Obama To Announce “Retaliation” Measures Against Russia As Early As Tomorrow – 12.28.16

  • With Obama vacating the White House in just over three weeks, the outgoing president is seemingly eager to make relations between the US and Russia as untenable as possible in his last days on the job (or as the Russian foreign ministry put it, “after him the deluge” comparing Obama to a certain French monarch) and ignoring today’s warning that Russia would immediately respond to any sanctions by the White House, Obama is expected to announce a series of “retaliatory” measure against Russia for “meddling in the US election” as soon as Thursday, CNN reports .
  • As we detailed previously, the delay in sanctions against Russia had resulted from Obama’s inability to take unilateral actions under current laws.  While Obama previously signed an executive order that would allow him to freeze the US assets of people overseas who have engaged in cyber acts, it only applies to actions that have threatened U.S. national security or financial stability.

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Source: zerohedge.com