Islamic State Terrorism, Iran And Syria Are Now Prepped For The Next False Flag Event – Episode 415

youtube_middle_east _setup_economic_collapse2The stock market has hit all time new highs, meanwhile institutional investors are dumping stocks while the every day person is investing. During the 2008 crash construction jobs were lost and never regained. Loan rates will be increasing which will effect 800,000 homeowners. 70% of the Border Patrol guards have been reassigned and are not guarding the borders. Israel continues to bomb Gaza. They are warning the people to leave their homes which indicates the agenda is destroying Gaza so the people cannot live there. There is oil and gas off the coast of Gaza and with the people living there Israel has no access to it. Israel is now using propaganda to include Iran in funding Hamas. Eric Holder has now indicated Sryia, Yemin with the Islamic State in creating the stealth bombs.  Be prepared for a false flag.

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Current News – 07.14.2014


Mission Accomplished: Retail Piles In To Stocks As Pros Pile Out

  • individuals investors are attracted to stocks after seeing others getting rich from a big rally, a time when equities are usually overpriced. 


American Construction Workers Have Vanished

  •  1.5 million construction workers lost their jobs during the recession80,000 construction jobs have been added back since the recovery began, says Bank of America’s Michelle Meyer.


The Mortgage Shocker That’s on the Way for Thousands of Homeowners

  • The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), born at the height of the housing crisis in 2009, gave struggling homeowners the chance to modify their mortgages through a series of adjustments — most commonly, interest rate relief that decreased rates to as low as 2%. Banks received incentive payments from the government for each modified loan.
  • The rate relief was not permanent, however. The HAMP program calls for modified loan rates to climb back up to market average rates on the five-year anniversary of the adjustment
  • homeowners who took advantage of the federal government’s emergency plan to help themstave off foreclosure during the housing crisis have a new problem: looming interest rate increases. Banks began sending notices in June, warning that rates for these homeowners will soon rise, and with them, monthly mortgage payments — by an average of about $200, or nearly 25%.
  •   four states will be hit with half the nearly 800,000 mortgage payment increases overall — California, Illinois, Florida and New York — and monthly payments will eventually rise 
  • “The majority of HAMP borrowers will experience two or three resets,” said Mark McArdle,


Phoenix Housing Market Hit By Unprecedented Plunge In Demand

  • The percentage of residential properties purchased by investors continued to decline from 16.3% in April to 16.1% in May.
  • Single family home sales decreased year over year across every sector:
    • Normal re-sales (down 2%)
    • New homes (down 4%)
    • Investor flips (down 53%)
    • Short sales and pre-foreclosures (down 73%)
    • Bank owned homes (down 20%)
    • GSE (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc.) owned homes (down 44%)
    • HUD sales (down 76%)
    • Third party purchases at trustee sale (down 59%)

Mexico Looks To Back Peso With Silver: “Would Unleash a Global Power Shift”

  •  Mexican financial leaders and politicians have been working to institute sweeping monetary change that, if implemented, could unleash a global power shift of epic proportions.
  •  The action’s set to unfold in Mexico, where many of its most influential and wealthy citizens are demanding the country abandon its fiat currency, the Peso, and return to a silver standard.
  •  will western central bankers allow such a move to happen?


IMF Calls for More Reforms to Spur Investment, Employment and Productivity in Eurozone

  • MOSCOW, July 14 (RIA Novosti) – International Monetary Fund (IMF) stresses the urgent need to carry out structural reforms to spur investment, employment and productivity in the Eurozone, the Staff Report released on Monday states.
  • The IMF’s executive board also stressed that recovery levels are not sufficiently strong, financial markets remain fragmented, and borrowing costs are still high in distressed Eurozone economies.


The Head Of ‘The Central Bank Of The World’ Warns That Another Great Financial Crisis May Be Coming

  •  Caruana is extremely concerned about rising debt levels and the current level of euphoria in the financial markets….
  • Mr Caruana said the international system is in many ways more fragile than it was in the build-up to the Lehman crisis. Debt ratios in the developed economies have risen by 20 percentage points to 275pc of GDP since then.




  • Fox News Channel, Border Patrol Agent Hector Garza said that up to 70 percent of the agents are being pulled off patrolling the border to handle the administrative paperwork needed to deal with the unfolding humanitarian crisis of ten thousands of unaccompanied minors flooding across the U.S.-Mexico border.



