Obama Keeps Troops In Afghanistan For The Upcoming War – Episode 792

Obama Lies About Afghanistan
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Consumer comfort rose off the lows of 2009 even though more people are being laid off and retail is contracting. Initial jobless claims continue to fall with layoffs rising. US Gov and the corporate media pushing that retail is doing well, evidence shows retail is imploding. Why is the US housing market being propped up, to make people feel like they have wealth, even though its paper wealth. Manufacturing is a complete disaster, the Baltic Dry Index declines again below 800.  Reports about US torture black sites are much worse than the redacted report revealed. Leaked reports on Obama’s drone program shows he targeted innocent people for assassination. Details show the hospital in Afghanistan was purposely targeted. Obama announces that troops in Afghanistan will remain, this is to have troops ready for the next war. Iran shows off their ballistic missiles. US getting ready to provoke China, hoping China will react. Russia destroys more IS terrorist and they are on the run. US helping IS and re branding them into the Syrian Democratic Forces’. US border terrorist computer system went down for 90 minutes.

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Current News – 10.15.2015


US Consumer “Comfort” Surges At The Fastest Pace Since May 2009 (Driven By Black Women)