Central Bankers Are Now Preparing Aggressive Measures To Ban Cash – Episode 790

Cash Withdrawals Are Now Limited
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More layoffs are headed our way. Retail sales fall in the first week of October. Baltic Dry Index declines to its lowest level in 29 years. Central bankers are preparing for a series of crisis. Central bankers are now preparing aggressive measures to ban cash . HSBC warns we are already in a global recession and its going to get much worse. FATCA has now started the next phase and it is failing. Tennessee school district needed to shutdown because of Obamacare. Gun control is a farce, stricter laws do not help they actually make it worse. MH17 story broke today which is perfect timing to throw propaganda into the mix. The new propaganda does not show who shot down the Malaysian airline, it shows nothing. US has been supplying weapons, material and trucks to the IS. The FSA forces don’t really exist, its a terrorist network. IS/US is now making additional threats towards Russia.

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Current News – 10.13.2015


Twitter – up to 336

FMC Corp – 800 to 850

U.S. Retail Sales Fall in First Week of October From September–Redbook

  • National chain-store sales fell 0.2% in the first week of October

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