No Matter Which Way We Turn The Economic Collapse Is Always In Front Of Us – Episode 63


In this report we will talk about the latest news regarding the economic collapse. The Obama administration is been caught in 2 scandals and the economic collapse is approaching. To many questions are being asked and they need to divert the attention of the American public. They will need to create a huge distraction to get the press, people and others off  of Benghazi gate and IRS gate.

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Current News


The 3 Reasons You Can’t Find a Job, All have ONE Common Factor: Government Interference

  • Are you a college graduate fed up with the uncertainty and stress of the job hunt? Have you been sitting in Starbucks for days, sipping lattes and hopelessly sending out job application after job application? You’re certainly not alone. There are 11.7 million unemployed people struggling to find a job in America. Prof. Carrie Kerekes presents three reasons finding a job in today’s market is so difficult: a mismatch of skills, government regulations, and uncertainty in the market. These three things all have one common factor: government interference.

Broke school district ends year early, offers ‘skills camp’ instead

When was the last time you heard a school district fire all the teachers before the end of the year. Oh that’s right when the economy is improving. Thank you Ben and Mr. President

  • A Michigan school district has had to take the drastic step of firing all of its teachers and shuttering its classrooms before the end of the schoolyear, though it may offer students the option of attending a “skills camp.”
  • Hundreds of students served by the Buena Vista district will not finish the academic year in mid-June as planned, as the state is withholding school aid for three months after accepting money for a program it was not providing.
  • According to an investigation by the Huffington Post, the already struggling district of some 400 mostly black and poor students began a downward spiral after the state of Michigan froze school funding to recover $402,000 that was supposed to be spent running the Wolverine Secure Treatment Center, an alternative school.
  • As of last week, representatives for the Michigan Department of Education stated that they were in touch with the broke district to come up with an alternative plan, though they emphasized that the issue was a local responsibility and that they could not legally assist Buena Vista if the district owed the state money. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has thus far not commented on the issue.
  • For a time it was thought that students would be able to transfer to neighboring districts to finish out the year, though that plan appears to have reached an impasse.
  • Richard Syrek, superintendent of Saginaw County Intermediate School District (which oversees Buena Vista), said it would too expensive for other districts to accept Buena Vista students, citing legal issues.
  • “The legal parts have kept us from doing some of the things we wanted to do,” Syrek told the Huffington Post.
  • “We’ve hit a dead end,” he added.

Pelosi: ObamaCare ‘largely responsible’ for bringing down deficit

  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Monday that President Obama’s landmark healthcare reform law is helping to bring down the deficit.
  • “Many of the initiatives that he passed are what are coming to bear now, including the Affordable Care Act,” Pelosi said in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. “The Affordable Care Act is bringing the cost of health care in our country down in both the public and private sector. And that is what is largely responsible for the deficit coming down.”
  • The CBO reported last week that the federal budget deficit declined in the first seven months of fiscal year 2013 compared to 2012.


Taiwan May Send Warships, F-16s To Escalate Philippine Naval Confrontation

  • While most consider the Middle-East a hot-bed of geopolitical risk (prone to flare at any moment), it seems hot money flows and territorial disputes are rapidly turning the South China Sea into a powder-keg. As Japan vs China is off the front pages for a moment (and US and South Korea engage in joint naval exercises) it seems Taiwan and the Philippines are escalating rapidly following the death of a Taiwanese fisherman last week after Filipino military fired on his vessel in supposedly disputed territory between Taipei and Manila. The situation is evolving rapidly as the Philippines’ un-apology (though they sent their condolences) may prompt Taiwan to send F-16 fighters, Kidd-class destroyers, and three or more warships, according to The Liberty Times. The threat of escalation is premised on a formal apology coming within 72 hours. As Stratfor notes, Taiwan’s territorial ‘claims’ are “outrageously ambitious” but the various island nations all appear set on rattling sabres as mainland China stiffens its resolve against Japan over the Senkakus.

