Spanish Government Begins Process To Suspend Catalan Autonomy – 10.11.17


  • In a much anticipated televized briefing, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy formally demanded the Catalan leader clarify whether independence has been declared, saying that is needed before he can decide what steps to take. The Spanish leader announced that the central government has moved to take the first step towards suspending home rule in Catalonia on Wednesday morning.
  •   “Cabinet has agreed to notify the Catalan government [so that it may] confirm if it has declared independence”, he said.
  • And while Rajoy said that he will send a letter to the leader of Catalonia’s regional government, informing him, essentially, that the referendum was illegal, and that they are considered to have broken the law and should desist, he did not go so far as the trigger Article 155 yetAlso in his statement, Rajoy did not set a deadline for the reply.

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