Islamic State Provokes Obama To Send In U.S. Ground Forces – Episode 520

youtube_islamic_state_provoke_troops_economic_collapse2Empire Fed manufacturing missed expectations a 2nd month in a row. Industrial production drops, auto manufacturing slumps. Economist are now revising GDP numbers for 4th quarter.China has opened their stock market to the world via Hong Kong. China and Australia signed a huge trade deal. David Cameron says there are flashing warning lights of a major economic crash coming soon. Obama wants the protesters in Ferguson to stay the course. MH17 satellite a fake to setup Russia. Russia pushing US to reveal its satellite photos. The Islamic State forces grew to 200,000 so the US will now need to put boots on the ground. The Islamic State kills another and provokes Obama to put boots on the ground. Lone wolf attacks are growing and the West might be attacked soon. Be prepared for a false flag event.

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Current News – 11.17.2014


Empire Fed Manufacturing Misses 2nd Month In A Row, Workweek Plunges

  •  A small bounce to 10.16 (against expectations of 12.2) is the 2nd miss in a row  At -7.5, the average workweek index reflected a decline in hours worked for a second consecutive month.


Industrial Production Drops; Auto Manufacturing Slumps 3rd Month In A Row – Worst Run In 5 Years

  • Mining (-0.9% – biggest drop in a year), Utilities (-0.7% led by a 3.2% plunge in Natural Gas) and most of all motor vehicle manufacturing (-1.2%), US Industrial Production slid 0.1% in October (notably missing expectations of a 0.2% rise). This is the 3rd monthly drop in motor vehicle & parts production – the worst consecutive run since Jan 2009.


Economists trim fourth-quarter U.S. growth forecasts

  • Economists trimmed their forecasts for U.S. economic growth in the fourth quarter
  • Analysts see the economy growing at an annual rate of 2.7 percent in the current quarter


China opens up $4.2tn stock market to world via Hong Kong

  • The Chinese mainland is now open for business, at least in terms of its $4.2 trillion capital market. The Shanghai and Hong Kong stock exchanges are now linked giving foreign investors access to the tightly-controlled Chinese capital markets.
  • stocks on both markets can be traded freely
  • Opening its markets is one of the major economic reforms China has undertaken to allow its currency to free float within the next four years.


China and Australia sign landmark free trade deal

  • China and Australia have sealed a major free trade agreement worth billions of dollars giving the Australian agricultural sector tariff free access to the massive Chinese market, while China will get greater access to investment projects in Australia.
  • Ministers from China and Australia signed a Declaration of Intent on Monday, culminating over a decade of work towards the deal. The actual agreement will not take effect until after 2015, when all the legal points have been drafted and translated.
  • The big winner from the deal is the Australian agricultural sector, particular dairy farmers and winemakers, who will have tax- and tariff-free access to the Chinese market.
  • About 85 percent of Australian exports to China will not incur tariffs, with this figure rising to 95 percent when the deal is fully implemented.


Cameron Says Second Global Crash Looming – Russian Relations Worsen at G20, Japan in Recession

  • David Cameron warned last night that the global economy risked another crash and said in an article that ‘red warning lights’ were ‘flashing on the dashboard of the global economy’ and the eurozone was ‘teetering on the brink’ of another recession.
  •  Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, has also expressed fears that a diet of high debt, low growth and unemployment may yet become ‘the new normal in Europe’.
  • The 20 richest countries in the world pledged to magic up 2.1% of economic growth over the next five years. How this is suddenly possible after six years of failure is unclear but it makes for good PR.



2nd Grader’s Homework Teaches ‘The Government GIVES Us Our Rights’

  • government specifically gives us “special privileges called rights.”


  • You wouldn’t know it from this worksheet however. That’s the real message these kids are getting here. Because if the kids can be taught to believe the government gives them their rights, then would that same government not also be able to condition them that it can take their rights away as well?


Score this one as a victory for the judgment of the American people.

