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Patriots Over The Target, Incoming, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom
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The job numbers are out and they have been revised to make them look a lot better than they really are, this is part of the plan, Trump is using the manipulation against the [DS] and MSM. Manufacturing jobs have surged, Trump is preparing the country for the transition. The US debt is increasing at a rapid pace and countries around the world are dumping treasuries. So is buying the treasuries, retirement investments, hedge fund and banks.  The central banks are purchasing gold, it’s like they know something and they don’t want to share it.  More MSM outlets are laying of people. Booker is now running for President.More leaks and it shows Comey lied, he testimony does not fit Preistabs account of what happened. Donald Trump Jr phone call to his father while in Trump Tower turns out to be false, Schiff falls flat on his face. Pelosi playing with words when talking about the border wall. Did Trump just expose the neocons, MSM and others when he made that call to the opposition leader in Venezuela. Trump tweets about ending the wars the DS started. Q is back and he posted two new posts. It seems the patriots are ready to fire back, target locked on, incoming, wait for it, here comes the booms.

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Current News – 02.01.2019

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  • It’s official: January marked the record 100th consecutive month of consecutive job growth, and it did so in style, with the US adding a whopping 304K jobs last month, nearly double the 165K expected, however much of this appears to have come at the expense of a revised December number which was revised lower from 312K to 222K.

  • The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for November was revised up from +176,000 to +196,000, and as noted above, the change for December was revised down from +312,000 to +222,000. With these revisions, employment gains in November and December combined were 70,000 less than previously reported. A
  • The unemployment rate rose again, printing at 4.0%, up from 3.9% last month, and above the 3.9% expected.

More notably, the labor force participation rate rose again, hitting 63.2%, the highest level since March 2014 as more people jump back into the labor force.

As the BLS notes, the number of persons employed part time for economic reasons (sometimes referred to as involuntary part-time workers) increased by about one-half million to 5.1 million in January.

  • Employment in federal government was essentially unchanged in January (+1,000). Federal employees on furlough during the partial government shutdown were counted as employed in the establishment survey because they worked or received pay (or will receive pay) for the pay period that included the 12th of the month.


Who Bought the Gigantic $1.5 Trillion of New US Government Debt Issued over the Past 12 Months?

  • China, Japan, other foreign entities dumped US Treasuries. But someone had to buy. Here’s who.
  • Under the impact of a stupendous spending binge peppered with juicy tax cuts, the Treasury Department has had to issue a flood of Treasury securities to fund the cash outflow. So, over the past 12 months, the US gross national debt has ballooned by $1.5 trillion to $22 trillion as of January 30, according to Treasury Department data. And these are the good times when the economy is hopping.
  •   who the heck is buying all this debt?

  •  So, who bought this pile of debt that got issued in 12 months? China, Japan, other foreign investors? Nope.
  • All foreign investors combined slashed their holdings of marketable Treasury securities in November by $105 billion from November a year earlier, to $6.2 trillion, according to the Treasury Department’s TIC data released today.
  •  private-sector investors (foreign hedge funds, banks, individuals, etc.) increased their holdings by $52 billion, to $2.3 trillion.
  • The two largest foreign creditors of the US — China and Japan — have both been unloading their Treasury securities:
  • China’s holdings fell by $55 billion from a year earlier to $1.12 trillion.
  • Japan’s holdings fell by $47 billion from a year earlier to $1.04 trillion, having now reduced its stash by 16% since the peak at the end of 2014 ($1.24 trillion).

  • Over the 12-month period through November 30, this debt rose by $1.26 trillion, to $21.9 trillion. These are the entities who were net buyers or net sellers:
  • Foreign holders (official and private-sector), net seller, shed $105 billion — to $6.2 trillion, or to 28.4% of total US debt.
  • Federal Reserve, net seller, shed $204 billion — to $2.25 trillion through November 30, or to 10.3% of the total US national debt.
  • US government entities (pension funds, Social Security, etc.), net buyers, increased holdings by $20 billion — to 5.87 trillion, or 26.9% of the total US national debt. This “debt held internally” is owed the beneficiaries of those funds.
  • And who holds the Rest? The only entities left:
  • American banks (very large holders), hedge funds, pension funds, mutual funds, and other institutions along with individual investors in their brokerage accounts or at their accounts with the US Treasury were huge net buyers, while nearly everyone else was selling, increasing their holdings by $1.36 trillion over the 12-month period. These American entities combined owned the remainder of the US gross national debt, $7.5 trillion, or 34.4% of the total!


