It’s Time, [DS] In Process Of Being Removed, Court TV Back, Coincidence? – Episode 1739

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It’s Time, [DS] In Process Of Being Removed, Court TV Back, Coincidence?
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Dick’s sporting good is looking to close down 35 stores across 18 states. US debt is approaching 22 Trillion dollars, this is part of the plan, push the debt level and the economy to the edge.China purchases soybeans from the US. Millennial’s are worse off then previous generations. The next push is the US removing itself from the WTO. There is a big economic structure change coming and this change is not just here in the US but it is across the world. Judge rules that Trump justified in ending Obama immigration program.  More whistleblowers come forward in regard to the CF. Tom Finton will testify against the CF. Trump says he might need to get involved in the Huawei CFO case.  Trump trapped Pelosi and Schumer on the border issue. Canada signs the UN Migration Pact. Korean troops verify removal of each other’s posts. Q drops more bread, proofs, France and the event to put an end to the protests. Q then has some Holiday fun and trolling the MSM.

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Current News – 12.12.2018

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Corporate Gun Control Fail: Dick’s May Have to Close 35 Stores Across 18 States

  • With Sales Falling After The Implementation Of Corporate Gun Control Dick’s Sporting Goods May Have To Close 35 Stores Across 18 States.
  • With sales falling, Dick’s now faces the option of closing its Field & Stream stores altogether.


  • The rapidly exploding U.S. national debt is about to cross another critical threshold.  According to the U.S. Treasury, the debt of the federal government is currently sitting at $21,854,296,172,540.94, and at our current pace we will likely hit the $22 trillion mark next month.
  •   When Barack Obama entered the White House in January 2008, the U.S. was $10.6 trillion in debt, and so that means that we have added 11.2 trillion dollars of new debt to that total in less than 11 years. 


Fed Report Says Millennials Are Poorer Than Other Generations…But Fed Policies Made It Happen

  • Last week, the Board of Governors of the Federal reserve released a new report that attempts to address the issue of whether or not Millennials really are worse off at the same point that other age cohorts have been at similar ages.
  • This will no doubt be the first of many that attempt to answer this question. At this early stage, however, we can say that the data leans toward concluding that yes, Millennials are, in fact, less wealthy, and are lower-income than previous cohorts.
  •  Millennials  debt seems to be more connected to student loans and to auto debt. For example:

For auto loans, contrary to the stories in the popular press th at millennials have a more subdued demand for cars than members of earlier generations, the Equifax/CCP data show that 40 percent of millennials had an auto loan in 2017, compared with 36 percent of Generation X members in 2004.

  • And, as many suspected, student debt is higher for Millennials:

One loan category for which millennials in 2017 had a notably higher average balance than Generation X members in 2004 was student loans. While only 20 percent of Generation X members had a student loan balance in 2004, more than 33 percent of millennials had one in 2017. Moreover, the median balance among student loan borrowers was substantially higher for millennials in 2017 than for Generation X members in 2004 (over $18,000 versus $13,000). … Accordingly, the average student loan balance for millennials in 2017 was more than double the average loan balance for Gene ration X members in 2004.

  •  Millennials have a lower net worth than other age cohorts at the same stage:
  •   the report paints a picture of younger workers who have fewer assets, lower incomes, and more student debt


  •  Chinese state-owned companies bought at least 500,000 tonnes of U.S. soybeans on Wednesday in the first major purchases since Trump and Xi met in early December and cobbled together a ceasefire in the trade war between the US and China.
  • China is the largest buyer of U.S. soy, but has purchased almost nothing since Beijing slapped steep tariffs on U.S. shipments on July 6 in retaliation for duties on Chinese goods, pushing soybean prices to the lowest level in years this summer. However, since their lows in late September, soybean prices have rebounded by 13% on anticipation China will resume purchases, as it now appears to be doing.


U.S. not swayed by WTO reform proposals

  • Proposals for reforming the World Trade Organization fail to deal with problems raised by the United States, the U.S. envoy to the WTO told its General Council on Wednesday.
  • U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration says the WTO is dysfunctional because it has failed to hold China to account for not opening up its economy as envisaged when Beijing joined the body in 2001.
  • To force reform at the WTO, Trump’s team has blocked new appointments to its trade court, which is now rapidly running out of judges, meaning it will be unable to issue binding rulings in trade disputes. Trump has even threatened to withdraw the United States from the Geneva-based WTO.
  • U.S. Ambassador Dennis Shea has laid out a list of complaints about the way the judges in the WTO’s Appellate Body handle appeals in legal disputes.


