Putin Warns The US Is Provoking A Global War – Episode 799

Putin Worried About Global War
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Companies are continually laying off employees. Auto loan market looking very similar to the housing loan market in 2008. Oil prices are suppressed for many reasons, one of the main reasons is to keep the economy from crashing. US is prepared to raise the debt ceiling to 19,600,000,000,000. IMF warns Saudi Arabia will be broke by 2020. IMF has not admitted that the Chinese yuan will become a reserve currency and be included in the SDR basket of currencies. Russia will go up against OPEC. Obamacare exchanges and website does not check to see if people have valid Id’s, they are letting anyone signup. CISA will allow the FBI, CIA, NSA or any other agency to collect all information from companies. Ukraine is creating a registry of websites and will determine which sites should be banned. US war games big problems, hover crafts and military vehicles get stuck in the sand. Russia trying to coordinate with Turkey, Jordan, US and Saudi Arabia to find a Syrian solution. NATO worried that they do not have a strong presence in the Mediterranean to fight Russia. US still trying to push a no-fly zone in Syria.Putin warns the US is trying to provoke a global nuclear war.

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Current News – 10.23.2015


State Street Corp – 200 to 600 Globally
GM to cut 500 jobs
JCPenney – 300 in Plano HQ
Credit Suisse – Job Cuts Reported
Microsoft – 1,000 Today?
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