  • Gold is poised to close out January with a fourth straight monthly gain


  • However, there is one group of global ‘investors’ who are waving in those bullion trucks with both hands and feet – The world’s central banks…
  • Central banks bought last year the most gold in 47 years, with 651.5 tonnes (74% higher YoY). This is the highest level of annual net purchases since the suspension of dollar convertibility into gold in 1971…

  •  2018 gold buying spree by central banks isn’t just the biggest in 47 years, but also the second highest annual total on record (only surpassed by 1967, when central bank gold reserves increased by 1,404 tonnes).

More central banks look to gold.

Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey again accounted for a large portion of demand in 2018.

Notably, European central banks also bought gold last year. Hungary made one of the largest purchases, increasing its gold reserves ten-fold in October,

Indian net purchases were another notable component of central bank demand in 2018.

Mongolia announced that it had bought 22t of gold in 2018, i

In September, the Central Bank of Iraq stated that it had taken advantage of lower gold prices to buy 6.5t. This was the first annual increase since 2014 a

  • So, what do the central banks know , why are they keeping this a secret.



  • Following mass layoffs at Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post, Gannett and Verizon Media Group last week, Vice Media has become the latest trendy new media darling to announce deep cuts to staffing levels.
  • The Hollywood Reporter reported Friday morning that the cuts will impact around 250 people, and are part of new CEO Nancy Dubuc’s “strategic plan” to cut back on spending and “achieve profitability.” The cuts, which will be distributed across “all departments at every level”, will total roughly 10% of the company’s workforce.


  • Update: In its first press release, the newly formed Booker campaign has released a list of top members of its team.
  • And predictably, Booker has said that “economic justice” is going to be the focus for his campaign.



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 98088e No.3093784 
Sexual misconduct is the ‘public shelter’ to accept resignation.
Watch those announcing 2020 P running.
“You cannot attack a political opponent”
None are protected.
None are safe.

Another Leaked Transcript: Bill Priestap “Closed” Testimony Conflicts With James Comey “Open” Testimony….

  • Another unsourced leak of a congressional hearing transcript to The Epoch Times highlights the testimony of former FBI Director of Counterintelligence, Bill Priestap.
  • The question surrounds why congressional leadership, including the Gang-of-Eight, were not briefed about the opening of a counterintelligence operation into a presidential campaign.  The investigation began on July 31st, 2016. Congress was not notified until early March 2017.

Rep. Jordan: I guess what I’m asking, Mr. Priestap, is who made the decision not to brief Congress in this particular instance?

Mr. Priestap: Mr. Comey.

  • This answer seems to be directly contradicting the March 20, 2017, testimony of FBI Director James Comey. Watch that first 3:00 minutes, ending with: ”because of the sensitivity of the matter.”


  • So in open testimony Comey said congress was not notified upon the advice of the Director of Counterintelligence, Bill Priestap.  However, in closed testimony Bill Priestap says congress was not notified because of a decision by FBI Director James Comey.


Fake News Implodes – A Year of Don Trump Jr. Phone Contact Speculation Ends With Irrelevant Nothingburger…

  • The sound of sad trombones echos through the halls of media networks today as a year of speculation, surrounding contacts between Don Trump Jr. and ‘blocked phone records’ before and after the oft-emphasized Trump Tower meeting, ends with congress identifying two long-time Trump friends and a major nothing-burger.
  • Three phone calls by Donald Trump Jr. to blocked numbers in June 2016 fueled rampant media speculation that DJT-Jr. was coordinating with his father, Candidate Trump, over the substance of the Trump Tower meeting, before and after it took place.
  • SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner and HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff both sold a suspicion narrative that candidate Donald Trump and Trump-Jr. were organizing, coordinating and colluding with “Russians”.   Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his primary investigative asset Andrew Weissmann fueled the Russian Conspiracy speculation with targeted leaks to allies in the media.  However, the truth comes out;

VIA ABC NEWS – Investigators on the Senate Intelligence Committee have learned the identities of three blocked phone calls with Donald Trump Jr just before and after the now-infamous Trump Tower meeting on June 9, 2016, t .

