Putin Out Maneuvers Obama On Syria Crisis And Forces Obama To Talk – Episode 769

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Putin Forces Obama To Talk To Him About Syria
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UK, Asia and the US markets all are down on the announcement of the FED. Bank of England pushes negative interest rates and a ban on cash. Qualcomm is laying of 1300 employees. The devaluation in the yuan will mean fewer purchases in real estate. Martin Armstrong the FED just made the same mistake they did in 1927. The FED is now losing its credibility. Duestche bank is now leaving Russia while its under criminal investigation. Nigeria tells its people not worry as cash dries up. Obama wants 8 million immigrants to become citizens to boost Obamacare. Japan is no longer a pacifist nation, they can wage war. Kiev is continually manipulating the Minsk II ceasefire agreement to fit their agenda. Russia pushing for an investigation into chemical weapon use in Iraq and Syria. Austria pushes for a safe zone in Syria, which will break Syria up. Russia is setting up its own areas under the control of the Syrian government. UK pushing the propaganda of 3000 citizens becoming radicalized so they can spy on their own people.

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Current News – 09.18.2015


UK Stocks Flash-Crash As BP, Banks Plunge; LSE Investigating
logo3Dow Dumps 450 Points From Post-Fed Euphoria Highs, Time To Unleash The Bullard – Following The Fed’s admission that all-is-not-well – despite every talking head proclaiming liftoff imminent – the implicit lower-for-longer dovishness of The Fed has not been embraced by the “market.” It appears a tipping point in Fed credibility may have been reached..



Source: zerohedge.com

Bank Of England Economist Calls For Cash Ban, Urges Negative Rates 

  •  Bank of England chief economist Andy Haldane appears to have fully transitioned to the dark side, he made the case for the “radical” option of supporting the economy with negative interest rates, and even suggested that cash will need to be abolished.

Source: zerohedge.com

Qualcomm – 1,314 in San Diego

  • Chinese have been snapping up U.S. real estate of all kinds, looking for a safer place to put their money than their own slowing economy. Investors from China are now second only to Canadians in the number of U.S. homes they buy. The government’s decision last month to downgrade the country’s currency added to their urgency, since a weaker yuan makes buying real estate in dollars more expensive.

Source: cnsnews.com

Sovereign Debts: How Defaults May Unfold

  • In the Middle East, the banks are trying to convince the Gulf States to begin issuing debt even if there is no need to borrow, simply so they have a market to trade.

Source: armstrongeconomics.com

Peter Schiff: “Once Again Fed’s Bark Fails To Live Up To Its Bite”

  •  the Fed’s Open Market Committee painted a picture of a stable and growing economy that was just about ready for a tightening cycle to begin. Its decision to hold off for now was positioned as a temporary concession to largely overseas developments. But the Fed, and the rest of the economic establishment for that matter, continues to ignore the steady torrent of negative data that reveals a slowing economy. Based on the manufacturing, business investment, productivity, and consumer confidence numbers, the Fed could be preparing a fresh round of stimulus,

Source: zerohedge.com

Martin Armstrong Warns: The Fed Just Made The Same Mistake As It Did In 1927

  • Back then, there was a secret meeting and the Fed agreed to lower US rates to try to help  Europe and thereby deflect capital inflows back to Europe.
  • The exact opposite unfolded in the aftermath and even more money abandoned Europe and flowed directly into the US share market.
  • In 1927, the Fed lowered US rates to try to help Europe which was then in the middle of an economic debt crisis the same as today.
  • It is very curious how history repeats . In doing so, they are condemning US pension funds as well as the elderly to financial doom setting in motion the next financial crisis.
  • Source: zerohedge.com

