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Step Back And Really Look At What’s Happening, Can You See The MOAB
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Boris Johnson is pushing for a no-deal BREXIT if he is named the next PM. The [CB] are struggling to keep control, but the people are fighting back to take control away from them. The MSM is now defending the [CB] and they are worried about Trump putting certain individuals in the Fed, they are panicking. Trump explains that the real threat to the economy is not our competitors it is the Fed. A new witness came forward in the 11th hour and is now talk to Horowitz. [JE] has been arrested and the patriots are now cornering the [DS], there is no escape. If you step back and take a look at what is happening you can see the MOAB, and it is about to drop.

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Current News – 07.07.2019

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Boris Johnson warns open door to no-deal Brexit not a bluff

  • Boris Johnson, the lead contender to become Britain’s new prime minister, on Sunday stressed he was serious about the possibility of a no-deal Brexit under his leadership. 
  • Johnson added that he thinks people’s fears and apprehension about leaving the bloc without an agreement “are overdone, I really do.”


MSNBC analyst busts Trump for real reason he’s freaking out on the Fed for not dropping rates

  •  a panel on MSNBC’s “Up with David Gura,” weighed in on President Donald Trump’s latest attempts to strong-arm Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell into squeezing interest rates — and the real reason he might be so obsessed with this issue.
  • “There is a case for the fed to lower interest rates or take back that rate hike from December,” said CNBC analyst Ron Insana. “What the president is suggesting, and now one of his nominees is suggesting, is that rates should be back at zero. That’s for extreme duress. That’s what we saw in the great financial crisis, as you know, in 2008 and 2009. There is no reason to get aggressive about pushing interest rates lower, and this morning, last night, the president said that the Fed is the biggest problem facing the U.S. economy. That is just utterly absurd. The Fed has been extraordinarily responsible.”
  • “What I worry about most, David, is the president packing the Fed with sycophants and ideologues who are going to do his bidding,” he added.
  • “I think when he talks about the economy … he’s not talking about it in terms of the average person or the average household,” said Williams. “He’s talking about people that he knows, real estate folks, big corporations. When he’s talking about preserving jobs, he’s talking about keeping companies or corporations here that would be so benevolent that they would give you a job. So that is how he sees the economy, and not necessarily on the skills gap or the squeeze that others are feeling.” 


Donald J. Trump


Strong jobs report, low inflation, and other countries around the world doing anything possible to take advantage of the United States, knowing that our Federal Reserve doesn’t have a clue! They raised rates too soon, too often, & tightened, while others did just the opposite….

Donald J. Trump


….As well as we are doing from the day after the great Election, when the Market shot right up, it could have been even better – massive additional wealth would have been created, & used very well. Our most difficult problem is not our competitors, it is the Federal Reserve!


The DS is panicking, the walls are closing in on them, as the Patriots continually drip more and more information out to the public the DS players are scrambling, this is all being done on purpose, panic, fear, leads to I don’t want to go to prison, I will cut a deal, I will talk, 

Report: New Horowitz Witness, Likely Kathleen Kavalec, Agrees to Talk to IG Investigators…

Fox News – Key witnesses sought for questioning by Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz early in his investigation into alleged government surveillance abuse have come forward at the 11th hour,  

at least one witness outside the Justice Department and FBI started cooperating — a breakthrough that came after Attorney General William Barr ordered U.S. Attorney John Durham to lead a separate investigation into the origins of the bureau’s 2016 Russia case that laid the foundation for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe. 

  • While the “reluctant witness” is not specifically identified but there is enough background material to identify it is likely former State Department official Kathleen Kavalec.
  • Kathleen Kavalec was the Deputy Assistant Secretary – Department of State, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, serving under Victoria Nuland and covered Russia as part of her State Dept. duties.  Kavalec was contacted by Christopher Steele prior to the FISA application on Carter Page being sought by the FBI and DOJ.  Kavalic wrote a series of notes and emails to the FBI undercutting the dossier central claims made by Steele.  


Report: Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Sex Trafficking and Conspiracy….