State Department Conducts Secret Visit with Death Squad Leader in Syria

  • As the Syrian army continues to gain the upper handagainst the NATO-backed death squads made up of mercenaries, fanatics, and al-Qaeda terrorists, it appears that the Western powers responsible for the creation of the armed and violent rebellion have kicked into high gear as the advance of their proxy army has been stalled.
  • Even though the barbarism of death squad participants seems to have recently hit a fever pitch, while Israeli air strikes on sovereign Syrian soil are targeting military and civilian targets alike, and newfounderroneous claims by Western nations of the use ofchemical weapons by the Assad government, the Syrian army has managed to continue its mop up of the inappropriately named “rebels.”
  • Yet the Western agitators have not given up. This much is made clear by the recent “secret” visit by former U.S. Ambassador to Syria and notorious destabilization agent Robert Ford made to the current death squad leader, Gen. Salim Idriss.
  • This visit took place Wednesday, May 9, 2013 and was likely initiated via the Bab al-Salama crossing on the Turkey/Syria border. According to Deborah Thomas of NPR, “Ford met with the head of the Aleppo military council, Abdul Jabbar Okaidi, who thanked him for the shipment of nonlethal aid. Seven trucks transported some 65,000 MREs, or meals ready to eat, the U.S. military’s battlefield rations.”
  • Although no mention is made of the actual lethal aid that has been provided to the death squads by the generosity of the American taxpayer via Gulf State feudal monarchies such as Saudi Arabia, Thomas points out that the MREs were part of “an additional $10 million aid package” dedicated to the death squads by the U.S. government. Secretary of State John Kerry announced in April that the United States would be donating $123 million to the Syrian death squads, despite facing a worldwide economic depression, drastic levels of unemployment at home, and a manufactured crisis such as the “sequester” and a host of other domestic crises.

Gun Control

 Rand Paul accuses Obama of plotting with ‘anti-American globalists’ to grab guns

Just another Bill waiting in the wings, lets put the all together, gun bill, UN arms treaty, and CISPA.  All just waiting for their events so the Senate would pass them