The calls to blocked numbers, which came on June 6, and after the meeting on June 9, were between Trump Jr.’s cell phone and two family friends — NASCAR CEO Brian France and real estate developer Howard Lorber,


Trump says Rosenstein assured him he is not a Mueller target

  • President Trump on Thursday dismissed special counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation into his former associates and his presidential campaign in a New York Times interview in which the president said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told him the probe does not view him as a target.
  • “He told the attorneys that I’m not a subject, I’m not a target,” Trump said.
  • “Rod told me I’m not a target of the investigation,” the president added, while suggesting he had not spoken with Rosenstein directly. “The lawyers ask him. They say, ‘He’s not a target of the investigation.’ ”


Faith in Washington at record low, just three in 10 say it can ‘handle’ problems

  • Americans have pretty much given up on trusting Washington to handle big problems, according to a new survey.
  • For different reasons, just 35 percent trust the government to handle domestic problems and 41 percent international issues, said Gallup.
  • “Americans’ trust in the federal government’s ability to handle both domestic and international problems has sunk to the lowest points in more than two decades. Thirty-five percent of Americans have ‘a great deal’ or ‘a fair amount’ of trust and confidence in the U.S. government’s ability to deal with domestic issues, down from 45 percent four months ago. Over the same period, the reading for handling international issues has dropped nine percentage points, to 41 percent,” said Gallup
  • Those are “record lows” on issues Gallup has been following for two decades, said the polling outfit.
  • rk6gixlrnkgu5m8z68wn8a.png


Nancy Pelosi: Replacing “Normandy Barriers” with “Normandy Fencing” is OK – Not a Wall…

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi starts shifting the semantic granules to avoid a political loss.  The financing for, and construction of, a see-through fencing system (Trump’s position) is the request of DHS and Border Patrol, and supported by the vast majority of Americans.
  •  Speaker Pelosi starts by claiming no wall will ever be permitted, then garbles her way through a pretzel response by saying “Normandy Barriers” being replaced by “Normandy See-Through Fencing”, is ok.  She’s trying to avoid a political loss. Watch:



Rep Eric Swalwell tweeted out something very interesting,

What does this tell us, they are pushing gun control once again and to get movement they will need  an event, so I would expect to see a shooting at another school, or any other place, the MSM will play this up big time to get these narrative moving, the same people will be out on the front line pushing gun control. Get ready for another false flag. 

Remember on Feb 14 there was a school shooting in Parkland Florida.

Geopolitical/Police State

The other day the MSM was pushing the narrative that the intelligence  community was not in sync with Trump. We need to remember when Trump first came into office he was instructed not to deal with the intelligence community, they were controlled by the DS, the old guard Brennan, clapper and the rest are still trying to push their agenda. But I do believe Trump and the patriots are taking control of these agencies, and Trump is confirming this. Does this mean that there aren’t rogue players, no and this is why Trump and Patriots are still using Military intelligence for the plan

Venezuela to sell gold reserves to UAE without Russia’s help – report

  • Caracas plans to sell 29 tons of gold to the United Arab Emirates in return for euro in cash, Reuters cites a senior government official as saying. The money is needed to provide liquidity for imports of basic goods.
  • According to the official, the sale of the nation’s gold began with the shipment of 3 tons on January 26, following the export last year of $900 million in unrefined gold to Turkey.
  • The source denied Moscow’s involvement in the operation after rumors circulated this week that mysterious Russian-operated airplanes arrived in the country and planned to leave with Venezuelan gold on board. That is incorrect, according to the official.
  • Caracas reportedly needs cash for imports of basic products that it sells to the population at subsidized prices. A possible explanation for the payment for the gold in euros is US sanctions, which restrict Venezuela’s use of the dollar.
  • V


Venezuela – Coup Attempt Part Of A Larger Project – Military Intervention Likely To Fail

Mr. Guaidó also took part in protests on Wednesday at the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas, where he was swarmed by international reporters. Wearing a white lab coat, he linked arms with medical students and marched with them up a roadway, before speeding off on the back of a motorbike.

The demonstration was one of a handful in the city on Wednesday, though on a smaller scale than some recent demonstrations. Some workers walked out of their jobs for hours in protest against Mr. Maduro and his government, gathering on corners through the capital.

  • Videos from Venezuela showed a crowd of some hundred people in the better off quarters of Caracas. Meanwhile pictures of several pro-Maduro demonstrations in various cities showed much larger crowds. New demonstrations will be held on Saturday and are likely to show similar results.
  • The Washington Post claims that anti-government protests took place in two of the more destitute areas of Caracas. But the report contradicts itself. It starts:

As the opposition campaign to oust President Nicolás Maduro dramatically escalated, the warren-like streets of the Puerta Caracas slum filled with pot-banging, anti-government demonstrators. A culture center run by Maduro loyalists was burned down. Hungry, beaten-down residents felt a rush of hope.

Then night fell, along with the boot steps of government forces.

Maduro called the arsonists “fascist criminals,” and residents in the western Caracas enclave paid the price. Mask-wearing special forces, locals said, swarmed the neighborhood last week, kicking in doors, rounding up young people and imposing an effective curfew.

