The Economic Storm Has Reached The U.S. And It Will Wreak Havoc On The World – Episode 660

Economic Storm Has Reached The US
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EU and IMF cannot agree on the Greek debt problem, so there is no deal. Greece implements capital controls and charges those who want to withdraw their funds. ADP employment implodes. US economic confidence implodes. Housing market setup to implode. China is one more step in creating a gold hub. The police are now being nationalized and the US Government will have full control. France passed takes away more rights from the people.Houthi’s take back territory in Aden. The Syrian rebels want a safe zone where they can setup a government.U.S. once again pushing the chlorine false flag blaming it on Assad. The IS states they have operatives set and ready to go to bring terror to the US. Be prepared for another false flag.

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Current News – 05.06.2015


Greece: EU-IMF Gulf Blocks Agreement

An Economic Storm Is Headed Our Way!! – Episode 18


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In this report an economic storm is headed our way and you better be prepared. All indications point to a major economic collapse, war and a police state.  Everything is in motion and it cannot be stopped. The  Government is preparing so each person needs to prepare.  The central bank will stop at just confiscating your wealth they will want your life. How? by getting us into another war.

Please check the Sentinel Alerts for the latest news on the economic collapse. The Sentinel Alerts are updated throughout the day. Please review the Economic Collapse Timeline to see additional events that are needed for the government to complete the economic collapse.

Current News


So, what will actually happen if the sun rises in the Mediterranean on Monday and no agreement exits? Commerzbank has broken it down, step by step:

“Without a rescue package the government of Cyprus would default and could not pay for the urgently necessary re-capitalization of the country’s banks,” Commerzbank analysts wrote.

This would prevent the European Central Bank from lending money to the insolvent banking system and the banks in Cyprus would receive no further liquidity from the Emergency Liquidity Assistance.

In that case, Cyprus citizens would run on the banks to get as much cash as possible, causing the banks to run out of funds, become illiquid and fail.

“Since a modern economy does not work without a payment system, the government in this scenario would probably be forced to abolish the euro as a legal tender and introduce a currency of its own. Then, the central bank of Cyprus would be able to provide banks with liquidity which is a pre-condition to get the banking system and the real economy moving again,” the Commerzbank analysts said.

This would, however,  have serious consequences for the Cypriot economy.

The new currency would rapidly depreciate and as government debt is denominated in euros, the debt pile would rise in the new currency, eventually leading to an unavoidable debt re-scheduling.

And what would this for other euro-zone countries? Not a whole lot.

“Investors would in all likelihood be able to cope even with a default on the €14bn of Cypriot government debt, €2.5bn of which are owned by the Russian government. The Greek debt cut cost investors €100bn after all,” the analysts said.

It could, however, lead to worries that other countries could leave the euro zone, potentially adding pressure on government bonds in other struggling economies. But Commerzbank bank argues this fear is overblown. Continue reading “An Economic Storm Is Headed Our Way!! – Episode 18”