Global Trade, Corporate Revenue Collapses, The Economic Collapse Deepens – Episode 796

Layoffs Start Today
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The September jobs reports was much worse than the US Government reported. Housing market bubble starting to pop, housing permits take a plunge. Tech bubble is ready to pop, valuations high, no revenue. IBM’s revenue has been negative since the beginning of 2012. Global trade is collapsing and the economy is slipping further into a deepening collapse. Russia’s plan is to default if US sanction pressure is pushed harder, the default would destroy the private western countries. Obama cannot appeal the ruling by Judge about the subsidies for Obamacare. Obama pushing illegals into public schools so they can take out student loans to blow up the bubble. NYPD uses an X-ray van to look into cars and buildings. US and Russia sign air safety agreement. Libya peace deal collapses and the US is preparing a mission to take the country back. As Russia strikes the IS in Syria paid mercenaries are entering the country by the thousands and are helping the IS fight against Assad’s armies. US gives Assad a strategy to step down, meanwhile Russia says Assad is not stepping down.

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Current News – 10.20.2015


The September Jobs Report Was Even Worse: U.S. States Lost A Total Of 22,000 Jobs