Patriots Are In Control, The DS Was Just Out Maneuvered, The Great Awakening Is Here – Episode 1734

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Patriots Are In Control, The DS Was Just Out Maneuvered, The Great Awakening Is Here
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ADP employment disappoints, job growth is going nowhere under the central banking economy. Initial jobless claims inch up. Many jobs cuts in the month of November, not a good sign during the holiday season. Factory orders are down, the central banks illusionary economy is being exposed. Trump continually blames the Fed and will to contradict to show the Fed is responsible for the economy falling apart. The stock market reversed dramatically today, who has the magic wand. Gannet CEO decides to retire at 61. France is witnessing a revolution, Macron is trapped, he might be voted out. Kiev’s agenda along with the deep state is start something with Russia, this plan will not work. Q dropped more bread crumbs, the Flynn memo is bigger than anyone thinks. The deep state was just out maneuvered, the other investigation are investigation against the deep state, not Trump. Patriots are in control.

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Current News – 12.06.2018

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  • After beating expectations in 4 of the last 5 months, November saw ADP employment additions disappoint notably (+179k vs +195k exp)…

With large employers (1000+) shedding jobs for the first time since April 2017…


States with the greatest movement in claims (data as of Nov. 24 – lagged by one week):

  • Increases in claims: Pennsylvania 3,544; Wisconsin 2,119; Massachusetts 1,224
  • Decreases in claims: Texas 5,480; California 4,245; Florida 2,081
  •  Challenger, Gray & Christmas announced 53,073 job cuts in November (494,775 year to date) – the most for any November since 2012.
  • Retail continues to lead all sectors in year-to-date job cut announcements with 96,504, and Telecommunications companies follow with 59,518, while financial firms have announced 41,351 cuts this year.
  • For October and November together, layoffs totaled 128,717 in 2018, the most for the two months combined since 2008.


  • US Factory orders tumbled in October – dropping 2.1% MoM (worse than expected), the biggest drop since July 2017…

  • Worse still, September’s data was downwardly revised to just +0.2%.
  • Furthermore the final durable goods orders data dropped 4.3% MoM (much worse than the 2.4% drop expected)…

  • All of which is sending warnings about the US economy…


  • From 2000 through 2012, the price of gold increased every year, rising from around $280 an ounce to nearly $1,700. It was an unprecedented run.
  • Then, in 2013, gold took a nose dive, losing over 27% of its value.
  • It was widely reported that the Swiss National Bank, the former bastion of monetary conservatism, lost $10 billion that year just on its gold holdings.
  • As you probably know, central banks hold a portion of their reserves in gold. The practice goes back to when central banks actually had to have gold on hand to trade in and out of paper money (or even trade for goods and services).
  • And central banks still hold reserves in gold today, even though they don’t need it to transact like they used to.
  • So that begs the question, did the Swiss National Bank actually lose $10 billion? It still had every ounce of gold in its vaults. And gold, after all, ismoney.
  • Plus, the SNB wasn’t holding gold to speculate…
  • Today, central banks hold gold as a hedge against fiat money. These are the guys with their fingers on the printing press… so they know exactly the effect they have on money.
  • And right now, banks are buying up gold hand over fist. Central banks currently hold 20% of all the gold ever mined—33,000 metric tons.
  • And JPMorgan Chase says they’ll buy another 650 tons this year and next.
  • Why?
  • While the DOW dips and climbs by hundreds of points, gold is still hanging out just below $1,250 an ounce. And it really hasn’t made any major moves up or down since 2013.
  • Yet today, an ounce of gold has about the same purchasing power as it had 1,100 years ago… talk about steady.
  • So while every other asset is still at or near all time highs, gold is relatively cheap.


Gannett CEO Robert J. Dickey to retire in 2019

  • Gannett Co., which operates USA TODAY and 109 local media properties, said Wednesday that President and CEO Robert J. Dickey has decided to retire from the company in 2019.
  • The Gannett board of directors has initiated a succession plan and engaged an outside search firm to assist in evaluating internal and external candidates.


