “pension smoothing” measure and the Senate is expected to vote on the plan this week.

It looks like Hong Kong may soon end its link with the US dollar. It’s about time.

  • And after nearly a decade of eratic swings and collapses, the Hong Kong government pegged its currency (the Hong Kong dollar) to the US dollar 
  • 31 years later the world is entirely different.
  • Just recently the Hong Kong dollar hit the upper limit of its allowable range– exactly 7.7500. And the Hong Kong Monetary Authority has had to spend billions of dollars to defend the peg.
  • The US is no longer the undisputed superpower it once was. The US dollar is dragging them down. Hong Kong is easily strong enough to stand on its own., there’s no longer any benefit in maintaining the peg.
  • The currency is still pegged to a very narrow band, so the most it would fluctuate is 1.27%.
  • if the Hong Kong government revalues the Hong Kong dollar, the gain could easily be 30% or more if they simply revalue to the level of the renminbi.



US Congress banned from editing Wikipedia after staff caught trolling

  • Wikipedia has been forced to ban users inside the US Congress building from making edits to the collaborative encyclopaedia, after at least one member of staff began trolling the site.
  • A number of edits, apparently made in jest, have been picked up by the automatic twitter bot Congress Edits, which monitors Wikipedia for changes to the site made by accounts with IP addresses coming from inside the US legislature.
  • The wag added the line “these allegations are completely unsubstantiated and have no basis in reality,” which was duly tweeted out by the account.
  • Other edits accused the Cuban government of faking the moon landings, and named the former defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld as an alien wizard.
  • It seems that those edits were the final straw for Wikipedia’s administrators, who implemented a 10-day ban on any changes coming from one particular IP address within the US Congress, “due to disruptive editing originating from that address”.


Environmental Regulations Leave 800 Miles of Border Unpatrolled

  • The U.S. Border Patrol is being stymied in its efforts to protect the southern border by federal environmental regulations that leave an 800-mile opening. about 40 percent of the U.S. border with Mexico falls under Department of the Interior and Forest Service rules that prohibit the Border Patrol from driving there, creating roads, patrolling, installing surveillance devices, or building infrastructure.
  • “There is no doubt that the restrictions on accessing land along the border have made it more difficult for the Border Patrol to do their job,” Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told The Hill. “It seems a common-sense reform to say that the Border Patrol should be able to fully access and patrol the border.”


77% want illegals sent home, 81% say it’s a serious issue

Washington DC police will not enforce handgun ban

  • District of Columbia police officers were told Sunday to cease enforcing the city’s ban on carrying loaded handguns in public places. The guidance came shortly after a federal judge overturned the city’s gun-control law.
  • Yet the Washington, DC attorney general’s office said it is seeking a stay on the judge’s ruling while the city determines whether it will appeal the decision.
  • The order from DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier states that any District resident is permitted to carry a handgun in public if it is properly registered. Those without proper registration could be charged on that ground. The number of registered guns in the city is believed to be low,



Pentagon running out of time to find mass of missing weapons in Afghanistan

  • Agency can’t account for 40%
  • A government oversight agency says the Pentagon has lost track of more than 40 percent of the $626 million in firearms it has provided toAfghanistan’s security forces, prompting officials to contemplate a “carrot and stick” approach to arming the fledgling military.


Intl. teams find ‘no violations’ by Russia along Ukrainian border

  • Inspectors who came to check the state of Russian troops along the Ukrainian borders have found no violations, Russia’s Ministry of Defense said. This came as a response to the US alleging 15,000 Russian troops have amassed in the area.
  • “The last four months have witnessed 18 separate inspections along the Ukrainian border with the Russian Federation, all in line with the Vienna Open Skies Treaty and the Vienna agreement of 2011.”
  • The statement goes on to list the international makeup of those inspections, which included representatives from the US, as well as NATO and Ukraine. The inspections also included flybys and visits to any military units that might have aroused suspicion.


