Stage Is Set, [DS] Ammo Depleted, Wait For It, Trump Card – Episode 1806

Stage Is Set, [DS] Ammo Depleted, Wait For It, Trump Card
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The [CB] economy continues to deteriorate, the statistical numbers look great, Trump is using the [CB][DS] weapon against them.  The entire [CB] is collapsing at a record pace, it has been for a long time, Trump and the Patriots are working quickly to get everything ready for the transition into the new economy. The 100 dollar bill was created by the Patriots, one side is the Federal Reserve Note and the Other Is The US treasury and it is printed in gold. Trump will sign an EO to force colleges to allow free speech. The [DS] are now moving from Russian Collusion to attacking Trump personally. The [DS] will use the media to help get the public on board. Trump tweets about NK, he never discussed war game or drills, he stopped this a long time ago. Q drops more bread, the stage is now set, the [DS] is using all its ammunition and this was on purpose. The Trump card is about to be played. Whitaker is leaving the DOJ. The indictments are ready to be unsealed, arrest are next. The countdown continues.

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Current News – 03.04.2019

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  • U.S. construction spending posted the smallest annual increase since 2011 as homebuilding slowed amid higher borrowing costs and a glut of apartments in some areas.



For December, spending declined 0.6% from the prior month, missing forecasts for a 0.1% gain.



18 Huge Numbers Show That The US Economy Is Starting To Fall Apart Very Rapidly

  • Virtually every piece of hard economic data is telling us that the [CB]   economy is slowing down dramatically.
  • #1 Farm loan delinquencies just hit the highest level that we have seen in 9 years.
  • #2 We just learned that U.S. exports declined by 4 billion dollars during the month of December.
  • #3 J.C. Penney just announced that they will be closing another 24 stores.
  • #4 Victoria’s Secret has just announced plans to close 53 stores.
  • #5 On Thursday, Gap announced that it will be closing 230 stores over the next two years.
  • #6 Payless ShoeSource has declared bankruptcy and is closing all 2,100 stores.
  • #7 Tesla is also closing all of their physical sales locations and will now only sell vehicles online.
  • #8 PepsiCo has started laying off workers and has committed to “millions of dollars in severance pay”.
  • #10 This is the worst slump for core U.S. factory orders in three years.
  • #11 We just witnessed the largest decline in the Philly Fed Business Index in more than 7 years.
  • #12 In January, sales of existing homes fell 8.9 percent from a year earlier.  That was the third month in a row that we have seen a decline of at least 8 percent.  This is an absolutely catastrophic trend for the real estate industry.
  • #13 U.S. housing starts were down 11.2 percent in December compared to the previous month.
  • #14 Compared to a year earlier, home sales in southern California were down 17 percent in January.
  • #15 In December, home sales in Sacramento County fell a whopping 22.5 percent compared to a year earlier.
  • #16 Pending home sales in the United States have now fallen on a year over year basis for 13 months in a row.
  • #17 More than 166 billion dollars in student loan debt is now “seriously delinquent”.  That is an all-time record.
  • #18 More than 7 million Americans are behind on their auto loan payments.  That is also a new all-time record, and it is far higher than anything that we witnessed during the last recession.



$100 Bills See Mysterious Surge In Circulation

  • There has been pressure to get rid of high denomination notes to curb international crime. Lawrence Summers, former Treasury secretary and director of the National Economic Council in the White House, has argued for abolishing $100 bills. Summers wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post in 2016 titled, “It’s time to kill the $100 bill.”

“A moratorium on printing new high denomination notes would make the world a better place,” Summers said, citing its potential for crime.

“Here is a step that will represent a global contribution with only the tiniest impact on legitimate commerce or on government budgets. It may not be a free lunch, but it is a very cheap lunch.”


  • the amount of $100 bills in circulation is surging. And it’s leaving some economists scratching their heads.
  • The number of outstanding U.S. $100 bills has doubled since the financial crisis, with more than 12 billion of them across the world, according to the latest data from the Federal Reserve. C-notes have passed $1 bills in circulation,
  • Generally, economists believe the surge is related to people around the world wanting to hoard cash, a similar force that’s driven the interest in cryptocurrencies. High denomination, high value currency notes have historically been a preferred form of payment for criminals, given the anonymity, lack of transaction record and relative ease with which they can be brought across borders.