Geopolitical/Police State

  • France’s “Yellow Vest” protests have evolved from simple expressions of anger over Emmanuel Macron’s since-canceled gas-tax hikes to deadly expressions of rage against the entire French status quo and its ineffectual “president of the rich”.
  • France
  • All of this is happening against a backdrop of economic decline as consumption has fallen off a cliff during the crucial holiday sales season
  •  Meanwhile, leaders of the Yellow Vest movement are demanding to meet with Macron on Friday afternoon ahead of further protests this Saturday. “Macron must listen to his people,” one said.


  • French authorities will deploy at least 8,000 riot police  in Paris on Saturday, and 89,000 forces across the country according to the Prime Minister,  France is preparing for “act four” of the Yellow Vest movement’s violent protests against the Macron government.
  • In addition to the closure of the Eiffel Tower on Saturday, several Paris museums have announced that they won’t be open this weekend.


  • French Members of Parliment are set to launch a No Confidence vote against Emmanuel Macron as the President has become plagued by plummeting popularity poll numbers and nationwide unrest.
  • The vote will stem from left-wing opposition parties, such as the French Socialist Party, far-left Defiant France, and the Communist Party, who have all agreed to work together on the effort.
  • Under article 49 of the French constitution, a vote of no-confidence is a means for the National Assembly, on its own initiative, to force the government to resign.
  • Macron had faced similar votes in July after video surfaced of his personal bodyguard beating a May Day protester while wearing police gear. The president ultimately dogged the repercussions as the votes were defeated, solidifying his majority. 


Assange can leave embassy, says Ecuador’s president

  • The UK has pledged not to extradite the WikiLeaks founder to anywhere he might face the death penalty.
  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can leave Ecuador’s London embassy, where he’s been living since 2012, Ecuadorean President Lenín Moreno said Thursday.
  •   Moreno said he had received sufficient written guarantees from the British government that Assange would not be extradited to any country where he would face the death penalty,


Kiev’s martial law is cover for launching attacks against breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, Moscow warns

  • Moscow believes the Ukrainian government is set for a flare-up of hostilities against rebels in the east, using the newly-imposed martial law to cover up its preparations. Russia’s Foreign Ministry has called on international observers, monitoring the situation in Ukraine, to step up their efforts to prevent possible provocations. . The move to subsequently enforce martial law “aims to camouflage a new provocation in Donbass”,  the troops are being spread along the disengagement line in an apparent preparation for an offensive operation.Zakharova said a staged chemical weapons attack may be used as a pretext for intensifying the hostilities, citing reports from the rebel side claiming one was being prepared.




Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: b8622e No.4130062
Odds of a State Funeral on D5?
How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?
68–95–99.7 rule



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 44a34b No.4158232 

[Dec 4, 2018]
“NBC News: There appears, although the redacted documents do not make it completely clear, that there is a [[[+++separate criminal investigation going on outside of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s purview+++]]] for which Flynn has been providing significant assistance.”
Markers are important.
[Dec 4, 2017] > [Dec 4, 2018]
Think No Name.
Did Mueller have a choice in making the recommendation?
Who does Mueller ‘now’ report to?
Does WHITAKER also oversee HUBER + OIG?
What case(s) is HUBER + OIG + team of 470 currently working on?
Who has the server(s)?
Who has access to NSA UT Term1-12?
Does FISA grant access to NSA umbrella collection?
You are witnessing something [firsthand] that many cannot possibly comprehend or accept as reality [Sci-Fi or precision M_planning?]
Coincidences > > > reveal w/o violating NAT SEC
Coincidences > > > mathematically impossible to be ‘FALSE’
Coincidences > > > bypass ‘installed’ restrictions to prevent future legal attachments
Comms understood? 5:5?

1) Alright everyone. After taking a step back to look at the General Flynn sentencing memo, I have come to a conclusion and it is ASTONISHING. Buckle up, and let’s begin. Massive revelations into the Mueller Special Counsel.