Judge rules Trump administration justified in ending Obama-era immigration program

  •   The Trump administration provided adequate justification for its decision to end a program that reunited hundreds of immigrants from Central America with family members in the U.S., a federal judge ruled Monday.
  • Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler threw out the bulk of a lawsuit that argued the termination of the Obama-era Central American Minors program was arbitrary and violated the U.S. Constitution.


BREAKING! More Whistleblowers Come Out Of The Clinton Foundation Woodwork

  • Following allegations of sloppy accounting, potential tax fraud and pay-to-play, the Clinton Foundation will be under a Congressional microscope this week after three whistleblowers have come forward and agreed to testify – one of whom secretly submitted 6,000 pages of documents to the IRS and FBI in August of 2017, and all three of whom have submitted various documents to Congressional investigators.

  •  three whistleblowers who have spent the past two years investigating the Clinton Foundation, and have “explosive” allegations which they will share during Thursday testimony on Capitol Hill.

What’s next on this investigation?

MEADOWS: Well, I think for the American people, they want to bring some closure, not just a few sound bites, here or there, so we’re going to be having a hearing this week, not only covering over some of those 6,000 pages that you’re talking about, but hearing directly from three whistleblowers that have actually spent the majority of the last two years investigating this.

Some of the allegations they make are quite explosivethere’s all kinds of allegations of pay-to-play and that kind of thing.


Judical Watch President Tom Fitton To Testify Before Congress On Clinton Foundation Corruption


Geopolitical/Police State 

Trump says he could weigh in on Huawei CFO case

  • President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he reserved the right to weigh in on the Justice Department’s case against a top executive in a Chinese technology company, if it would help him close a trade deal with Beijing or would serve other American national security interests.
  • “If I think it’s good for what will be certainly the largest trade deal ever made — which is a very important thing — what’s good for national security — I would certainly intervene if I thought it was necessary,” Trump told Reuters.
  • Trump added that President Xi Jinping of China had not called him about the case, but that the White House had been in touch with both the Justice Department and Chinese officials.
  • Huawei Technologies’ chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in Canada on Dec. 1 at the request of American authorities, who allege that she violated U.S. sanctions against Iran. The case has put both the U.S. and Canada in a difficult spot because the Chinese government has viewed Meng’s treatment as an outrage.


Did Trump Trick Chuck and Nancy into Owning Border Crisis During Oval Office Meeting

  • Trump boldly pledged to shut down part of the government — the part we can all live without that should be closed permanently anyway — if he does not receive adequate border security funding. Meaning, he would not sign on to continue funding the government.
  • All of this was a calculated set up on Trump’s part, and a successful one.
  • Pelosi had no idea she was being set up, which is why, like a prim schoolmarm always caught off guard, she chose to lecture Trump about the legislative process.
  • This is what Trump knows… Between now and Election Day 2020, there will be an organized effort to separate Trump from his base, and the best way to do that is to make Trump look weak on border security, and the best way to do that is for leftists to continue to organize and fund illegal immigration, especially through these caravans.
  • Trump can see the future and he knows it is going to be plagued with an orchestrated and well-funded campaign to create border chaos, to make him look feckless.
  • But what he did yesterday was flip the script. Here’s more:

THE PRESIDENT: Because when you look at these numbers of the effectiveness of our border security, and when you look at the job that we’re doing with our military —

SENATE MINORITY LEADER SCHUMER: You just said it is effective.

THE PRESIDENT: Can I tell you something?

SENATE MINORITY LEADER SCHUMER: Yeah, you just said it’s effective.

THE PRESIDENT: These are only areas where you have the walls.


THE PRESIDENT: Where you have walls, Chuck, it’s effective. Where you don’t have walls, it is not effective.

HOUSE SPEAKER-DESIGNATE PELOSI: Wait a second. Let’s call a halt to this.


