US Government/Central Bankers Recovery Outlook Has Been Quietly Cut By The White House – Episode 718

Bankrupt US Government, Yard Sale
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Greek parliament votes the austerity package through against the vote of the people.Greek government will most likely see a reshuffle of the government. Central bankers want the people of Greece to return the money back to their bank accounts. Banks will allegedly open on Monday. Bail out deal still not fully approved, other countries need to vote on it. Manufacturing declines, retail declining, mortgage apps declining and economy declining. White House quietly cuts its GDP outlook, because the economy is not really recovering, it is an illusion created by the central bankers. US and Ukraine pushing agenda on MH17 crash, blame the Southeastern people and Russia with no evidence. Poroshenko submits constitutional reforms which did not include the people of Donetsk and Lugansk. McCain wants Javelin missiles in Ukraine. Syrian rebels are changing the currency in their captured territories.

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Current News – 07.16.2015


The Greek parliament just voted – by a landslide – in favor of austerity and selling off the country off the country

The Greek parliament just voted – by a landslide – in favor of the bailout