2) Flynn was the centerpiece of the media fabricated Russia collusion narrative. The media conspiracy theorist claimed that Flynn was “guilty of Treason!” was the “back channel to Putin that helped Trump steal the election from Hillary!”

That narrative is now debunked.

3) The deep state and  the media took a massive L on this. Yet, they are turning around and trying to say “this means Flynn flipped on Trump! See collusion!”

This is complete false

4) Firstly, if Flynn was a massive player in a Trump Russia conspiracy to rig an election, there is no chance he would be let off with zero jail time. No matter what sort of testimony he gave, you’re not getting away with treason.

5) Secondly, and most importantly, it says it right in the memo, that Flynn gave significant evidence in regards to “several ongoing investigations” an unspecified criminal investigation and the investigation concerning Russian government and individuals associated with Trump.

6) Why is the criminal investigation redacted and the Russia probe into Trump is not? (THIS IS VERY SIGNIFICANT)

Mueller goes on to explain that the testimony Flynn gave was redacted “because the investigations in which he has provided assistance are ongoing”

7) Take a moment,  That’s an absolute bombshell. Mueller just revealed he is currently assisting in multiple ongoing investigations, one of which we know to be criminal, and is most likely being redacted because it could compromise the names of witnesses or defendants, Title 1 Grand Jury

8) AND the unspecified criminal investigation is SEPARATE FROM THE TRUMP RUSSIA PROBE.

Meaning, Flynn, known white hat and huge adversary of Clinton and Obama, just gave significant testimony to an unspecified ongoing criminal investigation separate from Trump/Russia probe.

9) Do you all know how massive this is? And just wait, it gets better.

If the mystery criminal investigation is ongoing therefore must be redacted, that would mean that the Trump/Russia intel would need to be redacted… unless its no longer an ongoing investigation…

10) Yes folks. I am insinuating that the Trump/Russia investigation is now over, and Mueller is still operating because he has been tasked with multiple other investigations. If the Trump/Russia investigation was still going the name of the investigation would be redacted as well

11)   This sentencing memo just proved that Mueller has been looking into BOTH SIDES. If Flynn was singing, and it wasn’t about Trump, who was it about?

12) Yesterday Trump said Mueller is “a much different man than people think”.

Trump has been cryptically signaling to us that Mueller’s role is different than the established narrative.   mueller has been going after Trump, but something has changed.

13)  Mueller is not a white hat, he was a blackhat but now he is a “Grey Hat”. Lets take it back to the origin of the Mueller investigation so we can fully understand how this genius maneuver was planned

14) May 16th, 2017: 7 days after the firing of FBI Director, James Comey, Trump has an interview with Bob Mueller for the position of FBI Director. However, Bob Mueller had already served more than his maximum term limit as FBI Director. He was legally ineligible for the position

15) May 17th, 2017: Bob Mueller is appointed by Rod Rosenstein (Trump’s appointee/subordinate) to the head of the SC.

Mueller met with Trump the day before he was appointed to SC. What did they really discus? Was a deal made? Does trump have leverage over Mueller? URANIUM 1,

16) I believe that Trump sat down with Mueller and gave him an option to work for Trump in exchange for a pardon from his crimes (Uranium One). Help us take out the deep state, while simultaneously exonerate Trump of the Russia BS and we will let you walk. Art of the Deal.

17) Remember that special prosecutor Trump told Hillary he was going to hire to look into her situation? I believe MUELLER to be that special prosecutor

18) It’s genius. Trump had to prosecute the Clintons, but he had to make sure the left and the media would accept the result of the investigation. How did he do it? Make the media and the left legitimize and trust the person who would be doing the prosecution.

19) Trump also had to make it look convincing. So minor players like Papadopolous got a slap on the wrist for process crimes unrelated to the Trump/Russian conspiracy theory. This is how Trump generated the MSM’s faith in Mueller.