  •  Americans been acquiring guns at record levels, Gallup recently reported that 63 percent of Americans now believe that having guns at home makes them safer, nearly double the percentage reporting the same belief 14 years ago.


Obama Met With Ferguson Activists – Said He’s Concerned They “Stay on Course”

  • President Obama met with Ferguson protest leaders on November 5th, the day after the midterm elections. The meeting was not on his daily schedule. He was concerned that the protesters “stay on course.”
  • What does that mean?


Ferguson declared a state of emergency ahead of grand jury decision

  • Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard Monday afternoon ahead of a grand jury decision
  • Citing the possibility of “expanded unrest,” the executive order grants Missouri Highway Patrol, St. Louis County police and St. Louis Metropolitan police the power “to operate as a Unified Command to protect civil rights and ensure public safety in the City of Ferguson and the St. Louis region.”



Doctor with Ebola dies at Nebraska hospital

  •  a surgeon who contracted the Ebola virus while working in Sierra Leone, has died at a hospital in Nebraska.


US to screen travelers from Mali for Ebola

  • Travelers arriving in the United States from Mali will be subject to the same screening and monitoring that was ordered for people arriving from three other Ebola-affected countries, U.S. health officials said Sunday.


Mistaken identity: French plane entered Swedish air space – not Russian as reported

  • The Swedish military has confirmed a “Russian” aircraft that entered Swedish airspace on Saturday was actually French.
  • The French Embassy in Stockholm says they are currently investigating the air violation. “I do not have any information right now. We are in contact with Paris to understand what is happening,” 


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s special envoy arrives in Moscow

  • North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s special envoy a high-ranking member of the ruling Workers’ Party, has arrived on a seven-day visit to Russia.
  • The North Korean envoy “will discuss a traditional range of topics,” a source in the Russia foreign ministry told TASS. “The agenda has not been agreed in detail, but there is a traditional range of topics, such as bilateral relations, international problems, naturally, with a focus on nuclear-related topics.”


MH-17 – Who can be trusted?

  • Channel One comes out with the satellite photo which was given to them. The satellite photo was not from Russia and Russia never said it was their satellite photo. the photo was made allegedly by a foreign spy satellite either American or British.
  • Now we see it is fake from the evidence and coordinates of the plane flying over Ukraine.


MH17 crash debris finally retrieved for analysis

  • Dutch investigators have begun evacuating debris of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 from the crash site in eastern Ukraine. Human rights activists are addressing the UN and OSCE, warning the investigation is being either delayed on purpose or suppressed.
  • Local emergency workers of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) are using cranes to load up large fragments of the Boeing 777 on trucks to take them to the nearby Torez railway station, where the debris is unloaded on to the platforms. Later the wreckage will be transported to the Ukrainian city of Kharkov, before being shipped to the Netherlands as part of the investigation. The fragments will reconstruct parts of the Boeing in order to find out what kind of weapon caused the catastrophe.


Russia insists US provide satellite photos of Malaysian Boeing death point

  • Russia insists that the United States provide satellite photographs made at the moment of the recent Malaysian Boeing-777’s death for investigation,
  • “We keep insisting that the Americans provide their satellite data, as they couldn’t but see what was happening on that day at that place,” Kelin said “We also urgently need data of talks between air traffic controllers that can be provided by the Ukrainian side.”
  • “There has been no information in this respect,” he said.


NATO fails to mention Kiev’s violations of Minsk agreements — Russian Foreign Ministry

  • (NATO) prefers not to mention Kiev’s violation of the Minsk ceasefire agreements, and instead whips up anti-Russian sentiment, a deputy official spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Monday.
  • “Unfortunately, we see that the alliance is not seeking a constructive discussion of the acute problems, instead preferring to feed the anti-Russian propaganda machine with the aim of justifying plans to reinforce defense potential of the bloc and boosting NATO military presence near Russia’s borders,


Kiev sees no sense in holding Minsk-2 on Ukraine

  • Kiev believes there is no sense in holding another Contact Group meeting to sign new Minsk agreements on Ukraine.
  • There is absolutely no sense in holding another Minsk format meeting until these agreements are fulfilled”, spokesman for the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, said at a briefing on Monday, stressing that the Ukrainian side observes these treaties.



