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Message Created Then Deleted, Trump Sends Message To [DS]
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Trump is in the UK, says Nigel Farage should lead the BREXIT talks. Trump backs no deal BREXIT, EU deal not good. [CB] economy declining quickly, Fed now focuses in on debt, Trump accelerates transition by placing tariffs on India and Australia could be next. Fair trade needs to be established for the transition. Trump takes a swipe at CNN, tells AT&T to do something. Assange’s case takes a turn. Schiff tries to get the declass information before it hits the public. Comey is panicking, texts a message then deletes it. Peace coming to Iran. Cover story in NK falls apart. Events being used to clog the news cycle. Trump might have booked a floor in the Corinthian Hotel in the UK.

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Current News – 06.03.2019

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  • President Trump went on to praise friend” Nigel Farage,

“I like Nigel a lot. He has a lot to offer. He is a very smart person. They won’t bring him in. Think how well they would do if they did. They just haven’t figured that out yet,” Trump said.


Trump Backs No Deal Brexit, Recommends ‘Very Smart’ Nigel Farage for Negotiations

  • Trump said
  • “If they don’t get what they want, I would walk away,” he said bluntly.
  • “Yes, I would walk away. If you don’t get the deal you want, if you don’t get a fair deal, then you walk away.”
  • He also indicated that, were he in the position of a British prime minister in such a situation, he would not be handing over the estimated £39 billion the EU is demanding from the United Kingdom as the price of Brexit.
  • “If I were them, I wouldn’t pay 50 billion dollars,” he said.
  • “That is a big number. I wouldn’t pay 50 billion dollars. That is me. I would not pay — that is a tremendous number.”



  • The headline PMI fell to its lowest level since September 2009 as output growth eased (with output expectations crashing to the joint-lowest since records began) and new orders fell for the first time since August 2009.
  • The ISM Manufacturing print also disappointed at 52.1 (53.0 exp), the weakest since Oct 2016 (despite a rise in new export orders and employment)


Fed’s Powell Flags Corporate Debt Surge: ‘Some Businesses May Come Under Severe Financial Strain’

  • Fed Chairman Powell’s recent speech on “Business Debt and Our Dynamic Financial System” offers a window into current central bank thinking on the matter. Put simply, corporate debt levels are worrisome for specific firms and sectors, yet the market is not large enough to threaten the stability of the financial system.
  • “Could the increase in business debt pose greater risks to the financial system than currently appreciated? My colleagues and I continually ask ourselves that question,”
  • “Business debt is near record levels, and recent issuance has been concentrated in the riskiest segments,” he added. “As a result, some businesses may come under severe financial strain if the economy deteriorates.”
  • “A highly leveraged business sector could amplify any economic downturn as companies are forced to lay off workers and cut back on investments, Powell said.


“I have determined that India has not assured the United States that India will provide equitable and reasonable access to its markets,” Mr. Trump said on Friday.

Mr. Trump on Friday said India would be removed from the U.S.’s privileged-trading program called the Generalized System of Preferences on Wednesday. Under the decadeslong program meant for some developing economies, the U.S. had allowed India to avoid tariffs on certain exports to the U.S. in the interest of promoting tighter trade ties and development.

India, the U.S.’s ninth-largest trading partner, is a top beneficiary of the GSP program. Mr. Trump’s move will add tariffs of as much as 7% on Indian exports of goods like chemicals, auto parts and tableware to the U.S., which in 2018 accounted for more than 11%, or $6.3 billion, of India’s total exports of goods valued at $54.4 billion, according to the Congressional Research Service, a research agency for the U.S. Congress.

Spotlight Australia

Please consider Trump Administration Considered Tariffs on Australia.

Some of President Trump’s top trade advisers had urged the tariffs as a response to a surge of Australian aluminum flowing onto the American market over the past year. But officials at the Defense and State Departments told Mr. Trump the move would alienate a top ally and could come at significant cost to the United States.

The administration ultimately agreed not to take any action, at least temporarily.

The measure would open yet another front in a global trade war that has pitted the United States against allies like Canada, Mexico, Europe and Japan, and deepened divisions with countries like China. It would also be the end of a reprieve for the only country to be fully exempted from the start from steel and aluminum tariffs that Mr. Trump imposed last year.

