All These False Flag Events Will Lead To WWIII- Episode 421

youtube_gaza_war_economic_collapse2Coach and Walgreen’s are laying off more employees another sign the economic is collapsing. The auto loan bubble is ready to pop, more delinquencies and defaults. Canada is implementing more sanctions, meanwhile these sanctions are hurting Germany. China make a new rail deal with Argentina. The war in Gaza continues and hundreds are dying all for the gas off of the coast of Gaza. The central bankers/US government are pushing the propaganda that Putin was behind the downing of the Malaysian airliner.  Russia introduced new evidence that Ukraine as responsible. The facts are now pointing to a false flag by the central bankers/US Government to demonize Russia and push the EU for more sanctions. All of these false flags will continue until war is provoked by the central bankers/US government.

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Current News – 07.21.2014


Coach Inc – 150
Walgreens Closing Flagstaff Distribution Center – 345 Layoffs