  • Last week, the government in Ukraine cut off pensions benefits to residents of rebel-held areas until such time as these areas return to Ukrainian control.Yesterday,president Petro Poroshenko announced Ukraine Rebel Areas to Lose State Services.

Ukraine’s president has ordered the withdrawal of all state services, including funding for hospitals and schools, from rebel-held areas.

Mr Poroshenko’s ruling says all state companies and institutions should end their work in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions within a week.

It also says Ukraine’s central bank is to close down all banking services – including card operations – in some areas within a month.

  •  Kiev announced it can suspend article 15 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. , Poroshenko has not set a humanitarian trap hoping Putin will invade


Ukraine Bank Runs Begin As Poroshenko Plans To Sever Socio-Economic Ties With Separatist-Held Regions

  • “the total socio-economic blockade of Donbass is de facto an act on genocide and devastation of our people,” runs have already begun across the region with long lines forming at ATMs.


Ukraine considering coal supplies from US

  • Ukrainian power generating company is considering terms of American coal supplies,
  • the decision is also connected with the non-payment for deliveries of South African coal at the fourth vessel (second batch), which is expected to arrive November 25.


Luhansk Republic Council open for cooperation with Ukrainian parliament

  • “We are open for all, not only for Russia. We are ready to work with Ukraine,” Karyakin said.


Ukraine ‘ready for total war’ says Petro Poroshenko

  • Poroshenko says “We are prepared for a scenario of total war … We don’t want war, we want peace and we are fighting for European values. But Russia does not respect any agreement.”
  • US President Barack Obama said on Sunday that Russia would remain isolated by the international community if Mr Putin failed to end Russian backing for the separatist rebels in Ukraine.


ISIS has 200,000-strong force, says Kurdish leader

logo3The US Government/central bankers are now in the process of  trying to convince the people of the world that the situation is much, much worse. The US coalition will need to put boots on the ground. This is why the US now has an airbase in Iraq, they are setting up a division headquarters that can support 10,000-30,000 soldiers.
  • Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants have an army of about 200,000 fighters, over six times larger than previous CIA estimates,


Hagel Says Military Accelerating Mission to Train Iraqi Troops

  • Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Sunday the Pentagon will accelerate its mission to train Iraqi forces to combat Islamic State militants, using troops already in Iraq to start the effort


Obama rules out alliance with Assad against ISIS

logo3What Obama is really trying to say is that the plan to get Assad has always been the goal, it has been since the US government/central bankers started this civil war in Syria. We tried different approaches and all have failed, arming the paid mercenaries and calling them the FSA, having the Geneva II talks with only one agenda, remove Assad, using the Aug 2013 false flag of a chemical attack etc…. This is our last ditch effort before the entire economy collapses.
  • U.S. President Barack Obama on Sunday rejected any alliance with Bashar Assad against ISIS, arguing that the Syrian ruler was illegitimate and that any such pact would backfire.
  • “For us to then make common cause with him against ISIL (ISIS) would only turn more Sunnis in Syria in the direction of supporting ISIL and would weaken our coalition
  • Obama said that communication with the Assad regime was limited to informing them that if the U.S. uses Syrian air space in anti-ISIS operations “they would be well advised not to take us on”.
  • “But beyond that, there’s no expectation that we are going to in some ways enter an alliance with Assad,” the president said. “He is not credible in that country.”



  • during a press conference in Australia during the G-20 leadership summit, Obama speculated that he might use ground troops in certain situations.
  • Obama explained that the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey had a responsibility to be ready for scenarios that might require ground troops.
  • One such scenario would be a nuclear weapon in the hands of ISIS.
  • “If we discovered that ISIL had gotten possession of a nuclear weapon, and we had to run an operation to get it out of their hands, then, yes, you can anticipate that not only would Chairman Dempsey recommend me sending U.S. ground troops to get that weapon out of their hands, but I would order it,” he said. “So the question just ends up being, what are those circumstances.”