HOUSE SPEAKER-DESIGNATE PELOSI: Let’s call a halt to this. We’ve come in here as the first branch of government: Article I, the legislative branch. We’re coming in, in good faith, to negotiate with you about how we can keep the government open.

A little later:

SENATE MINORITY LEADER SCHUMER: You’re bragging about what has been done.


SENATE MINORITY LEADER SCHUMER: We want to do the same thing we did last year, this year. That’s our proposal. If it’s good then, it’s good now, and it won’t shut down the government.

THE PRESIDENT: Chuck, we can build a much bigger section with more money.

  • In front of the whole world, on film, you have Trump demanding more border security, which includes his wall, you have Trump promising to shut down part of the government if he does not get the security requested…
  • You also have the two top Democrats in the country saying that what we have now is good enough.
  • Finally, you have voters, the American people, who now see border security as a national priority, second only to the economy.
  •   now that Trump has America’s two top Democrats on video opposing additional border security, he can hang every incident — every caravan, every criminal act committed by an illegal, all the chaos, drug overdoses, rock throwing, and whatever else we are in store for over the next two years, around the neck of the Democrat Party.


Trudeau government signs UN Global pact On Migration, dealing a devastating blow to Canadian sovereignty

  • By signing the UN Global Compact, Trudeau is setting up a steady erosion of Canada’s independence, taking power away from the Canadian People.The Trudeau government has betrayed the Canadian People by signing the UN Global Compact on Migration, dealing a severe blow to Canada’s sovereignty.Additionally, the  pact begins a transfer of authority from national governments, to the centralized authority of the United Nations, turning migration (AKA control of national borders), into something dominated by supranational institutions.It’s a clear step by the global elites and the Trudeau government to wipe out Canada’s borders, and push Canada further in the direction of being a ‘post-national state,’ where Citizenship, borders, and democracy are stripped of all meaning.


Korean border troops verify removal of each other’s posts

  • Dozens of North and South Korean soldiers crossed over the world’s most heavily armed border Wednesday as they inspected the sites of their rival’s front-line guard posts to verify they’d been removed, part of inter-Korean engagement efforts that come amid stalled U.S.-North Korea nuclear disarmament talks.
  • Soldiers from the two Koreas exchanged cigarettes and chatted as they inspected the dismantlement or disarmament of 22 guard posts — 11 from each country — inside the Demilitarized Zone that forms their 155-mile-long, 2.5-mile-wide border.
  • A small group of journalists was allowed to enter the zone to watch a South Korean team leave for a North Korean guard post Wednesday morning and a North Korean team come to a South Korean guard post later in the day.



MANHUNT: Suspect in Strasbourg Shooting Identified, Was on ‘Terror Watch List’

  • The suspected gunman behind the deadly shooting in Strasbourg, France Tuesday evening has been identified and was on a “Terror Watch List,” though officials refused to release the man’s name or age.
  • “A shooting in the French city of Strasbourg killed two people and wounded at least eight others, officials said. The shooting sparked a major security operation around a world-famous Christmas market on Tuesday.

Coincidence? Strasbourg Christmas market shooter on run, city bans public demos, France on highest threat level – Witness claims seeing two shooters (UPDATE)

How do you quell growing protests, you ban them with a terrorist event.

For over a year Q has been talking about sealed indictments, The number of indictments have been increasing  There are those who have said they don’t exist, its a conspiracty or this is just crazy.
Boom, Sara Carter’ announces “Lots of sealed indictments.”

Take a listen
An anon posted breaking news about a fire in China and it just so happens to be a GOOGLE facility in China.

Screenshot 2018-12-11_23-23-27-497.jpg

Breaking: Fire breaks out in Raycom Info Tech Park, which houses Google’s office, in the Zhongguancun technology hub in Beijing, China.📁

Google CEO Says No Plan to ‘Launch’ Censored Search Engine in China”
How do you cover your tracks?
Start a FIRE.
What if GOOG already gave access to China?
CHINA launch?  What happens if it was already completed, China was given access and China launched it themselves, Google then did not launch it.
The FIRE that brought down GOOGLE.
 In the congressional hearing, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the  (Dragonfly) censorship engine has not been launched by Google.  for China.
Background on dragonfly

Google’s internal project to bring censored search back to China, Dragonfly, was kept secret until revealed by The Intercept. Internal dissent, objections from senators and the vice president, and worldwide protests followed. Ryan Gallagher reports.