  • Twenty propaganda filled paragraphs later we learn that the described arson of a culture center took place before the coup attempt happened and likely has nothing to do with it:

The uprisings began the night of Jan. 22, with residents of Puerta Caracas banging pots and lighting dumpsters on fire. Around midnight, neighbors say, a group of hooded boys threw molotov cocktails at the culture center.

Early Wednesday, family members said, Abel Pernia, 19, was heading to a doctor’s appointment when armed intelligence police officers grabbed him, shoved him against a wall and handcuffed him.

… [more] protests erupted in Petare last Wednesday and continued until dawn. A group set fire to barricades, threw stones and attacked an outpost of the National Guard. Security forces repelled them with tear gas as residents chanted “we don’t want food boxes! What we want is for Nicolas to leave!”

Neighbors said that criminal gangs were among the crowd and created havoc by violently confronting the police. The response was immediate.

  • The coup attempt which was launched on January 23. The arson incident took place on January 22. The following day the police came and arrested people involved in it. More gang riots followed.
  • The whole story has nothing to with the coup attempt or with general protests against Maduro. It is about gang crime in some slum quarters. Gang fighting has long been a problem in Caracas. A special police force, the FAES, was set up in 2017 to get it under control.
  • That the Washington Post has to use an unrelated incident to proclaim that the poor people support the coup attempt shows how little real evidence it has to support that propaganda claim. 


Awkward: Max Blumenthal confronts lawmakers on what America’s doing in Venezuela – ‘Are we meddling?’

  •  .Many members of the US Congress are greatly concerned by supposed ‘Russian meddling’ in American affairs. But what do they think about Washington openly getting behind the opposition in Venezuela?
    The politicians were visibly caught off guard by pretty simple and straightforward questions. Several lawmakers couldn’t provide a definitive answer to whether the US public support for opposition leader Juan Guaido could be considered ‘meddling’ in a foreign nation’s affairs.“Haven’t thought about that,” a baffled lawmaker was heard saying when asked how he would react if Russia recognized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as president of the US.Washington did something similar to that last week, when President Donald Trump recognized the speaker of Venezuela’s opposition-controlled parliament, Guaido, as the legitimate leader of the country.


I believe the push in Venezuela is a plan within a plan, The DS started the push for regime change years ago, with sanctions, they were pushing to invade, Trump has given them what they want, he came out recognized the oppostition, the MSM, neocons went crazy

What is the purpose,
What better way to see who is neoncon, who is for regime change
The DS is against Russian meddling but it is ok to meddle in other countries

This will be interesting,

What happens if this movement goes no where and the people do not answer the call, will Trump then speak to Maduro and restablish relations, if the people do answer the call then it is the people that have decided.


  • The United States is suspending its participation in a key arms control agreement with Russia, and will leave the pact completely in six months, the Trump administration announced Friday.
  • The decision to abandon the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty has raised concerns about a renewed arms race with Moscow. But it’s not a surprise: The Trump administration has been signaling for months that it will walk away from the treaty, alleging that Russia has not met its obligations under the agreement for years.



I inherited a total mess in Syria and Afghanistan, the “Endless Wars” of unlimited spending and death. During my campaign I said, very strongly, that these wars must finally end. We spend $50 Billion a year in Afghanistan and have hit them so hard that we are now talking peace…

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 1, 2019


….after 18 long years. Syria was loaded with ISIS until I came along. We will soon have destroyed 100% of the Caliphate, but will be watching them closely. It is now time to start coming home and, after many years, spending our money wisely. Certain people must get smart!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 1, 2019


General Flynn Changed his background, we have come out of the darkness and now we see the light, it is getting brighter and brighter



Last post before going dark?
Re: [PP]?
What events followed that post?
Anons understand.
. Fake news smears of Covington Catholic teens 19 Jan.
Dems know Roe v Wade in jeopardy w/more conservative SCOTUS esp w/RBG future in question.
NY signed abortion law allowing full-term abortions.
VA & others doing the same.
We saw the march for life
That same day, the 5th District Court of appeals paved the way for Texas to strip Planned Parenthood of Medicaid Funds.

Trump To Give Pro-Life Message During SOTU Address In Response To Radical Abortion Laws

  • The American pro-life position will get primetime treatment during President Trump’s State of the Union address next Tuesday in response to the radical abortion laws being pushed in Democrat-controlled states like New York and Virginia.


Fighter Jets2675



A pair of U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles fly over northern Iraq after conducting airstrikes against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant targets targets in Syria, Sept. 23, 2014. DOD photo.

This photo was used in other news stories. Look at headlines

Does this mean the patriots are about to strike at the DS
They are over the target