The tariffs on Australia would have hit imports of aluminum, although measures that would have applied to other products had been discussed as well. Shipments of Australian aluminum to the United States have surged since last year, when Australia became one of the few countries not to face metal tariffs.



  • Trump is now in the UK, we know that CNN is having trouble, Trump said the following in a tweet
  •  Fox News, isn’t widely available in the UK, and British Sky Television – which was once controlled by the Murdoch family (as are the tabloid “The Sun” and the broadsheet “Times of London”), who still control Fox News – was recently taken over by Comcast after the company outbid the Murdochs. Rupert Murdoch, the family patriarch, founded the pay-TV channel in London back in the late 1980s.
Trump called the fake news about Megahn Markle, he tweeted the following

Trump denounces ‘stone cold loser’ London mayor as he arrives in Britain for state visit

  • Khan and Trump have clashed repeatedly since 2016 when Khan described the then-presidential candidate as a “buffoon” for his stance on banning Muslims from entering the U.S.
  • Trump accused Khan of not doing enough in the wake of deadly terror attacks in London a year later.


We have been hearing reports that Assanges health is declining and he is receiving treatment, we all know that the DS would like to see Assange 187 so he doesn’t reveal the truth of how he recevied the emails, we now find out that

  • The Justice Department has decided not to charge Julian Assange for his role in exposing some of the CIA’s most secret spying tools, according to a U.S. official and two other people familiar with the case.
  • It’s a move that has surprised national security experts and some former officials,
  •  Extradition laws require the U.S. to bring any additional charges against Assange within 60 days of the first indictment, which prosecutors filed in March, accusing Assange of helping former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning hack into military computers.
  • So instead, the Justice Department will go after Assange on the one count for allegedly assisting Manning and the 17-count Espionage Act indictment. There are no plans to bring any additional indictments prior to his extradition.


  • Swedish deputy director of public prosecution, Eva-Marie Persson, had requested the detention – arguing that Assange posed a flight risk. Assange’s attorney, Per E. Samuelson, countered that the WikiLeaks founder would be willing to come to Sweden to cooperate with the investigation, and that his client has nothing to hide. 
  • The Uppsala district court denied the request when it was clear that Swedish authorities were not finished with their preliminary investigation into a 2010 rape claim. Samuelson argued that under new rules, EAWs cannot be obtained to conduct preliminary investigations – and the prosecution must instead apply for a European investigation order. 
  • This means that the prosecution will need to complete its preliminary investigation without Assange’s extradition to Sweden, and will instead have to travel to the UK for interrogations, or conduct them via video.
  • Before they decide whether to press charges, Swedish prosecutors are seeking to question Assange,


Modified Declassification Expectations Amid Clarity of Purpose from Ratcliffe…

  •  John Ratcliffe outlined his view of U.S. Attorney John Durham as a benefactor of the declassification insofar as he would gain information for his review.  Interestingly Ratcliffe noted Durham was essentially a ‘special counsel’ and could use access to documents as a tool toward a grand jury review [ergo DOJ declassification would be needed].
  • Along with noting the likelihood of Durham’s intent, Ratcliffe seemed to temper expectations of any upcoming publicly visible declassification.
  • The possibility of Durham exploiting/using documents declassified by his boss, AG Bill Barr, would suggest some of the material may not be made public because this would interfere in ongoing investigations.
  • Sowhat documents could be purposefully made public that would not impede Durham?
  • Here’s the list of material possible for declassification. This was the original list as outlined in 2018:
  • All versions of the Carter Page FISA applications (DOJ) (FBI) (ODNI).
  • All of the Bruce Ohr 302’s filled out by the FBI. (FBI) (ODNI)
  • All of Bruce Ohr’s emails (FBI) (DOJ) (CIA) (ODNI). All supportive documents and material provided by Bruce Ohr to the FBI. (FBI)
  • All relevant documents pertaining to the supportive material within the FISA application. (FBI) (DOJ-NSD ) (DoS) (CIA) (DNI) (NSA) (ODNI);
  • All intelligence documents that were presented to the Gang of Eight in 2016 that pertain to the FISA application used against U.S. person Carter Page; including all intelligence documents that may not have been presented to the FISA Court. (CIA) (FBI) (DOJ) (ODNI) (DoS) (NSA)  Presumably this would include the recently revealed State Dept Kavalac email; and the FBI transcripts from wiretaps of George Papadopoulos (also listed in Carter Page FISA). [AKA ‘Bucket Five’]
  • All unredacted text messages and email content between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok on all devices. (FBI) (DOJ) (DOJ-NSD) (ODNI)
  • The originating CIA “EC” or two-page electronic communication from former CIA Director John Brennan to FBI Director James Comey that started Operation Crossfire Hurricane in July 2016. (CIA) (FBI) (ODNI)