  • HOUSTON, Texas–An ad placed in the Penny Saver Newspaper in Murrieta, California is seeking “loving, compassionate parents to provide a loving home” for illegal immigrant minors, according to a local reader of the publication.
  • Lisa Maloney Vinton, a Murrieta resident, provided Breitbart Texas says, “Help heal the wounds … for children in foster care programs including survivors of human trafficking and unaccompanied refugee minors.”

  • Parents who offer up their homes could have a child placed in their home in “as short as 45 days” and be paid up to $6,054 per month, according to the advertisement.
  • Cindy Lemos, another Murrieta resident, “I called this afternoon and the gentlemen I spoke to told me that they are receiving the illegal immigrants but that none of them are under the age of 12. I asked him where all the younger children were… he told me that he was wondering the exact same thing.”



  • Complaint filed against U.S. owners of ‘Beast’ hauling illegals
  • The infamous Mexican “Death Train” – also called “La Bestia” [“The Beast’] – on which tens of thousands of illegal alien children from Central America are traveling through Mexico to the United States – is being targeted by criminal complaints from Mexican authorities for allegedly violating the civil rights of passengers.
  • The Beast is owned and run by a Mexican wholly owned subsidiary of Kansas City Southern, a U.S. train company that acquired the Mexican equipment and routes in 2005 to create a “NAFTA Railroad”


Rep. Bridenstine: Kids Telling of ‘Horrific’ Journey to Border

  •  There are a good number of those children who were abused on the way to the United States by these transnational criminal organizations that have to be paid in order to get them across,” Bridenstine said Monday


White House: 90,000 Illegal Minors Expected by Autumn


2,000 bombs a year? Japan’s plan to reopen nuclear reprocessing plant stirs concern

  • Reactivating a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant could provide Japan with enough plutonium to produce up to 2,000 atomic bombs a year, a US expert has warned. The .


Morocco on High Alert: Radicals Aim to set up ISIL-like State

  • Morocco has put its security services on high alert after intelligence reports revealed a “serious terror threat” from Islamist militants returning home after fighting in Iraq and Syria, the government said, Al-Alam reports.
  • “The threats are linked to the increasing numbers of Moroccans belonging to organizations in Syria and Iraq,” said a statement issued after the weekly cabinet meeting.


Turkish, US military inspectors to make observation flight over Russia

  • A joint mission of Turkish and US military inspectors will make an observation flight over the territory of Russia within the frames of the Open Skies Treaty starting on Monday, a high-ranking Russian military official said, reports ITAR-TASS.
  • “A joint mission from Turkey and the United States will make an observation flight over the territory of Russia between July 14 and 18 flying Turkish surveillance aircraft CN-235 Persuader,” Sergei Ryzhkov, the head of the Russian National Centre for Nuclear Threat Reducing, said.
  • A plane of the Ukrainian Air Force has invaded the Russian airspace, a special correspondent of Russia’s Zvezda TV channel said on Sunday.
  • “All people were frightened and ran away,” he said.


1 killed, 2 injured: Russia vows response to Ukraine shelling Russian city

  • An artillery shell from Ukraine has hit a private house in the Rostov region of Russia, killing a citizen and leaving two more injured. The Russian Foreign Ministry promises heavy consequences.
  • Reportedly up to six mortar shells exploded on Sunday in the small Russian town of Donetsk, which has the same name as the Ukrainian city and is situated right on the Ukrainian border.
  • The Russian Foreign Ministry has called the shelling “an obviously aggressive act” on Ukraine’s part and warned it could have “irreversible consequences” with Kiev holding full responsibility for the provocation.
  • The National Security Council of Ukraine has already declared that Kiev’s troops involved in the operation in the east of the country have nothing to do with the shelling incident.


Russia Considering ‘Surgical Strike’ on Ukraine – Report

  • Moscow is considering “surgical retaliatory strikes” on the Ukrainian territory after the standoff has led to first civilian victims among Russians on Russia’s territory, a Kremlin source told Kommersant Monday.
  • “Our patience is not boundless,” the source told the newspaper, stressing that “this means not a massive action but exclusively targeted single strikes on positions from which the Russian territory is fired at.”
  • The Russian side “knows for sure the site where the fire comes from,” the source said.