20) Trump also used propaganda and a couple of tweets to make the liberal AND CONSERVATIVE media, think that Mueller was on a witch hunt against him.

The MSM just got done drooling over Mueller for a year, and praising him as the second coming. Exactly as planned.

21) Now when Mueller exonerates Trump and prosecutes the deep state actors, the media can’t say “Trump weaponized the intel agency to go after Hillary!”. When they just got done saying Mueller was after Trump for a year and a half. They are beyond screwed and they don’t know it.

22) The MSM can try to deny Mueller’s conclusions all they like, but they will have no credibility and they will have no choice but to comply.

The deep state has lost control, the patriots are in control.

FBI email chain may provide most damning evidence of FISA abuses yet

  • just before Thanksgiving, House Republicans amended the list of documents they’d like President Trump to declassify in the Russia investigation. With little fanfare or explanation, the lawmakers, led by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), added a string of emails between the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to their wish list.
  • Sources tell me the targeted documents may provide the most damning evidence to date of potential abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), evidence that has been kept from the majority of members of Congress for more than two years.
  • The email exchanges included then-FBI Director James Comey, key FBI investigators in the Russia probe and lawyers in the DOJ’s national security division, and they occurred in early to mid-October, before the FBI successfully secured a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.
  • The email exchanges show the FBI was aware — before it secured the now-infamous warrant — that there were intelligence community concerns about the reliability of the main evidence used to support it: the Christopher Steele dossier.
  • The exchanges also indicate FBI officials were aware that Steele, the former MI6 British intelligence operative then working as a confidential human source for the bureau, had contacts with news media reporters before the FISA warrant was secured.
  • The FBI fired Steele on Nov. 1, 2016 — two weeks after securing the warrant — on the grounds that he had unauthorized contacts with the news media.
  • But the FBI withheld from the American public and Congress, until months later, that Steele had been paid to find his dirt on Trump by a firm doing political opposition research for the Democratic Party and for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and that Steele himself harbored hatred for Trump.
  • If the FBI knew of his media contacts and the concerns about the reliability of his dossier before seeking the warrant, it would constitute a serious breach of FISA regulations and the trust that the FISA court places in the FBI.
  • That’s because the FBI has an obligation to certify to the court before it approves FISA warrants that its evidence is verified, and to alert the judges to any flaws in its evidence or information that suggest the target might be innocent.
  • Sources tell me the email chain provides the most direct evidence that the bureau, and possibly the DOJ, had reasons to doubt the Steele dossier before the FISA warrant was secured.
  • Sources say the specifics of the email chain remain classified, but its general sentiments about the Steele dossier and the media contacts have been discussed in nonclassified settings.
  • “If these documents are released, the American public will have clear and convincing evidence to see the FISA warrant that escalated the Russia probe just before Election Day was flawed and the judges [were] misled,” one knowledgeable source told me.

It’s all just a CONSPIRACY.
Nothing To See Here.
Nothing is happening.

Obama-era FBI leadership team hollowed out, after latest retirement

  • Another top FBI official who helped oversee the Trump-Russia and Clinton email investigations is retiring, as the last traces of the bureau’s embattled leadership team that once stood under Barack Obama’s presidency disappear.
  • The official, Bill Priestap, will retire from his post as assistant director of the FBI’s counterintelligence division by the end of the year.
  • “Assistant Director Bill Priestap became eligible to retire and has chosen to do so after 20 years of service,
  • Priestap, who participated in the bureau’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server and the FBI’s initial probe into Russian meddling and potential collusion with Trump campaign associates during the 2016 presidential election, has testified before Congress on multiple occasions regarding the bureau’s handling of both investigations.
  • Here’s a look at other top FBI officials who have since left the bureau, or been removed:
  • Former FBI Director James Come
  • Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe
  • Peter Strzok and Lisa Page
  • James Baker
  • James Rybicki
  • Michael Kortan
  • Josh Campbell, James Turgal, Greg Bower, Michael Steinbach, John Giacalone


What happens when they lose control and the TRUTH is exposed?