Why The Fed’s Credibility Is Crashing: The Market’s Three Biggest Worries

  •  the Fed itself realizes its credibility is fading fast and as RBS also showed as per a recent survey of its clients, a whopping 63% replied that the Fed is losing credibility. In other words, it has little to lose by doing what will erode its credibility that much more.
  • RBS notes in its follow up note today, “the price action in market today is negative, suggesting increasing worries.”
  • According to Alberto Gallo, the biggest worries are the following:
  • The first is that by keeping rates lower for even longer, the EM imbalances the Fed is worrying about will grow even larger, making it harder to exit stimulus
    The second is a question on the value of forward guidance, after the Fed has repeatedly called for a hike and then backed out
    The third is that the Fed may have limited, or no ammunition to react to the next potential shock, and that financial booms and busts may grow even larger over time

Source: zerohedge.com

Deutsche Bank scales back in Russia after US criminal probe

  • Germany’s Deutsche Bank has announced it will shut down part of its business in Russia. The Moscow corporate banking and securities business will close and move to other international hubs.
  • Around 200 jobs are expected to be cut from the current 1,300 employees in Russia.
  • According to the bank the measures are “part of an ongoing review of its global footprint” aimed “to reduce complexity, costs, risks, and capital consumption.”
  •  Deutsche Bank has been under pressure from US and EU authorities, who are investigating share trades made from its Moscow office.
  • US regulator examines Deutsche Bank over alleged money laundering in Russia –
  • The bank said it had suspended a number of employees working in its Moscow equities trading operation earlier this year, pending the results of an internal review.

Source: rt.com

Nigeria Central Bank Urges “Don’t Panic” As Banks Halt Lending To Each Other

  • When the head of the central bank utters the two words “don’t panic” you know the economy, currency, and financial system is in troubleand that’s just what Nigerian central bank Governor  . Following government intervention to sweep cash from local to central accounts, banks have paniced.

Source: zerohedge.com



  • The Obama administration is launching a new, multilingual campaign to encourage eligible immigrants to become U.S. citizens.
  • “If you’re eligible, commit to becoming a citizen today,” he adds. “
  • According to the White House, there are 13.3 million legal permanent residents in the United States, 8.8 million of whom are eligible to apply for citizenship.

Source: breitbart.com


End of Japan’s pacifism? Parliament approves war bills allowing troops to fight abroad

  • The upper house of Japan’s parliament has approved legislation giving more power to the armed forces. This includes permitting the military to fight overseas – something banned for 70 years since WWII

Source: rt.com

Kiev imitating implementation of political part of Minsk accords — Russia’s envoy to OSCE

  • “Over the last week, different sources hinted that the Minsk agreements are allegedly impossible to fulfill, that the implementation cannot be approached formally,”

Source: tass.ru

Russia accuses Ukraine of further distorting Minsk ceasefire agreements

  • Ukraine’s leadership continues to distort ceasefire agreements reached in Minsk,
  • A key element of reform is decentralisation of government, recognising the wish for independence in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and adopting permanent legislation establishing special status and self-rule in certain Donbas areas.

Source: tass.ru

OSCE extends its mission’s mandate at Russia-Ukraine border for another three months

  • The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) decided to extend the mandate of the monitoring mission at the Russian-Ukrainian border until January 31, 2016,

Source: tass.ru

‘Poroshenko is building a dictatorship!’ Ukraine’s Radical Party leader calls for impeachment

  • The leader of Ukraine’s far-right Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko, has demanded President Poroshenko be impeached for his “crimes” and attempts to build a “dictatorship.
  • “Poroshenko is building a dictatorship! Poroshenko is trying to establish authoritarian power by means of intimidations and bribery,  “I am warning Poroshenko, these are criminal activities which amount to the [need for the] procedure of impeachment and resignation.”

Source: rt.com

Russia Prepares UN Mandate on Iraq to Investigate Chemical Attacks

  • The UN Security Council and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons can no longer ignore the issue of Iraqi transborder terrorist activity utilizing chemical weapons, a Russian Foreign Ministry official said.
  • Moscow has prepared a UN Security Council resolution in regard to expanding the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on Iraq to investigate chemical attacks in the country, .