HUGE! Trump Announces He Will Sign Executive Order Requiring Universities to Support Free Speech if They Want Federal Money (VIDEO)

  • AT CPAC trumped said the following
  • “Today I am proud to announce that I will be very soon signing an executive order requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want federal research dollars.”
  • The CPAC crowd went wild and gave President Trump a standing ovation for standing up for the First Amendment.
  •  Take a listen to what he said


  • The House Judiciary Committee fired off 81 document requests in their sweeping investigation of President Trump and his inner circle.
  • Letter recipients include; WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, the NRA, Michael Flynn and Flynn Jr., Michael Cohen, Steve Bannon, George Papadopoulos, the Trump sons, and Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg.

The document requests sent to 81 individuals and entities tied to Trump and allegations of possible misconduct ask for recipients to respond by March 18, two weeks from now.

The full list (via Axios): 

  1. Brad Parscale (letterdocument requests)
  2. Cambridge Analytica (letterdocument requests)
  3. Carter Page (letter, document requests)
  4. Department of Justice (letterdocument requests)
  5. Donald J Trump Revocable Trust (letterdocument requests)
  6. Donald Trump Jr. (letterdocument requests)
  7. Dylan Howard (letterdocument requests)
  8. Eric Trump (letterdocument requests)
  9. Erik Prince (letterdocument requests)
  10. Federal Bureau of Investigation (letter, document requests)
  11. Felix Sater (letterdocument requests)
  12. Flynn Intel Group (letterdocument requests)
  13. General Services Administration (letterdocument requests)
  14. George Nader (letterdocument requests)
  15. George Papadopoulos (letterdocument requests)
  16. Jared Kushner (letterdocument requests)
  17. Jeff Sessions (letterdocument requests)
  18. Jerome Corsi (letterdocument requests)
  19. Julian Assange (letterdocument requests)
  20. Michael Caputo (letterdocument requests)
  21. Michael Cohen (letterdocument requests)
  22. Michael Flynn (letterdocument requests)
  23. Michael Flynn Jr (letterdocument requests)
  24. Paul Manafort (letterdocument requests)
  25. Roger Stone (letter, document requests)
  26. Sean Spicer (letterdocument requests)
  27. Steve Bannon (letterdocument requests)
  28. The White House (letterdocument requests)
  29. Trump Campaign (letterdocument requests)
  30. Trump Foundation (letterdocument requests)
  31. Trump Organization (letterdocument requests)
  32. Trump Transition (letterdocument requests)
  33. Wikileaks (letterdocument requests)
  34. 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee (letterdocument requests)
  35. NRA (letterdocument requests)


Mollie spoke to Jerry Nadler on Nov 7 2018 on a train and she tweeted out on March 4 the following

Tom Fitton breaks it down for us

Geopolitical/Police State

Bolton’s ‘Monroe Doctrine’ remark on Venezuela arrogant & insulting to all of Latin America – Lavrov

Guido is now back in Venezuela, he was not arrested

Juan Guaidó, the random guy who claims to be ‘interim president’ of Venezuela, just arrived (vid) back in Caracas. He was not arrested. It seems that President Maduro’s strategy is to simply ignore Guaidó and to wait until the guy campaign runs out of steam.

Russia is pushing back on John Bolton because Bolton is playing the  Monroe Doctrine card

what is the monroe doc

he Monroe Doctrine was outlined by President James Monroe in 1823. It proclaims the Western hemisphere as an exclusive zone of Washington’s interests and regards any interference in the Americas by any foreign powers as a hostile act.



Nadler announces sweeping document requests, says Trump obstructed justice

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, who would oversee any impeachment proceedings against President Trump, announced that he will submit more than 60 document requests to the White House and Justice Department on Monday — a barrage that Nadler called the opening salvo in new and wide-ranging investigations.

Congressional Democrats have repeatedly promised to exercise tight oversight of the Trump administration since securing a majority in the House of Representatives in last November’s midterms. But Nadler’s comments signaled clearly that Democratic leaders are no longer counting on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s forthcoming report on possible Russia collusion to contain damning evidence against the Trump administration.

When the original ‘insurance’ policy expires [MUELLER] and you must attempt to ‘protect’ those in harms way by re_applying BLOCKADE + maintain leftist hatred & FAKE NEWS narrative you………..