Google CEO Says No Plan to ‘Launch’ Censored Search Engine in China

  • In a hearing with the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai kept saying the company has no plans right now to launch a search product in China. But that response leaves plenty of room to launch when it does want to.
    • Pichai described DragonFly as a “limited effort internally,” and said the company developed “what search could look like” in China.
    • According to The InterceptGoogle’s search engine chief, told staff that the plan was to launch the search product as soon as possible. The Intercept noted the project has been in development since spring 2017, and involved around 300 employees.


Google CEO Says No Plan to ‘Launch’ Censored Search Engine in China”
How do you cover your tracks?
Start a FIRE.
What if GOOG already gave access to China?
CHINA launch?
The FIRE that brought down GOOGLE.
GOOG (upcoming) financial statements should receive extra scrutiny [10-Q].
Follow the money.
Help will be provided.


posted a graphic of Google CEO Sundar Pichai selling google stock

The incredible national news story that we CAN’T report: A very high-profile figure has been convicted of a serious crime – here’s why you’re not allowed to read about it – dailymail

  • A suppression order protected the conviction of a high-profile figure this week 
  • The person was convicted on Tuesday and will be remanded in February
  • Victorian County Court has ordered a gag on the person’s identity and charges
  • The state accounts for more than half of suppression orders doled out in country
  • A very high-profile figure has been convicted of a serious crime this week, but suppression orders have prevented Australian media outlets including Daily Mail Australia from reporting on it.

Why the media is unable to report on a case that has generated huge interest online

An awful crime. The person is guilty. But we can’t publish the story.

Australian Court Finds Cardinal Pell Guilty of Sexual Abuse

  • A Melbourne court has reportedly convicted the Vatican’s finance chief, Cardinal George Pell, of sexually abusing two choir boys in the 1990s when he was archbishop of Melbourne.
  • After more than three days of deliberations, the court handed down a guilty verdict Tuesday by a unanimous consent of the jury. If the verdict is confirmed, it will be the highest-ranking condemnation of a Church official for a crime of sexual abuse.
  • The trial has been kept under strict secrecy, after a judge placed a gag order on all press coverage of the trial in Australia. Now, however, several Australian media outlets have reported that Pell has been found guilty of all charges.
  • The gag order, which still remains in place in Australia, was reportedly granted to “prevent a real and substantial risk of prejudice to the proper administration of justice.


Q says would you like to play a game

Trolling the FAKE NEWS media is FUN!

Trolling the FAKE NEWS media is FUN!
T & Q placed together.
What a coincidence.
The More You Know…
Excellent Q, VIP Patriot!📁
NAT SEC had to be included for reasons I’m sure you can understand.
Think Green/Red Castle.
Think MIL.
Happy Holidays!

He was the vatican treasurer I’m sure that carries some weight
#3 in the pecking order.
Define ‘pecking’ [animals].
a hierarchy of status seen among members of a group of people or animals, originally as observed among hens.
How many names start w/ a ‘Q’?
What are the odds of a ‘Q’ stocking?
What are the odds of a ‘Q’ stocking next to a ‘T’ stocking?
How many stockings in total?
How many letters used?
Logical thinking.
A little Holiday Fun for the FAKE NEWS media.
Think ‘Elf on the Shelf’.
Can you find the next one?
‘Tis the Season of Treason!




‘O’ made into ‘Q’
More to find over time.
Happy Hunting!


Santa w a hammer signed by QA.This Christmas we want JUSTICE!
‘QA’ > ‘QAnon’ > Hammer
More to find over time.
Happy Hunting!

Court TV to return to television, E.W. Scripps Company announces

  • One of the most iconic brands in television history will return when Katz Networks, part of The E.W. Scripps Company, relaunches Court TV – a new network devoted to live, gavel-to-gavel coverage, in-depth legal reporting and expert analysis of the nation’s most important and compelling trials.
  • For more than 20 years, Court TV brought high-profile courtroom dramas, including the trials of O.J. Simpson, the Menendez brothers and Casey Anthony, into American living rooms. Continuing that legacy, the new Court TV network will launch in May 2019 and run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It will be available for cable, satellite, over-the-air and over-the-top carriage.