House Intel Chair Adam Schiff Threatens to Subpoena Robert Mueller to Testify (Video) 

  • House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff threatened to subpoena Robert Mueller to testify 
  •  Schiff is using this for propaganda purposes, they do not want Mueller to be questioned, if he were to be questioned their entire agenda would fall apart.


Schiff is now moving to another strategy which will fail

Adam Schiff Demands Authority Over Executive Branch Declassification, and Advanced Warning of Investigative Content…

  •  Adam Schiff,  wrote a letter  to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, demanding legislative branch authority over executive branch declassification.
  • First, the executive branch controls the declassification process unilaterally.  The legislative branch can request briefings; and customarily the executive informs the ‘gang of eight’ (when needed) on matters of intelligence releases.  However, the legislative branch has no authority over the independent decisions/purposes of the executive in that regard.
  • Second, schiff claims the Declassification Directive is inappropriate because President Trump has empowered the U.S. Attorney General with discretionary decision-making; while Schiff simultaneously avoids/manipulates the inherent conflict avoided by President Trump in granting discretionary decision-making authority to the AG.
  • In material fact, President Trump is likely the target/victim of the underlying extra-constitutional and corrupt overreach by a seditious “small group” within the FBI, DOJ and intelligence community; and as a consequence prudence would dictate the abdication of declassification decision to the investigative agency, that’s Barr.  If Trump didn’t grant AG Barr the unilateral decision-making authority, the same Adam Schiff would start shouting that President Trump carried a conflict. Also, Schiff knows this
  • Additionally, Schiff is demanding advanced notice of the material as it is discovered and declassified…. AND advanced notification for all of the underlying investigative documents that may be part of the ongoing DOJ investigations of seditious activity.  Yes, he demands a ‘heads-up’ on anything adverse to his political interests.
  •  Hes trying to get the information before it hits the public so he can filter through it to leak to the media. Nice try not going to work


Worry is setting in, the DS players are trying to get out in front of what is coming, Comey tweeted out the following

Now what is very interesting about this post is that the message was to Q, Running the race tweeted out the following

Obama is trying to project to the world that we should not believe the videos that he is in, that these videos are fake, he explains this to an Ottawa audience.


  • People can duplicate me speaking and saying anything. And it sounds like me and it looks like I’m saying it — and it’s a complete fabrication,” Obama said.
  • He explained part of the problem is because the human brain hasn’t adapted quickly enough to process the onslaught of information readily available to them on multiple platforms, and A.I. is only going to make things worse. Especially for democracies, he said.
  • “The marketplace of ideas that is the basis of our democratic practice has difficulty working if we don’t have some common baseline of what’s true and what’s not.”
  • “Deepfake” technology uses machine-learning algorithms to analyze archives of video and audio recordings to create realistic impersonations. Advancements in this area have caused concerns it could be used to mislead voters.
  • Boom, Q warned us about this in post


Try, try, try, as they might.
Fail, they will.
No free passes [MSM].


Why are they all panicking, remember the following

Kindly Reminder: Secret Team Met in the White House in 2016 that Included Obama, Brennan, Rice, Comey, Biden, Clapper, Kerry and Lynch

Early last August, an envelope with extraordinary handling restrictions arrived at the White House. Sent by courier from the CIA, it carried “eyes only” instructions that its contents be shown to just four people: President Barack Obama and three senior aides.:

John Brennan convened a secret task force at CIA headquarters composed of several dozen analysts and officers from the CIA, the NSA and the FBI.

