US Gov/Central Bankers Preparing For A Major Offensive In Mosul Iraq – Episode 597

Troops Ready For Offensive In Iraq
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The Euro zone and Greece decide on a 4 month extension. UK and Canada retail sales decline. US manufacturing declines. Central Banks are terrified about the bond crash. SWIFT is now suing Russia. Russia ratifies the BRICS banking system, goes live end of year. US Gov can break encryption on phones, calls and texts. NY banning butcher knives and machetes. Kiev still shelling Donetsk. War still being pushed. US Gov/Central bankers planning a huge offensive this spring in Mosul Iraq which will then spread to other countries. DHS and FBI now going after anyone that does not agree with the government.

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Current News – 02.20.2015


Greece, eurozone officials agree to extend bailout by 4 months