Putin Out Maneuvers Obama On Syria Crisis And Forces Obama To Talk – Episode 769

Putin Forces Obama To Talk To Him About Syria
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UK, Asia and the US markets all are down on the announcement of the FED. Bank of England pushes negative interest rates and a ban on cash. Qualcomm is laying of 1300 employees. The devaluation in the yuan will mean fewer purchases in real estate. Martin Armstrong the FED just made the same mistake they did in 1927. The FED is now losing its credibility. Duestche bank is now leaving Russia while its under criminal investigation. Nigeria tells its people not worry as cash dries up. Obama wants 8 million immigrants to become citizens to boost Obamacare. Japan is no longer a pacifist nation, they can wage war. Kiev is continually manipulating the Minsk II ceasefire agreement to fit their agenda. Russia pushing for an investigation into chemical weapon use in Iraq and Syria. Austria pushes for a safe zone in Syria, which will break Syria up. Russia is setting up its own areas under the control of the Syrian government. UK pushing the propaganda of 3000 citizens becoming radicalized so they can spy on their own people.

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Current News – 09.18.2015


UK Stocks Flash-Crash As BP, Banks Plunge; LSE Investigating
logo3Dow Dumps 450 Points From Post-Fed Euphoria Highs, Time To Unleash The Bullard – Following The Fed’s admission that all-is-not-well – despite every talking head proclaiming liftoff imminent – the implicit lower-for-longer dovishness of The Fed has not been embraced by the “market.” It appears a tipping point in Fed credibility may have been reached..