US congressmen suggest give Ukraine non-NATO ally status

  • Congressmen presented the US House of Representatives a bill recognizing Ukraine’s main US ally out of NATO, as well as providing the country direct military assistance. The press service of Republican Jim Gerlach reported.
  • “The bipartisan legislation we introduced today is another important step towards reaffirming the United States’ commitment to helping our Ukrainian allies develop as a fully democratic nation,” the press release stated.
  • He said the non-NATO ally status would entitle Kiev to broad financial aid from Washington to buy military equipment and weapons.


Heavy fighting in E. Ukraine prevents experts from visiting MH17 crash site

  • International experts have been unable to visit the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, due to heavy fighting in the Donetsk area.


Ukrainian Military Takes Control of MH17 Crash Site as Police Team Retreats

  • UN says downing of plane may be a “war crime” as growing conflict prevents police team from reaching debris field
  • The Ukrainian military has launched an effort to take control over the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash site in the eastern part of the country, the New York Times reports. The move comes shortly after the Malaysian government made a deal with pro-Russian separatists to allow an international police team access to the field, hampering continued attempts to secure the site from rebels.


Ukrainian attempt to take control of Boeing crash site to violate UN resolution

  • “This will directly violate resolution 2166,” he said.
  • Resolution 2166 – The resolution “demands that the armed groups in control of the crash site and the surrounding area refrain from any actions that may compromise the integrity of the crash site” and “demands that those responsible for this incident be held to account”.


Ukrainian government eyeing super income tax for business tycoons

  • The Ukrainian government is considering a super income tax for oligarchs, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said on Monday.
  • He said the government plans to increase tax rates for interest income from oil and gas deposits.
  • Four months ago the government managed to impose taxes on Ukraine’s richest man, Rinat Akhmetov, Yatsenyuk said adding that “everyone who receives super incomes in the current wartime conditions must share [his profits] honestly and fairly”.


The secret report that helps Israelis to hide facts


  • UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.N. Security Council is strongly condemning any sale of oil from Syria or Iraq by terrorist groups and is reminding all countries that buying this illegally obtained oil violates U.N. sanctions.


Tanker loaded with oil from Iraqi Kurdistan anchored off the port of Texas

  • Tanker loaded with oil from Iraqi Kurdistan anchored off the port of Texas
  • Agencies – official said that a tanker loaded with crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan currently anchored near the port of Galveston, Texas, and will be subject to a procedural inspection by the U.S. Coast Guard on Sunday before being allowed to unload its cargo.


Saudis deploy 2,000 troops, three helicopter squadrons near Iraq

  • ABU DHABI — Saudi Arabia has sent attack helicopters and established a command and control center along the border with Iraq.
  • “We are ready to protct the country,” Saudi Border Guard commander Gen. Faleh Al Subaie


Libya seeks intl help over huge oil depot fire, warns of ‘disaster’

  • A massive fire is “out of control” after armed militias fighting for control of Tripoli’s airport blew up an oil storage tank on Sunday night. Libya’s interim government has said it could cause a “humanitarian and environmental disaster.”
  •  the interim government in Libya has called for “international help” 


False Flags


Use the thousand of illegals to start the rioting?

  • Obama knows that if the GOP tries to impeach him,  this would be his golden opportunity to use the rioting and give him the opportunity to have the United Nations’ blue helmets start rounding up all of the “domestic terrorists” and putting them in internment camps that have already been prepared for just such an event.


NKorea Threatens Attack on White House

logo3All the players need to be demonized for the war. Pushing the propaganda that Russia, China, North Korea, Syria, Iran and more are part of the countries the central bankers/US Government need to show are evil and they want to attack the US.
  • A top-ranking North Korean military official has threatened a nuclear strike on the White House and Pentagon after accusing Washington of raising military tensions on the Korean peninsula.
  • “If the US imperialists threaten our sovereignty and survival… our troops will fire our nuclear-armed rockets at the White House and the Pentagon — the sources of all evil,” Hwang


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