Poroshenko Plans to Change Military Tactics in East Ukraine, Strengthen Defense of Border

  • “The president noted the need of several changes in tactics that would narrow the zone of conducting the anti-terrorist operation, strengthen the border [with Russia],


Boko Haram chief voices support for IS, claims deadly attacks in new video

The central bankers first plan with the kidnapped girls did not work. The central bankers/US government could not get troops into Nigeria. Now their new tactic is to link Boko Haram with the Islamic State. Wherever China is the central bankers/US Government needs to invade

  • The head of Nigeria’s Boko Haram radicals has vowed support for the Sunni Islamic State


Sec. of State John Kerry: ‘Significant gaps’ remain in Iranian nuclear talks

  • Kerry arrived in Vienna early on Sunday,
  • “It is vital to make certain that Iran is not going to develop a nuclear weapon and that their programme is peaceful, and that’s what we’re here to try and achieve and I hope we can make some progress,” Kerry said in Vienna.
  • He added that if the talks collapsed, Iran would resume higher-level enrichment that it suspended on January 20, when a preliminary deal that had been struck by all sides two months before took effect. Iran won limited relief from sanctions in return.


 Iran warns it is ready to walk away from nuclear talks

This is exactly what the central bankers/US government want. The central bankers/US government needed to make it look like they were all for the Nuclear peace talks. Meanwhile they were trying to infiltrate their banking system. This is why the central bankers continually added more and more demands which had nothing to do with the originally agreement. We also need to remember that Obama keeps the agreement under lock and key and only a few select people is allowed to view it. For 30 years they have been trying to sell the world that Iran is 3-5 months away from making an nuclear weapon, which was a lie. Now with the Islamic State creating chaos in the middle east things are going to really heat up. Now it looks like Iran quit, perfect situation for the central bankers

  • Iran’s chief negotiator in nuclear talks in Vienna warned Saturday that Tehran is ready to walk away if “excessive” Western demands cause a failure, a day before foreign ministers try to inject momentum. Eight days before a deadline for a deal, Abbas Araqchi said however that he hoped that the attendance from Sunday of foreign ministers including US Secretary of State John Kerry would help overcome “deep differences” that remain.


Thousands Evacuate Gaza After Israeli Warning Of “Short And Temporary” Bombing Campaign

So Israel is warning the terrorists (civilians) to evacuate then Israel is destroying the structures. This does not stop terrorists, this destroys buildings.  There seems to be another agenda being followed. With the interim date with Iran getting closer and the P5+1 deal breaking apart, Netanyahu screaming Iran is financing Hamas it seems Israel, the central bankers/US Government are setting up the agenda to create a false flag to get into Syria and Iran with the help of the CIA trained Islamic State.

  • … as now appears to be the desired Israeli strategy.


Israel hits Gaza with banned weapons: Norwegian doctor

  • Renounced Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert on Sunday accused the Israeli army of using internationally banned weapons in its ongoing offensive against the Gaza Strip.
  • Gilbert told a press conference in Shifa Hospital in Gaza City that examinations of the bodies of the Palestinian victims showed that they had been subjected to internationally banned weapons.
  • He added that these weapons cause major damage to the bodies, especially the limbs


Israel says it has shot down drone launched from Gaza

  • Israel claims to have downed a drone from the skies above its southern coastline. The unmanned aircraft, which Israel says was launched fromGaza and shot down with a Patriot missile near the city of Ashdod, is the first weapon of its kind Israel has encountered in this conflict.


UN agencies reveal Israel’s intention to establish military bases in Kurdistan to hit Iran

  • Israel is seeking to establish the rules of Israeli military inside Iraq’s Kurdistan region after the independence of the province to use its territory to attack Iran and prevent it from developing nuclear program, which represents a real threat to Israel, and there are contacts between Barzani and Netanyahu on the signing of the joint military after independence the region.


Blood for gas: Why Bibi is punishing Gaza

  • Then there is the Bigger Picture – 122 trillion cubic feet of gas plus the potential 1.6 billion barrels of oil in the Levant Basin spread over the territorial waters of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus and – of course – Gaza. These waters are as incandescently disputed as rocks and shoals in the South China Sea. Needless to say, Tel Aviv wants it all.
  • : without smashing Hamas, which controls Gaza, Israel cannot drill off the Gaza coast.