The unit functioned as a sealed compartment, its work hidden from the rest of the intelligence community. Those brought in signed new non-disclosure agreements to be granted access to intelligence from all three participating agencies.


Rudy Giuliani on Spygate Scandal: I See 3 to 5 Obama Officials Are Going to be Indicted (VIDEO)

  •   Rudy says he suspects 3-5 Obama officials will end up in jail for their roles in the spygate scandal.

Rudy Giuliani: Attorney General Barr is very upset by what they did. Even if it isn’t treason it’s perjury, suborning perjury, submitting false documents to the FISA Court, colluding with Ukrainians to obtain dirty information on Trump and the Trump campaign. There are so many crimes. We don’t need treason. And, I don’ think they’re going to get away with it. I think three, or four, or five of them are going to get indicted.

Via Justice with Judge Jeanine:


  • Approximately 90% of illegal aliens detained and then released into the United States while they await their asylum hearings fail to show up to their court dates, according to a recent pilot program conducted b Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Justice (DOJ).
  •   “Since December 21, 2018, DHS has released at least 190,500 border crossers and illegal aliens into the interior of the United States.” What’s more, the ‘catch-and-release’ system often results in work permits which allow migrants to take jobs in the United States while awaiting their asylum claims – which of course hurts low-income Americans the most.
  • ICE officials told Congress last month that around 87% of illegal aliens skip out on their asylum hearings, forcing the agency to attempt to locate and deport each offender – which is nearly impossible given available resources.
  • Another federal immigration official noted during the same testimony that around 12% of border crossers actually end up qualifying for asylum, which underscores that wholesale fraud committed by illegals.
  • around 2-in-3 American voters are opposed to catch-and-release, according to a Harvard-Harris poll,


President Trump Question: “Are the Drug Lords, Cartels & Coyotes really running Mexico?”…

  • Trump is spotlight all of this with his tweets, he tweeted the following

  • Everyone knows the truthful answer to that question is a resounding YES, Mexico is a narco-state controlled by drug cartels and political system of bribes and payoffs therein.
  • Trump is just laying it all out there, he is telling the truth with beating around the bush.
  • Never in our lives have we witnessed a President so forcefully broadcasting the truth without regard for recipient discomfort.

 …This make the DS, the MSM very uncomfortable, because its hard to fight against the truth, so when truth is put out there they resort to name calling etc…. to hide the truth.

Trump Just Found A Way To Make Mexico ‘Pay For The Wall

  • President Donald Trump may have found a way to fulfill one of his more ambitious campaign promises: making Mexico pay for the wall.


Geopolitical/Police State

  • The U.S. Justice Department is preparing an investigation of Alphabet Inc’s Google to determine whether the tech giant broke antitrust law in operating its sprawling online businesses,
  • Officials from the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division and Federal Trade Commission, which both enforce antitrust law, met in recent weeks to give Justice jurisdiction over Google,




Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 04b0ec No.599627
Anonymous ID: 3c9270 No.599614 
Qare we going to have more freedom of speech on “private” public speech services or not?please answer this question
Some platforms will collapse under own weight of illegal activities.
  • On May 30, former president Barack Obama was a keynote speaker at an event in Brazil.
  • During a conversation with a host on stage during the digital innovation event, Obama took the opportunity to speak negatively about U.S. gun laws. He said, “Our gun laws in the United States don’t make much sense. Anybody can buy any weapon, any time, without much, if any, regulation. They can buy [guns] over the internet, they can buy machine guns.”
  • His statement to a foreign audience includes six lies about our gun laws and one truth.
  • 1. Anybody Can Buy a Firearm
  • False. There are three major federal restrictions on who may purchase firearms in the United States (not including the many state and local restrictions).
  • The first category of persons who may not purchase firearms under federal law is based on age.  Persons under 21 years of age may not purchase handguns from a gun dealer, and persons under 18 years of age may not purchase rifles nor shotguns.
  • The second category of persons who may not purchase firearms under federal law are referred to as “prohibited persons.” This category includes, among others:
  • Felons,
  • Those convicted of domestic violence,
  • Unlawful users of controlled substances,
  • Illegal aliens,
  • Those subject to certain restraining orders,
  • Those adjudicated as mental defectives or committed to mental institutions,
  • Fugitives, and
  • Veterans with dishonorable discharges
  • The third major category includes non-U.S. citizens. m.
  • 2. Any Firearm Can Be Purchased
  • False. Under federal law, machine guns made after 1986 may not be purchased by civilians (more on this under lie No. 5 below). Also, the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA) regulates other firearms which may be purchased, but clearly not in the way insinuated by Obama’s comments (more on this under lie No. 3 below).
  • 3. A Firearm Can Be Purchased at Any Time
  • False. When purchasing a firearm from a federally licensed gun dealer (FFL), background-check requirements must be satisfied. In most cases, this includes a background check being run through the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). However, many states use their own background check system.
  • If a background check is required (all sales except for some states that exempt concealed weapon permit holders), then a firearm may only be purchased during the hours of operation of the relevant background check system.
  • Within the statement that a firearm can be purchased at any time is also the inference that a firearm may be purchased anywhere. This is also false. For example, handguns many only be purchased in a person’s state of residence. Therefore, if a person wants to purchase a handgun while he out of his home state, that is a time at which he is not permitted to purchase a firearm.
  • 4. Firearms Can Be Purchased with Few Regulations
  • False. If you’ve been paying attention so far, the United States has many regulations on the purchase and possession of firearms.
  • 5. Firearms Can Be Purchased Over the Internet
  • False . It seems clear that Obama wants people to think that a gun can be purchased online and shipped straight to a purchaser’s home like any other online purchase. This is not true.
  • It is technically true that firearms may be purchased online. However, when a person purchases a firearm online from an out-of-state retailer, the firearm must first be shipped to a local FFL, where the purchaser must appear in person to fill out the federally required paperwork and satisfy the background check requirements.
  • .
  • 6. Anyone Can Purchase a Machine Gun
  • False.   “Anyone” may not purchase a firearm, let alone a machine gun.
  •  machine guns made after 1986 may not be purchased nor possessed by an ordinary civilian. These machine guns may only be purchased or possessed by FFLs or government entities.
  • Machine guns made before 1986 are still NFA firearms and may only be purchased after the extensive paperwork and wait times that accompany all NFA firearm purchases. Additionally, some local laws outright ban the possession of any machine guns.


This all came at the same time we had another event in Virginia beach, this was another use of the DS using their ammunition, plus they are now trying to push their agendas, kamala harris tweeted out the following



Now very interestingly we had that story that Kim Jong Un excuted 5 individuals because of the failed summit, but only named one person Kim Yong Chol, I do believe this was a cover story for the NK embassy operations and most likely there were certain individuals taking care of for trying to sell info to the clowns but the story of the 5 executions is now falling apart.

  •   North Korea’s former top nuclear envoy, Kim Yong Chol, accompanied leader Kim Jong Un to an art performance,   signaling that the former spymaster is alive and remains a force in the power structure.
  • KCNA named Kim Yong Chol as the 10th person among a group of 12 “leading officials” who accompanied Kim Jong Un and his wife, Ri Sol Ju, to an amateur art performance by wives of officers in the North Korean Army on Sunday.
  • Remember the story originated from the South Korean newspaper


In regards to Iran it seems more information is now coming out about regnotiation of the nuclear deal, which I do believe has already been made and we are now seeing the beginning stages of being shown to the public.

Pompeo Affirms U.S. Would Talk to Iran with ‘No Preconditions

  • The Trump administration is ready and willing to talk to Iran “with no preconditions”, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said
  • He said the U.S. is “prepared to engage in a conversation with no preconditions. We’re ready to sit down” with Iran’s leaders.


Cyber Attacks

False Flags



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: f40549 No.5247957 
Anonymous ID: 6d899e No.5247847 


This was a great proof.
Anons are MONTHS ahead of the news!
The Corinthia Hotel.



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