The Second Depression Is Upon Us As The Stock Market Crashes – Episode 746

Second Depression Is Upon Us
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Tspiras will be stepping down and a call for snap elections is about to happen.UK retail sales missed expectations. Initial jobless claims increase once again. Another retailer is closing down, more layoffs are occurring. Caterpillar sales decline once again which is signalling the second depression. Existing homes sales surge after the data was manipulated. Baby boomers have no retirement. Many financial experts are predicting a complete market meltdown this fall. Congress is suing Obama over Obamacare. DHS dumping illegal immigrants who have committed violent crimes into small towns. The FBI is expecting the next attack in the US will come from Patriots. US pushing South Sudan to sign the peace deal which will allow the US to remove the government. US is pushing Russia into war and Russia is preparing for war.

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Current News – 08.20.2015


Tsipras Reportedly Set To Step Down, Call Snap Elections As Early As Today

  • Tsipras will call for new elections as early as today now that the country has made a critical payment to the ECB.

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