  • A global campaign to confiscate firearms is setting its sights on law-abiding gun owners in the United States, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) warned in a statement over the weekend.
  • Paul, a long-time Second Amendment supporter and strong opponent of gun control legislation, addressed subscribers of the National Association on Gun Rights’ email list on Saturday to demand they speak up about an alleged attempt to disarm Americans by way of a United Nations treaty supported by the US.
  • The UN Arms Trade Treaty was proposed with the intent of curbing mass acts of violence in parts of the world ravaged by uprisings and civil war. According to Paul, however, it is being endorsed by US President Barack Obama and his administration because it would be the beginning of the end for gun ownership in the States.
  • “But after the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut — and anti-gun hysteria in the national media reaching a fever pitch — there’s no doubt President Obama and his anti-gun pals believe the timing has never been better to ram through the UN’s global gun control crown jewel,” wrote Paul.
  • “I don’t know about you, but watching anti-American globalists plot against our Constitution makes me sick.”
  • The UN did approve the Arms Trade Treaty last month when the US and 153 other nations signed on to support the measure, “Yet because the Constitution requires that two-thirds of the Senate give its advice and consent to any treaty, Second Amendment supporters still have a political route to stop the administration,” the Wall Street Journal acknowledged at the time.
  • Sixty-seven of the 100 US senators would need to approve the treaty before the country can adopt the measure, but 53 of the lawmakers said as recently as this March that they would vote against the effort — essentially leaving the treaty unlikely to be accepted by the US at any time in the near future. But even if the likelihood of the US adopting the treaty seems grim, efforts in across the country have been underway for some time to ensure the president isn’t presented the opportunity to sign on.
  • “If you sign it, and if the US Senate ratifies the treaty, Texas will lead the charge to have the treaty overturned in court as a violation of the US Constitution,” Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, a Republican, wrote President Obama earlier this year.
  • “I am deeply disappointed with the Obama administration’s vote today in support of forcing the ominous Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) through the UN General Assembly,” added Sen. Mike Kelly (R-Pennsylvania). “For the sake of our national interests and Constitutional freedom, I strongly urge President Obama to reject the ATT.”
  • Sen. Paul has now become the latest high-ranking Republican to issue a call to arms. His email sent out on Saturday was addressed to “Dear fellow Patriot” and insisted that “Gun-grabbers around the globe believe they have it made.”
  • “So far, the gun-grabbers have successfully kept many of their schemes under wraps. But looking at previous attempts by the UN to pass global gun control, you and I can get a good idea of what’s likely in the works,” Paul wrote.
  • “You can bet the UN is working to FORCE the US to implement every single one of these anti-gun policies,” he added, only to claim the treaty will enact tougher licensing requirements, “making law-abiding Americans cut through even more bureaucratic red tape just to own a firearm legally.”
  • Additionally, said Paul, the treaty would lend to the confiscation and destruction of all “unauthorized” civil firearms, as well as “ban the trade, sale and private ownership of all semi-automatic weapons.”
  • “Ever since its founding 65 years ago, the United Nations has been hell-bent on bringing the United States to its knees,” he wrote. “To the petty dictators and one-world socialists who control the UN, the United States of America isn’t a ‘shining city on a hill’ — it’s an affront to their grand designs for the globe.”
  • “These anti-gun globalists know that as long as Americans remain free to make our own decisions without being bossed around by big government bureaucrats, they’ll NEVER be able to seize the worldwide power they crave,” said Paul.
  • Others, however, say he has things all wrong. “The treaty adopted today will establish a common international standard for the national regulation of the international trade in conventional arms and require all states to develop and implement the kind of systems that the United States already has in place,” US Secretary of State John Kerry said last month. “It will help reduce the risk that international transfers of conventional arms will be used to carry out the world’s worst crimes, including terrorism, genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.”
  • “By its own terms, this treaty applies only to international trade, and reaffirms the sovereign right of any State to regulate arms within its territory. As the United States has required from the outset of these negotiations, nothing in this treaty could ever infringe on the rights of American citizens under our domestic law or the Constitution, including the Second Amendment,” said Kerry.

Cyber Attacks/Attacks


So lets get this straight, Iran has U.S. sanctions against it for not having nuclear weapons, they let the inspectors in to look around and found nothing. The U.S. lied to us about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, lied to us about Syria using Chemical weapons. Iran hasn’t started a war in 200 years, what about America, they have been sending drones in to kill innocent men, women and children?   Iran is  planning a major attack to avenge al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden’s killing. U.S. never killed Bin Laden, we never saw the body, it was a cover up. The U.S. officials are blaming the Cyber Attacks on Iran and now they are planning a major, major attack. Can anyone say false flag to get the U.S. into war with Iran.

  • Iran has given the go-ahead to operatives of three terrorist groups that have infiltrated the United States to carry out missions, including what is expected to be a Mumbai-style attack on a hotel where innocent bystanders would be killed, WND has learned.
  • A full report with many details of the missions has been passed on to U.S. officials.
  • Three targets have been chosen within America for imminent attack, and the terror teams have now cut communications with the operational center in Iran, a sign that they are moving ahead with the attacks, according to a high-level intelligence officer within the Islamic regime.
  • If only one of the attacks occurs, the regime will consider the operation a success, the source said. Tehran believes, he said, an attack would not be traced back to Iran due to the nationalities of the operators.
  • Iran believes that the perception of security in America that has helped empower its actions in the Middle East must be turned 180 degrees, not only to defeat and derail all U.S. calculations based on gathered intelligence but to destabilize the political, economic and social conditions in America, the source said.
  • Based on that understanding, he said, the U.S. through its military might has kept the fight in the Islamic region and away from its homeland and its allies’ turf. Now continuous operations must be conducted in the U.S. homeland to change that equation, they believe.
  • More than 2,600 targets, including public places, government buildings and military installations, have been chosen for attack, and reconnaissance has been done. Information about some of the targets, based on direct knowledge of the source, has been given to U.S. officials to neutralize the threat and confront the terrorists. They include specific government buildings, news networks, malls and sports events.
  • This new coalition has also prepared for a major attack to avenge al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden’s killing to satisfy Seif Adel, the operational head of al-Qaida, for his collaboration with the Iranian regime.
  • The source said the new coalition, due to its composition of different people in Central Asia, is a very complex organization.
  • The publication of a limited version of the full report is an intention to put the Islamic regime on notice that should it go ahead with its planned attacks in the U.S. homeland, it will be held responsible, the source said.

