Petrodollar Doomed Russia And Iran To Corner The Mideast Oil Supply – Episode 793

Russia and Iran Corner Oil Market, Dump Petrodollar
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Germany is blackmailing Greece on taken on more refugees if they want more bailout money. Job openings are shrinking. 12 cities seeing a rise in housing foreclosures. Global trade has collapsd and India’s imports and exports are declining rapidly. Russia will build a gas pipeline in Pakistan.  Russia and Iran are moving to corner the oil market in the middle east, which will allow other countries to purchase oil not using the dollar. Another healthcare exchange collapsed because of Obamacare. US tanks rolled into the hospital in Afghanistan destroying evidence. Turkey shot down a drone. US pulls out all aircraft carries in the Mediterranean.  Russia has the capability of hitting all targets in the middle east with its weapons. US ready to drop more weapons in Syria, Syria had a spy in the FSA for many years. US Government officials are now warning that ISIS is cyber attacking the power grid.

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Current News – 10.16.2015


Blackmail? Germany Considers Bailout “Concessions” If Greece Keeps More Refugees

  • The European Commission will release €2 billion to Greece in the coming days to help the country manage the current migration crisis,  German Government is considering ‘helping’ Greece more financially – but only if Athens is more involved in the refugee crisis.

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