The [DS] is panicking, they need to continue the narrative, they created a fake news narrative to keep their insurance policy going, this will not work, DECLASS will bring down the house and all fake investigations. Once the DECLASS they will be scrambling to protect themselves from the tractical nukes that will dropping all round them
At what stage in the game do you play the TRUMP card?
What is the trump card: a valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage.
Play the Trump card when the other-side believes they have the strength, they feel confident that they hold the winning hand, you play this card at the end of the game.  
Why have there been no arrests? Gathering more evidence, letting the DS believe they have the power, tracking their moves
Why have ‘specific’ dates been mentioned only to see no action? To throw the DS off, they wasted ammunition because they heard the dates,they thought the dates were not hit so the patriots have nothing, the DS believes they are in a position of power, and nothing can touch them.
Define ‘game theory’.
Game theory is the study of mathematical models of strategic interaction between rational decision-makers.[1] It has applications in all fields of social science, as well as in logic and computer science. Originally, it addressed zero-sum games, in which one person’s gains result in losses for the other participants.
Q and the patriots have been using Game theory against the DS, Q puts our real information and disinformation at the same time, then they watch the DS operatives see how they react, gather evidence and track their movements.
Why must disinformation be provided? When you need the DS to make a certain move that benefits the one puting out the information
Define ‘open source’.   original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified
Define ‘public purview’. the scope of the influence or concerns of something.
Do we let our enemies walk through the front door?
Define ‘plausible deniability’.  is the ability of people (typically senior officials in a formal or informal chain of command) to deny knowledge of or responsibility for any damnable actions committed by others in an organizational hierarchy because of a lack of evidence that can confirm their participation, even if they were personally involved in or at least willfully ignorant of the actions.
Why was it important to FIRST clean house within the FBI & DOJ (public info)? Jeff Session cleaned the house to set the stage for Whitaker, Whitaker set the stage for Barr
Why was it important to FIRST clean house within other ABC agencies (non_public info)? To shutdown the operations, to get rid of bad actors, to allow the patriots to work without being monitored.
What are the duties of the FBIThe mission of the FBI is to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the United States, and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal, state, municipal, and international agencies and partners; and to perform these responsibilities in a manner that is responsive to the needs of the public and is faithful to the Constitution of the United States.
What are the duties of the DOJTo enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.”
When does MIL INTEL have jurisdiction? When it effect the National Security of the United States
What vested powers does POTUS have re: MIL INTEL vs. ABC agencies re: matters of NAT SEC (HOMELAND)?
Think ‘umbrella surv’.
What agency does the FBI report to? reports to both the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence.[
What is the role of the AG?

The mission of the Office of the Attorney General is to supervise and direct the administration and operation of the Department of Justice, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Bureau of Prisons, Office of Justice Programs, and the U.S. Attorneys and U.S. Marshals Service, which are all within the Department of Justice.

The principal duties of the Attorney General are to:

  • Represent the United States in legal matters.
  • Supervise and direct the administration and operation of the offices, boards, divisions, and bureaus that comprise the Department.
  • Furnish advice and opinions, formal and informal, on legal matters to the President and the Cabinet and to the heads of the executive departments and agencies of the government, as provided by law.
  • Make recommendations to the President concerning appointments to federal judicial positions and to positions within the Department, including U.S. Attorneys and U.S. Marshals.
  • Represent or supervise the representation of the United States Government in the Supreme Court of the United States and all other courts, foreign and domestic, in which the United States is a party or has an interest as may be deemed appropriate.
  • Perform or supervise the performance of other duties required by statute or Executive Order

Does the AG oversee the firing of FBI & DOJ senior/mid/lower staff? yes
How many FBI & DOJ were FIRED/FORCED? many
Does ‘Russia’ recusal prevent/block AG from this responsibility?  No
What time period did this occur? During Sessions time
Who appointed and tasked HUBER? Sessions
Who appointed and tasked the OIG? Sessions
Who was AG? Sessions
[zero leaks – none]
Transfer from AG1 to AG2? Sessions to Barr
Why might that be important? Sessions gave all the behind investigations and all of his work to Barr and Barr has not recused himself from the Russian investigation
How do you avoid ‘politically motivated/attack – obstruction – attempt to block/obstruct Mueller’?
Optics are important.
When are optics not important?
Think Whitaker.
Define ‘stage set’. Sessions and Whitaker set the stage for BARR
Who recently walked ‘on stage’ to take command? BARR
What ‘stage’ experience did this person have?
Think Bill Clinton impeachment.
Has the ‘stage’ been cleaned & cleared for the next performance? YEs
If the ‘stage’ is clean, can the performance begin?
How might ‘transparency’ [DECLAS] fit into the dialogue?
Define ‘thesis’ statement. A thesis statement usually appears at the middle or end of the introductory paragraph of a paper, and it offers a concise summary of the main point or claim of the essay, research paper, etc. It is usually expressed in one sentence, and the statement may be reiterated elsewhere.
What benefit(s) does this provide BARR?
“This is not simply another four-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we, the people, reclaim control over our government.” – POTUS
Logical thinking.

