Will A System Failure Kick Off The Economic Collapse? – Episode 22


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In this report we will discuss how the continuous Cyber Attacks will start and cover up the real economic collapse. Cyprus is the beginning and with the fear of back-runs the government and the central banks will use banks attacks or power grid shutdown to cover up bank runs spreading in Europe and then to America.  For those who are not asleep realize this is a cover-up and the collapse is coming. Everything is in motion and it cannot be stopped.

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Current News

 Brics reach deal on development bank – Western central banks are not going to like this. War  needs to accelerate now to stop this.

  • The Brics grouping of emerging powers have reached a deal to establish a development bank that would rival Western-backed institutions.
  • “It’s done,” Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan said after meeting with his counterparts from Brazil, Russia, India and China. “We made very good progress, the leaders will announce the details,” he added, just hours before a summit in the South African port city of Durban.
  • The bank is likely to focus on infrastructure financing, a direct challenge to seven decades of dominance by the World Bank.
  • It is the first time since the inaugural Brics summit four years ago that the group matches rhetorical demands for a more equitable global order with concrete steps.
  • Together the Brics account for 25% of global gross domestic product (GDP) and 40% of the world’s population. But members say institutions like the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations Security Council are not changing fast enough reflect their new-found clout.

Greece Is Crashing