Unidentified fighters in Lebanon joins Gaza rocket war against Israel

  • Lebanon has joined the Gaza Strip in its war against Israel.
  • On July 11, unidentified gunners launched at least three 107 mm rockets into northern Israel. The rockets, fired around 6 a.m. local time, landed into rural areas of Israel and no casualties were reported.Suspected Palestinian gunners have been firing rockets into Israel over the last two days. So far, no injuries have been reported.
  • The Israel Army responded with artillery fire into southern Lebanon. The army was said to have fired some 25 shells toward the suspected rocket launch site.
  • On late July 12, three rockets were fired from Lebanon and landed near the northern Israeli city of Nahariya. There were no reports of casualties from the attack, said to have stemmed from the southern Lebanese city of Sidon.
  • So far, Lebanon has reported the arrest of of two suspects. Lebanon’s official National News Agency said one of those suspected was injured during the launches on July 11 and was rushed to a nearby hospital.
  • No group has yet claimed responsibility. In the past, a purported Al Qaida-linked group, Ziad Jarrah Battalions, claimed responsibility for attacks on Israel from Lebanon.
  • The Israeli military has sought to play down the Lebanese rocket fire.
  • Officials said the attacks mark solidarity with Hamas and its Palestinian militia allies in the Gaza Strip.
  • “Calmness has prevailed the area and the two parties have shown commitment to respect the UN 1701 resolution,” United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon commander Maj. Gen. Paolo Serra said on July 12 before the latest rocket strike


Israel prevents UN officials from entering Gaza

  • Israeli authorities on Sunday prevented two United Nations officials from entering the Gaza Strip through Erez crossing, the U.N. Palestinian refugees agency (UNRWA) said.
  • They were scheduled to visit Gaza to get acquainted with the situation there, but the Israeli authorities denied them entry, citing security reasons,” UNRWA spokesman Adnan


Libya closes Misrata airport after Tripoli clashes

  • Libya has suspended all flights to and from the airport of its third largest city, Misrata, a day after deadly clashes closed the country’s main international airport in the capital, Tripoli.
  • Tripoli international airport closed for three days on Sunday after clashes erupted between the militias
  • “Libya is now practically cut off from the outside world,” the airport source added, noting that the three-day closure of Tripoli airport may be extended.
  • The former rebels refuse to lay down arms despite efforts by the central government to impose law and order.


Rogue general has formed powerful military in Libya with Gulf funding

  • A rogue general has succeeded in reshaping Libya’s military.
  •  Libyan sources said Maj. Gen. Khalifa Hafter has amassed a force of 70,000 in the war against Al Qaida-aligned rebels.
  • The sources said those recruited by Hafter are offered 2,000 dinar, or $1,500 a month, deemed a huge salary in the war-torn North African state. They said officers could receive several times that amount.


U.S. Sees Risks in Assisting a Compromised Iraqi Force

  •  A classified military assessment of Iraq’s security forces concludes that many units are so deeply infiltrated by either Sunni extremist informants or Shiite personnel backed by Iran that any Americans assigned to advise Baghdad’s forces could face risks to their safety, according to United States officials.


False Flag
Holder: Terrorist Bomb Partnership Gives US ‘Extreme, Extreme Concern’

  • New intelligence reports indicate that Yemeni bomb-makers are joining terrorists in Syria to build new types of virtually undetectable bombs, says Attorney General Eric Holder.
  • Appearing Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Holder called the prospect “more frightening than anything I think I’ve seen as attorney general … This is a situation that we can see developing. And the potential that I see coming out, the negative potential I see coming out of the facts in Syria and Iraq now are quite concerning.”
  • The Yemen-based bomb-builders, including Saudi native Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, werebehind the underwear-bomb plot in 2009 and have traveled to Syria to meet with members of the Islamic State (ISIS), the group that has declared a caliphate in parts of Syria and Iraq.


Holder: Intel on Al-Qaida Airliner Bomb Plot is Most ‘Frightening’ Yet

  • The extremist group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which has captured recent international attention, thus far appears focused on cementing its territorial gains in the Middle East, Holder was quoted by the New York Times as saying.
  • However, “I think it’s just a matter of time before they start looking outward and start looking at the West and at the United States in particular,” he said.


Other News