Is There A Pattern When Recessions & Depressions Occur? – Episode 1213

There Is A Pattern Of When Recessions & Depressions Occur
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Tsipras says no more austerity after this bailout deal.  Consumer confidence declines since the elections. hhgregg to file bankruptcy. New home sales disappoint.  Investors and secret shell companies are using real estate as money laundering system. NY condo market imploding on itself. Demand for fuel declines even further signaling a recession. The US stock market is overvalued and is headed for a crash. Soros just made a 500 million dollar bet that the economy crashes. Corporate media tries again with a poll to show people love Obamacare, but they over-sample it once again. The leaks out of the White House are increasing and the FBI is completely clueless, or they are apart of the problem. Arizone wants seize the assets of protestors. George Soros linked to town hall meetings. Petition filed with the White House about censorship. Malaysia says the found the poison used. Russia wants western countries to pay for the damage in Syria. Saudi shift the narrative and says Assad created ISIS.

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Current News – 02.24.2017


Greece’s Tsipras: the Era of Austerity Is Over

  • Greece’s era of austerity is over, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras claimed Friday, as he painted a positive picture of the reforms his government has agreed to take after the bailout program ends in 2018.

  • Speaking in parliament, Tsipras described the deal reached Monday as an “exceptional success” and said it showed the country’s creditors accepted Greece’s insistence that it could no longer bear further budget austerity.
  • “If the negotiations drag on with no agreement in sight, then Greece will enter a new cycle of uncertainty, deteriorating relations with our partners and creditors, and a backsliding of the economy into stagnation,


Consumer Confidence Dissonance: “Democrats Expect Recession, Republicans Expect Robust Growth” 

  • Consumer confidence fell for the first time since November’s election,


Appliance giant hhgregg ready to file bankruptcy after 14 straight quarters of declines 

  • It was only a matter of time before hhgregg disappears.
  • According to this Bloomberg report, the struggling retailer is on the brink of bankruptcy.
  • HHGregg Inc., the 61-year-old seller of appliances and electronics, is preparing to file for bankruptcy as it grapples with slumping sales, according to people familiar with the matter.


Time for a Reality Check: Serious Reform Isn’t Coming Until End of 2017 At the Earliest

  • The markets are about to find out that the Trump Whitehouse can do little if anything to stimulate growth in the next 12 months.


The US Stock Market Is Highly Overvalued. Here’s Why…

  •  the S&P 500, the stock index that measures the performance of the largest US companies.
  • And as we’ve discussed before, one of the most important benchmarks in measuring whether stocks are overvalued or undervalued is the Price/Earnings, or P/E ratio.
  • Looking back through more than a century of financial data, the long-term average P/E ratio for the S&P 500 has been about 15.
  • As of yesterday afternoon, the P/E ratio for the S&P 500 stock index reached 26.5.
  • That’s high– more than 75% higher than the long-term average.
  • More importantly, since the 1870s, there have been a total of THREE periods in which the average stock P/E ratio was above 26.5.
  1. The first time was around the Panic of 1893.
  2. The second was around the 2000 dot-com crash.
  3. And the third was around the 2008 financial collapse.
  • See the pattern? Whenever financial markets get overheated, bad things tend to happen.
  • It’s also important to consider that economic growth worldwide has been slowing.
  • Global trade growth, for example, is at its lowest level since the financial crisis.
  • And in the United States in particular, GDP growth was just 1.6% in 2016.
  • HSBC is one of the largest banks in the world with operations in dozens of countries.
  • Two days ago the bank announced that profits had plunged 62% due to slow growth and uncertainty around the world.
  • That brings me to another major indicator of the stock market– something known as the “Buffett Valuation”.
  • The Buffett Valuation looks at the total value of the stock market relative to the country’s GDP.
  • Warren Buffet has called this ratio “probably the best single measure of where valuations stand at any given moment.”
  • Right now, for example, the total size of the US stock market according to Federal Reserve data is $22.6 trillion.
  • Meanwhile the total size of the US economy is $18.8 trillion.
  • This puts the Buffett valuation at around 1.2, meaning the stock market is about 20% larger than the entire US economy.