Source: sputniknews.com

The US tried to send weapons to Syrian rebels through companies in Belarus and Bulgaria — and it ended in disaster

  • Washington authorized a small Delaware-based arms contractor to purchase weapons from “Europe’s last dictatorship” to arm US-trained rebels in the fight against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and it ended in disaster.
  • An investigation by Buzzfeed’s Aram Roston reveals that Purple Shovel LLC — founded in 2010 by former counterintelligence officer Benjamin Worrell — was payed $50 million by the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) in December to provide the US-trained New Syrian Force with foreign weapons and ammunition.
  • These weapons included 700 Russian-designed Konkurs missiles, which are only readily available in Belarus — a country ruled by dictator Alexander Lukashenko with multiple human rights violations that is generally off limits to arms dealers.
  • There is evidence that the US provided weapons to the rebels via another controversial channel — Libyan government arsenals.

Source: businessinsider.com

US-led anti-Daesh coalition flawed: Lavrov

  • Russia’s foreign minister has slammed the US-led international coalition allegedly fighting against Daesh for rejecting cooperation with Damascus, saying there is “no reason” for the refusal.

Source: veteranstoday.com

West Signals U-Turn Over Syria, Seeks Dialogue With Russia

Source: sputniknews.com

Obama Folds Again, To Begin Syria Military Talks With Russia “Very Shortly”,On To Plan B,E 

  • Ever since Russia began stepping up its technical and logistical support for Bashar al-Assad’s forces at Latakia, Washington has insisted that Moscow’s intentions “aren’t yet clear.”
  • Essentially, that’s the excuse the US is giving for why it won’t join Russia in what would ultimately amount to an all-out push to rout ISIS in Syria.
  • The problem with that excuse, is that it creates a problem in terms of how the public perceives the situation. That is, the more explicit the Kremlin became about its aims in Syria, the harder it became for The White House to explain why the US isn’t on board.
  • The West has gone to great lengths to create a bogeyman par excellence in ISIS and it has, from the public’s perspective anyway, largely succeeded. However, Russia’s presence in Syria now means that the US will no longer be able to sit back and wait for ISIS  to overrun Assad. Russian military intervention has effectively taken that eventuality off the table, putting Washington in the extremely awkward position of having to either i) explain to the public that in fact Assad and Russia are the greater threats and therefore it’s in the US’s geopolitical interests to see if ISIS can finish the job even with the Russians on the ground, or ii) cave and admit privately that unless the US intends to go to war with Russia, Assad, and ISIS all at once, achieving the original goal (i.e. routing ISIS once ISIS routs Assad) is no longer possible, and say publicly that the US is willing to partner with Russia to defeat ISIS and the two nations will then negotiate for the future of the Assad regime.
  •  the first option is obviously a no-go because it blows the entire charade wide open.

Source: zerohedge.com

Austrian FM Urges to Create Safe Zones in Syria to Reduce Refugee Influx

  • Kurz said a joint international effort was vital to assure Syrians that they no longer needed to seek refuge in Europe.
  • “In order to protect civilians on the ground, the establishment of safe zones in Syria is required, in particular by means of an appropriate UN mandate,

Source: sputniknews.com

Russia constructs first foreign camp in Syria for internal refugees

  • The first tent camp for internal refugees, constructed by Russian engineers, has been opened in western Syria, in a location safe from the raging civil war. Over the last four years more than 50 percent of the Syrian population has been displaced.
  • The camp site is situated on a racetrack, practically in the downtown of the city of Hama (Hamah), some 40km from the nearest warzone.

Source: rt.com

US must identify IS, not Assad, as the main enemy in Syria

  • The Obama administration’s acceptance of Russia’s invitation for military talks on Syria is welcome, though it also adds a new layer of confusion to Washington’s handling of the Syrian crisis.

Russia ready to consider Syria’s request to send troops if Damascus asks for it — Kremlin

  • Russia will consider Syria’s request to send troops if Damascus asks for it,

Source: tass.ru

False Flags

3,000 domestic extremists plotting to attack Britain – MI5 chief

  • MI5 and counter-terror officers are screening more than 3,000 domestic Islamic extremists willing to conduct attacks in the UK as the government prepares to introduce sweeping new snooping powers.
  • British men and women, some of whom are in their teens, are being radicalized in a matter of weeks,

Source: rt.com