U.S. Warning: All U.S. Citizens Still In Libya Must Leave Straight Away – Episode 768

US Warning US Citizens Need To Leave
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Canada delinquencies are rising and we are looking at a time bomb ready to go off.FED chickens out and is not raising the interest rate. FED might make interest rates negative. Initial jobless claims are not at 42 year lows. BLS revised its numbers and they admitted 208,000 jobs were over estimated. Philly fed crashes to 31 month lows. Housing starts tumble as mortgage application decline by 17%. US DOJ is not going to go after big banks, they are allowing to continue with their crimes. In other countries gold prices are rising because the currency is being devalued and more and more people are purchasing gold.FEDS admit US Government forces states to accept common core. UK study says there will be a rise in mass shootings. Japan ruling party forced the war bill through. Ukraine bans reporters for 1 year. US issues warning to US citizens in Libya, get out now. Germany sides with Russia, need to create coalition to fight IS.

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Current News – 09.17.2015


The Time Bomb under Canada’s Economy: Soaring Household Debt, and Suddenly Delinquencies!

  •  rising delinquencies in “some of the sub-segments” of the population, a report warned.

We’re starting to see the impact of low oil prices in the West as these prices are forcing a new reality Continue reading “U.S. Warning: All U.S. Citizens Still In Libya Must Leave Straight Away – Episode 768”