  •  Jeffrey Epstein arrested on new charges relating to his prior controversial Florida arrest and conviction of sex crimes. Techno fog tweeted out the following

Techno Fog@Techno_Fog


Daily Beast: Jeffrey Epstein ” arrested for allegedly sex trafficking dozens of minors in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005″ 

Jeffrey Epstein Arrested For Sex Trafficking of Minors: Source

The billionaire pedophile was reportedly arrested on Saturday night and will appear in New York court on Monday to be charged with sex trafficking, according to law enforcement.

Techno Fog@Techno_Fog

This comes 2 weeks after the DOJ argued against the rescission of the Epstein Non-Prosecution Agreement in the victims’ Florida case.

Full doc here: 

View image on Twitter
Lets go back to May 24, techno fog tweeted out the following

Techno Fog@Techno_Fog

Wait. Was pedophile Jeffrey Epstein an informant for Mueller’s FBI?

From the 5/24/18 FBI Vault release: “Epstein has also provided information to the FBI as agreed upon.”

Is that why he escaped serious charges for molesting over twenty girls?

View image on Twitter

Techno Fog@Techno_Fog

Here’s the thing: I’m seeing nothing in Epstein’s 2007 plea deal with the DOJ that required him to provide information to the FBI. (see pics)

This begs the question of whether there was a separate agreement – still undisclosed – with the FBI.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

And then we have this interview with Attorney Bradley Edwards, 

Trump saw it all, out of pagesix trump was boring, remember he didn’t drink or do drugs, he observed watch, saw everything

Trump was the ‘boring’ guy at Studio 54

  • The former owner of infamous Manhattan club Studio 54 is releasing a tell-all book dishing on the wild cocaine parties and the antics of stars including John Belushi, Robin Williams — and even a “boring” Donald Trump.
  • Mark Fleischman, who bought the club from original owners Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell and reopened it in the early ’80s, is releasing ­“Inside Studio 54” via Rare Bird on Sept. 19.


Hannity was speaking to Trump listen to what he said about Epstein Island

HRC has taken a number of villages from Haiti


Re_read drops re: Haiti.
At some point it will not be safe for them to walk down the street.
Fake News?
The World is WATCHING.

Lets talk about the census

PHOTO: The 2000 US Census Asked Citizenship Question — Obama Deleted it in 2010 — Trump Wants It Back in 2020 

  • Here is a chart on when the citizenship was asked in the US Census.


  • Obama took the question off the census in 2010 so he could help the Democrat Party to hold power.
  • Now President Trump wants it back on the census.

Geopolitical/Police State

  • When Google needed government sign-off on a 2007 acquisition that would tighten its grip on the digital advertising market, the company turned to antitrust attorney and lobbyist Makan Delrahim to help get the job done.
  • Now Makan Delrahim is the Justice Departments top antitrust enforcer 
  •  , Delrahim would play the leading role in any DOJ lawsuit accusing Google of stifling markets and harming consumers. It’s a striking turn of events given the assistant attorney general’s past role in shepherding the company’s $3.1 billion purchase of DoubleClick, a display advertising and ad tech firm that has played a central part in establishing Google’s market dominance.



The DS players in the iran deal are panicking

  •   Macron reportedly had an hour-long phone conversation with his Iranian counterpart, President Hassan Rouhani, discussing conditions for a dialogue resumption between all parties of the JCPOA agreement.
  • Macron warned Rouhani that the former was extremely concerned by any further weakening of the Iran nuclear deal,
  • Macron argued that he had reached an agreement with Rouhani “to explore by 15 July conditions to resume dialogue between the parties.



Now if we step back and really look at what is going on you can see the MOAB, you can see how the patriots are manuevering all of this together so their is no escape, brilliant. 

  1. We have the investigation being conducted by Barr, Huber, Durham, Horowitz etc. 
  2. What are they investigating, illegal spying, FISA, email scandal, corruption, treason, crimes, uranium 1 etc, this is only one part of the MOAB, this will be devasting to the DS,
  3. Now to make sure nobody can escape any of this add in Epstein Island, so put it all together, show how they spied, show how they sold secrets, expose the Uranium 1 scandal, show how HRC deleted all the emails, show treason then add how all these people are involved in Epstein Island, how they were knowingly participating in all of this, boom there is no escape, this is the MOAB 


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