The Next Phase For The Push Into Syria Is Now Taking Place – Episode 727

US starts next phase in Syria
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Greek stock exchange will allegedly open up on Tuesday. Tax evasion in Greece hits 50%. Moody’s reports those deposits over 100,000 could be taken by the bankers. IMF warns the Euro zone outlook faces a gloomy outlook. Durable goods declines for 5 months in a row, signalling a recession/depression. Australia ready to go with the TPP. Ukraine storing natural gas underground. Libya puppet government takes controls over oil fields. Turkey allows US to use bases for airstrikes in Syria. Turkey/US set up safe zone in northern Syria, which is the same thing as a no-fly zone. US and Turkey are setting up the next phase to push into Syria to remove Assad.

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Current News – 07.27.2015


Greek Stock Exchange Expected To Open On Tuesday

  • The Athens Stock Exchange is expected to open on Tuesday
  • “Greek investors will be able to buy stocks either with new money (cash or transfers from abroad) or using cash available in the residual credit of brokerages,” says the source.

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