Ask yourself a very simple, logical, question.
What is a FISA warrant/application?

Each application for one of these surveillance warrants (called a FISA warrant) is made before an individual judge of the court. The court may allow third parties to submit briefs as amici curiae. When the U.S. Attorney General determines that an emergency exists, the Attorney General may authorize the emergency employment of electronic surveillance before obtaining the necessary authorization from the FISC, if the Attorney General or their designee notifies a judge of the court at the time of authorization and applies for a warrant as soon as practicable but not more than seven days after authorization of such surveillance, as required by 50 U.S.C.§ 1805.

If an application is denied by one judge of the court, the federal government is not allowed to make the same application to a different judge of the court, but may appeal to the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review. Such appeals are rare: the first appeal from the FISC to the Court of Review was made in 2002 (In re Sealed Case No. 02-001), 24 years after the founding of the court.

Is it a highly confidential [safeguarded] product of the UNITED STATES GOV? yes
If a product of the US GOV _ how did UK/AUS know what was listed inside of the package? It was given to them by the Obama administration
Think call to POTUS to prevent DECLAS [sources & methods].
If the US GOV requests UK/AUS [+2] to spy [+ campaign insertion] on an AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL PRE_NOMINEE + POTUS ELECT, is there a CHAIN OF COMMAND to APPROVE such AUTH? YES
Paper trail of the CHAIN OF COMMAND & umbrella spy metadata? YES
If not tasked & targeted under FVEY – what legal authority existed to engage the targeting?
Think Nunes’ statement “not through normal collection, gathering, and reporting/oversight re: (FVEY).”
Did the dossier provide the ‘bulk data’ anchor for the spy campaign?
What entity paid for the ‘research’ dossier? Clinton
Opposition candidate?
What US Ally completed the collection of false data? UK
Why was it important to use sources within the UK vs. US? to navigate around US law to spy on people
How do you circumvent US LAW? Use the FVEY countries
What other ‘anchors’ were provided to FISC in order to gain the warrant? [DECLAS will show].
Was the ‘other’ data (collection/process) worse than the dossier? yes
Why didn’t FISC require ‘in room’ presentations of the data prior to ‘sign off’?
Who signed apps 1-4?
Who traveled to UK/AUS post election of POTUS?
Why were SECURITY PRIV removed from select ‘formerly active’ individuals?
Treason-Sedition-Corruption at the highest levels of GOV (WW).
How do you repair a bridge without closing it down?

Prosecuting major criminals – Behind the Badge with Utah’s U.S. Attorneys

Drugs, illegal immigration, violent crimes. These are big issues in Utah – and while you may not think they impact you – they do. That’s why the U.S. Attorneys Office in Utah has added six new prosecutors to its team.

In this weeks Behind the Badge report – we meet a couple of the new prosecutors and talk to the U.S. Attorney about how they are protecting Utah.

Cristina Ortega is an Assistant U.S. Attorney here in Utah.

“My primary focus in the violent crimes team is child porn. Child porn cases.”

Sometimes reading between the lines provides…
“Huber says every one of the prosecutors is already handling about twenty cases.”
“They range from domestic terrorism to court-authorized wiretaps of criminal organizations to child pedophiles and those who would exploit our children. Criminal aliens. Big fraud schemes.”

an anon posted the sealed cases filed from Nov 30 2017 to  Feb 28 2019

Feb Count.jpg

February 2019 Update to #SealedCases

5,832 new 82,324 entered 10/30/17 thru 2/28/19

Avg: 5,145 per month📁

(sorry, no heat map this month – a couple of our soldiers are down with medical ailments)

Thank you, Anon.
Note: Not all are USA v. [ ]
Nothing to see here.
Unlike the narrow scope of Mueller’s investigation, the House Judiciary’s oversight mission is broad: did committ ANY crimes or misconduct? Our investigation will either exonerate Trump, or it won’t. We will follow the facts wherever it may take us.
Read the comments.
Those still asleep buying the ‘narrow’ scope ‘new narrative’ shift.
If the scope memo was never unclassified (v2) how do D’s make this statement?    the classified information has been passed to them and the MSM

Hillary Clinton says country is in ‘full-fledged crisis’ during speech in Selma to mark ‘Bloody Sunday’

While Clinton did not specifically mention President Trump in her speech, she said that “racist and white supremacist views” have been buoyed by the current administration and warned that civil and voting rights were under attack in the U.S.
Full-scale attack.
March Madness.