  • Historically speaking, this is expensive. Stock markets start getting into trouble when the ratio surpasses 1.0.


George Soros Places $500 Million Bet On ‘Fall Of US Economy’

  • Billionaire globalist George Soros has hedged a $500 million dollar bet on the U.S. economy failing and corporations becoming bankrupt.
  • The billionaire is a vocal critic against Donald Trump, and was recently outed as being the main financier behind anti-Trump riots across America.
  • According to Soros, companies that benefit from the policies of President Donald Trump will be “financially ruined” in the months ahead.
  • He took out a put position of 2.5 million shares on the iShares Russell 2000, a fund that tracks the small-cap index, according to an S&P Global Market Intelligence analysis of Soros filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • The Financial Times earlier reported that some of the positions, including bets against Dutch banks, appeared briefly on the website on Tuesday evening. One Dutch bank in which short positions were revealed Tuesday was ING Groep NV, according to the Financial Times. ING declined to comment on Thursday.
  • The Dutch market authority apologized after admitting it had accidentally published details of short positions in stocks on its website beyond what it normally discloses.



MSM Touts New Poll Showing “Record” Obamacare Support; Ignores 14-Point Dem “Oversample”

  • Throughout the day the mainstream media will undoubtedly be “informing” you about a new poll from the PewResearchCenter (PRC) that concludes that support for Obamacare has surged to new record highs in recent months just as Republicans in Congress get set to repeal and replace the legislation, how convenient.
  • We, on the other hand, would like to inform you that, in reality, there is no “news” to be reported as a result of PRC’s latest work, but rather just another “rigged” poll that utilized an aggressive 14.4-point Democrat “oversample” to goal seek a desired result.



State Department Writes Anti-Leak Memo… Which Quickly Leaks To The Washington Post

  • The “National Guard roundup”: The AP published a story this week on a draft Homeland Security memo that would call up National Guard units to round up illegal immigrants. The administration quickly denied it was considering the idea, but someone leaked that memo. 
  • Torture executive order draft: Only days after the inauguration, a draft of an executive order started circulating detailing plans to reinstate the CIA’s “black site” prisons and using Gitmo for detainees. It’s uncertain where this came from, and nothing has come of it since. 
  • His conversation with Australia: An official told the NYT that the call between Trump and Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was heated and had an abrupt end. 
  • His conversation with Mexico: Dolia Estevez from Forbes reported that sources from both sides told her that Trump threatened to send U.S. military to Mexico during his “friendly” phone call with President Nieto. 
  • The raid in Yemen: Military personnel leaked information about the raid in Yemen, which led to the death of a Navy SEAL. They accused Trump of not having the proper intelligence before signing off on the raid. 
  • Gen. Flynn’s phone call: Weeks after the FBI warned the Trump administration that then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn talked about Obama’s sanctions during his call with Russia in December, the information was leaked to the press, which ended up with Flynn forced resignation. 
  • The insiders: Republican Senator John McCain told reporters on Tuesday, “It’s a dysfunctional White House, and nobody knows who’s in charge.” Others have told journalists, including our Mike Allen about the “borderline chaos” of Trump’s administration, Steve Bannon’s growing influence, Trump’s dramatic process for selecting his SCOTUS, etc.

Police State

White House Bars CNN, NYT, Others From Media Briefing 


White House petition launched to end Google’s outrageous and malicious censorship of independent journalism

  • As part of our epic battle against Google’s outrageous censorship of the entire website, we’ve launched a White House petition.
  • Use the hashtag #SaveNaturalNews in your tweets to help spread the message.


Banned HuffPo Contributor From Norway Tells Truth about Sweden — Imediately Censored, Removed !

