The US Government Revised The Entire Economy To Give The Illusion We Are In A Recovery – Episode 798

The Economy has been revised
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Spain’s unemployment drops right before elections. Euro zone consumer confidence declines. Initial jobless claims are at an all time low as Challenger reports layoffs increasing. America’s economic outlook declines and the entire economy is being revised by the US government to give the illusion we are in a recovery. Obama will be changing the laws to bailout Puerto Rico and setting up a Troika agency like Greece. US trying to push Greece into cancelling the Turkish Stream Pipeline and accepting the LNG pipeline. The Senate voted on CISA and approved spying on the American people. DHS is testing facial recognition on the borders. Australia is going to use Facebook photos to search for terrorists.Satellite images show the US has a secret drone base in Africa. Kuwait is buying weapons to fight the IS. Qatar is deciding if they should invade Syria. US give Iraq an ultimatum, choose Russia and you are our enemy. IS in Iraq is now moving its forces into Syria to fight Russia. FBI creates terrorists in the US.

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Current News – 10.22.2015


Spain’s unemployment rate drops to 21.2 percent as government gears up for December election