Terrorists Will Use Car Bombs, Chemical Weapons and Dirty Nukes, False Flag Ramping Up – Episode 412

youtube_terrorist_dirty_nuke_economic_collapse2Initial jobless claims dropped but continuing claims rise for the 3rd week.  Housing prices are falling.  More retailers are saying the weather is not the cause of slower sales. Germany has blessed the “bail-in”, this will take effect in 2015. 150 armored vehicles are approaching Ukraine’s Donetsk area in a full out attack. Hagel declares Islamic State (ISIS/ISL) an imminent threat to the US. Islamic State has captured chemical weapons, nuclear material and are promising to car bomb embassies. This is a push for a false flag. The central bankers/US government are pushing the propaganda to create an event to cover up the economic collapse.

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Current News – 07.10.2014


Initial Jobless Claims Beats; Continuing Claims Rise For 3rd Week