Iran-Based Hackers Traced to Cyber Attack on U.S. Company

Looks Iran is today’s main focus for cyber attacks.  So as of right now to get us into war with Iran the cyber attacks will originate from their.

  • A previously unknown hacking group believed to be based in Iran has started cyber attacks inside the U.S., according to Mandiant Corp., a security company that’s linked China’s army to similar activity.
  • The Iranian group emerged within the last six months and has infiltrated the networks of at least one U.S. corporation, Richard Bejtlich, Mandiant’s chief security officer, said in an interview in Washington today.
  • “You’re starting to see the Iranians get more active,” Bejtlich said. “We’ve got at least one case where we think it’s Iran, and we think what they are doing is trying to gain some experience on a live network.”
  • Bejtlich’s observation backs assertions by U.S. politicians including Representative Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, that Iranian groups are behind recent cyber attacks.
  • Closely held Mandiant, based in Alexandria, Virginia, released a report in February concluding China’s People’s Liberation Army may be behind the hacking of at least 141 companies worldwide since 2006.
  • Mandiant is investigating the new group’s tactics and hasn’t concluded it’s backed by Iran’s government, Bejtlich said. “We don’t know if it’s the government,” he said. “We don’t know if they’re patriotic hackers.”
  • The group’s motivation isn’t clear, and Bejtlich wouldn’t name the U.S. company that has been infiltrated or what industry is involved.
  • “We haven’t seen these guys before,” Bejtlich said. “They are working their way through a network trying to figure out where can they go; who will find them; who will stop them.”
  • Growing Threat
  • Allegations that the Iranian government is behind cyber attacks are “baseless,” Alireza Miryusefi, a spokesman for the country, said in an e-mailed statement. Iran has been repeatedly targeted in hacking attacks sponsored by other governments and wants an international legal framework to address issues surrounding cyber warfare, he said.

Police State/Events

 CIA agent trying to recruit Russian intelligence officer detained in Moscow – FSB

  • Russia’s counterintelligence agency has detained a CIA agent in Moscow trying to recruit an officer of the Russian secret service, the Federal Security Service (FSB) announced. The agent was operating under guise of career diplomat.
  • The FSB Public Relations Center has announced that the person detained is Ryan Christopher Fogle, the third secretary of the Political Section of the American embassy in Moscow.
  • The agency stressed that Christopher had special technical equipment, printed instructions for the Russian citizen being recruited, a large sum of money and means to change the person’s appearance.
  • The detainee was delivered to the FSB receiving office where he has been questioned and after all the necessary procedures he has been handed over to representatives of the US embassy in Moscow.
  • The website of the American embassy in Russia informs that its Political Section is engaged in “bringing to the attention of the Russian government the US position on the issues of foreign policy and security.” The section’s other task is to “inform Washington about the main provisions of the foreign and defense policy of Russia,” as well as Russian domestic political life.
  • The one-page letter to a would-be recruit proposes a payment of US$100,000 for an interview to discuss possible cooperation and promises up to $1 million a year payment if the contact agrees to supply the American side with the information it demands.
  • The letter also contains a step-by-step instruction how to create a new Gmail account that would be used for future contacts. The instruction repeatedly stresses not to present any real contact information, like phone numbers, email or home addresses.
  • It is advised not to use personal handheld mobile devices and notebooks for registration, proposing to use an internet café to go through the procedure. Another option, the instruction says, is to buy a new device especially for contacts and pay for it in cash, with the expenses to be reimbursed.

Rise of the Obama ‘Reich’