  • What happens when a prolific progressive Huffington Post contributor deviates from the narrative and publishes an article admitting Donald Trump was correct about something?
  • HuffPo deletes the article and bans the guy, of course!
  • Norwegian journalist, author, and world traveler René Zografos had the audacity to suggest that Donald Trump was telling the truth about Sweden’s ongoing nightmare related to the violent tidal wave of predominantly North African refugees. Zografos wrote:
  • Hours after publication, the article was gone – and Zografos’ access to the Huffington Post was revoked:



Chemical used in Kim Jong Nam killing identified as Vx nerve agent – police

  • The chemical used in the high-profile killing of the stepbrother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been identified as the Vx nerve agent, Malaysian police reported.
  • Vx is one of the deadliest chemical weapons that can be used in a liquid, cream or aerosol form. Depending on dosage and whether it was inhaled or applied to the skin, it can kill as quickly as in 15 minutes or over several hours.
  • The chemical has been featured in several popular movies and TV series, most prominently in the 1996 film “The Rock,” starring Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage.
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  • The police chief also said investigators were trying to establish the source of the nerve agent, including whether it was imported or produced in Malaysia

Trump Seeks More Nukes, Claims US Has ‘Fallen Behind’

  • Non-Proliferation Group: US Already Has Top Arsenal in the World


Iraq carries out airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria – PM statement

  • The Iraqi prime minister said he had directed the military to conduct airstrikes against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) targets in Syrian territory. The strikes come in response to recent bombings in Baghdad, he added.
  • Later in the day, Lebanese broadcaster Al-Mayadeen reported that the Iraqi airstrikes demonstrated “high-level cooperation between two countries’ intelligence agencies.”


Turkey and rebel allies claim control of Syria’s al-Bab

  • Turkey and its Syrian rebel allies claim to have taken the centre of al-Bab from the Islamic State group



  • Russia has proposed to the EU to allocate tens of billions of dollars for the post-war reconstruction of Syria, however, Western countries have embraced this idea unenthusiastically,
  • Western countries  point out that a part of the damages was caused by airstrikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces on major cities, including Aleppo.



  • According to a recent study by the International Center for the Study of Radicalization, ISIS’ profits have plummeted by 55% since the peak of their power in 2014. Their profits, which mainly include oil revenues, taxes, and fines (but also include revenue from looting, selling antiquities, kidnapping, slavery, and donations) has fallen from $1.9 billion per year to $870 million. That is because ISIS has lost 62% of its territory in Iraq, and 30% of its territory in Syria since 2014.
  • According to the study, they haven’t been able to secure any new streams of income.
  • The study admits however, that ISIS may be able to reverse this trend if they manage to break into the opium market.


Saudi FM claims Assad created ISIS in Syria

  • Saudi Foreign Minister ‘Adel Jubeir claimed a few weeks back that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad helped create the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization that has overrun much of his country’s desert region.
  • “We cannot defeat Da’esh in Syria unless we bring about change in Bashar Al-Assad in Syria. He is the man who helped create it by releasing radicals from his jails; by allowing Da’esh to operate without attacking them; and even trading with them,” Jubeir alleged


False Flags

Bill Gates: ‘Bioterror is far scarier than nuclear war and a bigger threat’

  • According to Gates, there has never been a better time to prepare
  • Billionaire and founder of Microsoft Bill Gates briefed world leaders and others at the Munich Security Conference last Saturday on emerging megatrends which Gates said could lead to the demise of the human race.
  • Gates told Vice President Michael Pence and other attendees that bioterrorism would be far more deadly than a nuclear war by comparison.
  • “The next epidemic could originate on the computer screen of a terrorist intent on using genetic engineering to create a synthetic version of the smallpox virus, or a super contagious and deadly strain of the flu,” Gates told officials. “Getting ready for a global pandemic is every bit as important as nuclear deterrence and avoiding a climate catastrophe.