Gen. Hayden: We Might Have to Declare Assad US Enemy

  • President Barack Obama may have to declare the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad an enemy of the United States in the battle against the Islamic State (ISIS), said Gen. Michael Hayden,


Pakistan Taliban splinter group vows allegiance to ISIS

  • A splinter group of Pakistan’s Taliban has pledged support to ISIS,


U.S. approves $700 million in military sales to Iraq following catastrophic reverses

  • The United States has approved additional military sales to Iraq despite devastating failures by the Iraqi military.
  • Officials said the requests, which amount to nearly $700 million, would include air weapons as well as spare parts for artillery and trucks.


US Planes Supplying ISIL with Weapons, Foodstuff. Iraq Intel Report

  • The Iraqi forces have found out that the US aircraft usually airdrop arms and food cargoes for ISIL militants who collect them on the ground, Asia news agency quoted Iraqi army’s intelligence officers as saying.
  • On Saturday, Iraqi security sources disclosed that the ISIL terrorist group is using the state-of-the-art weapons which are only manufactured by the US and each of their bullets are worth thousands of dollars.
  • “What is important is that the US sends these weapons to only those that cooperate with the Pentagon and this indicates that the US plays a role in arming the ISIL,” an Iraqi security source told FNA.
  • The source noted that the most important advantage of the US-made weapons used by the ISIL is that “these bullets pierce armored vehicles and kill the people inside the vehicle”.


Cyber Attacks

US State Dept locks down email system after suspected hacker attack

  • The US State Department has shut down the whole of its unclassified email system after fears a hacker managed to obtain access. An official said none of the departments classified systems were affected while security upgrades are currently taking place.
  • During the outage, personnel within the department were using Gmail accounts, according to the Washington Post. Security improvements are currently taking place and the system is expected to be back online on Monday or Tuesday.
  • It is not known who may have carried out the attack, though previous breaches have been blamed on Chinese or Russian hackers.


False Flags

ISIS executioner Jihadi John wounded in airstrike – reports

logo3The US/UK have no idea who this man is but they are getting reports that he is wounded. It seems they are trying to clean up loose ends so nobody looks into this issue further of who he actually is. CIA/Mossad/Mi6. And now another video appears (SITE produced) of a beheading, the propaganda is in full force to convince the world why the US/UK/Australia and all the other private western bank countries need to invade Syria. Iraq, Lebanon,Libya,Yemen…..
  •  The UK government is looking into reports that the Islamic State executioner, with the British accent, referred to as ‘Jihadi John’, murderer of UK and US hostages, has been wounded in an airstrike on an extremists’ meeting in Iraq.


ISIS, in Video, Taunts Obama to Send in Ground Troops

  • The British-accented narrator in Sunday’s Islamic State (ISIS) video goaded President Barack Obama to send in U.S. ground forces if he wanted to try and stop the Islamist



  • Islamic State murderer and propagandist ‘Jihadi John’ has issued a graphic warning of coming slaughter on the streets of the West


Jeh Johnson: Lone-Wolf Attacks a Real and Growing Threat

  • The United States needs to remain vigilant against lone-wolf acts of terror, but catching potential attackers who are not formally connected with established militant groups takes a different kind of strategy, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said “We have to be vigilant against an independent actor here in the homeland who might choose to strike at any moment,”Johnson is concerned about a new phenomenon, such as is being employed by the Islamic State, in which “somebody who has never met another member of that terrorist organization, never trained at one of the camps, who is simply inspired by the social media — the literature, the propaganda, the message — to commit an act of violence in this country.“The State Department, among other methods, is countering ISIS’ Twitter use with its own account “Think Again, Turn Away,” on which it posts anti-ISIS and anti-terrorism messages in hopes of swaying young men and women away from believing what terror groups are posting online.


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