IMF In China To Review The Reserve Status Of The Yuan – Episode 692

IMF in China To Make Yuan Reserve Status
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Europe give 24 hours to come up with a new proposal. Greek people withdraw even more money. Unemployment increases in Greece. Euro zone officials discuss default scenarios. Umich consumer confidence increases on the belief of higher incomes. The US manipulated the retail sales to make them better than they are, sales are in a downward trend. Mortgage apps for news home decline. Foreclosures start to surge again. IMF wants the US to act on giving the BRICS more voting rights. The IMF is in China to review the yuan reserve status. It is in the beginning phase of the review but the US is doing everything to stop the yuan from becoming a reserve currency. Poroshenko and Biden talk about how to escalate the fight in Ukraine. Experts say the conflict in Ukraine could spark an all out war. Obama getting ready to bring in more troops to Iraq.

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Current News – 06.13.2015


Europe Gives Greece 24 Hours To Comply; Germany Draws Up Capital Control Plans

  •  EU officials have given Greece 24 hours to come back with a proposal that includes pension reform and VAT increases.

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