US Government Is Now Ready To Start Phase II, Operation Remove Assad – Episode 733

US Ready To Remove Assad
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Greek stock market reopened. S&P downgrades the Euro zone. Energy companies are laying off because of oil price drop. Spending slows and is the weakest since Feb. Manufacturing declines, the economy is collapsing.GM sales implodes but the government steps in to purchase the autos. Construction spending declines, new construction comes to a screeching halt.IMF changes its mind and says the continuation of sanctions will hurt the Russian economy. The US will issue more green cards than three states combined. States pushing mandatory vaccination for children. Ukraine using propaganda that Russia will attack Baltic Region. The US Government is starting Phase II, operation remove Assad. US will retaliate against Assad if he attacks the FSA.

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Current News – 08.03.2015


Greek Stocks, Economy Collapse, Suffer Worst Declines In History

  • The Athens Stock Exchange reopened on Monday .Shares opened lower by nearly 23% and the country’s banks traded limit-down, which makes sense because they are, after all, largely insolvent.

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