Clinton and others are panicking, think about what she is saying, she is warning that civil and voting rights were under attack, if there is no voter fraud they can’t win
“We cannot avert our eyes to the evidence plainly before us …” My statement on the Judiciary Committee’s massive investigation into & his associates. I commend Chair Jerry Nadler for his leadership & look forward to working with him.
Ted liue is claiming they have evidence, but the senate, house and mueller report will say no evidence
More statements made (evidence) without presenting facts.
If ‘evidence’ exists(ed), under ‘broad’ scope #1, would Mueller have the auth to pursue? Yes📁
The Special Counsel is authorized to conduct the investigation confinned by then-FBI Director James 8. Corney in testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on March 20, 2017, including:
(i) any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and
(ii) any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; and
(iii) any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a).
Because no evidence exists(ed) and/or was found by SC/Mueller, was scope #2 enacted in an attempt to go outside of the ‘intended engagement’?📁
 this link is the redacted second memo from Rosenstein, this memo redefines the scope of Muellers investigation. The memo mentions specific people and crimes
Why is scope #2 classified only to AG/DAG and a select few others (read at terminal only)?
If ‘evidence’ exists(ed), why did R+D members of the Senate conclude NO DIRECT EVIDENCE EXISTS …………..?📁

Senate has uncovered no direct evidence of conspiracy between Trump campaign and Russia

“We were never going to find a contract signed in blood saying, ‘Hey Vlad, we’re going to collude,'” one Democratic aide said.

If ‘evidence’ exists(ed), as per your statement released today, again, why did the SENATE (R’s + D’s) JUST CONCLUDE NO EVIDENCE EXISTS?
When will Americans wake up to the [D] party con that is continually pushed without facts, without support, and supported and further pushed by the media arm of the [D] party [FAKE NEWS MEDIA]?
Reading the comments on these Tweets further demonstrates the seriousness of media brainwashing in our Country whereby statements are considered fact w/o the need to provide proof.
Control of the Narrative.
If enough people state the same thing w/o providing evidence and/or support does it become FACTUAL to those caught in the loop?

confinned → confirmed

You should update your T-banner pic to properly reflect the crowd size when the event actually started.
Have you ever witnessed a public all-out attack by the opposition party against the President of the United States?
Those who would normally hide in the shadows are forced into the LIGHT.
Patriots in Control.
📁 Open deleted tweet to read
“Enormous evidence.”    really, lets see it


At what point is it statistically impossible?
>>5489614 (/pb)
[7] seconds?
We are getting closer to 0:00:00.
How is that possible?
Close proximity? yes, they are close to each other
Says page doesn’t exist on Twitter when I tried the link. Ugh
The power of the People.
Tweet deleted.
an anon posted the following

Pepe the baker.png

KEK Q! I go to click on the “Meet the Press link” and it says “That page doesn’t exist!” The deep state is taking down evidence as fast as you are posting it! Nothing to see there!
You are the news now.
Gif of clinton on rocking chair in stray jacket in an insane asylum, it says impeach on the walls and trump is looking in through the window and laughing, obama is in the same room

Rep. Devin Nunes says Michael Cohen is testifying in a private setting with no classified information

Mar. 04, 2019 – 16:49 – California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes says there is no reason former Trump attorney Michael Cohen needs to testify behind closed doors because he doesn’t not have any classified information.


See you tonight thanks on Life, Liberty and Levin on Fox News at 10 pm eastern!📁
during  Trump’s CPAC speech, he mentioned the , Life, Liberty, & Levin.
On the schedule.

The Great Awakening: Breaking the Chains of the Democratic Party

The Great Awakening.

Can someone explain this Whitaker shit? Q said he was taking on a new role in the DOJ, now quits suddenly?
You have a short memory, Anon.
He did remain on and in a senior role as stated by the DOJ.📁
Duration stated?
Why are key positions always interchanging?
Logical thinking by oneself clarifies easy-to-answer questions.

Matt Whitaker Leaves Justice Department

  • The former acting Attorney General is out after a short tenure.
  • Saturday was the last day at the Department of Justice for acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, according to a Monday report.
  • “Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has left the Department of Justice,” according to The Hill. “It is unclear where Whitaker might go, including whether he might seek another role in the Trump administration.”



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 17e025 No.5227163

WHITAKER remain DOJ senior staff?
Senior counselor in the associate attorney general’s office?
Then go.
But we really liked him, Q.
Departure from the DOJ doesn’t mean he’s not on the team and still in the game (or, by our analogy, an actor in the movie).