Ground Troops Are On The Ready To Enter The Safe Zone In Syria – Episode 728

Troops In Safe Zone
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Greek economy faces total collapse. German economic council supports exit for the those countries that are uncooperative. The problems in Europe continue. Housing recovery is non-existent, prices are falling, houses on the market longer and longer. Home-ownership drops to 48 year lows. FBI wants speedy detentions even if they have no evidence. US building roads in Europe so tanks are able to maneuver to counter Russia. Ukraine’s ceasefire is breaking apart, the OSCE warns tensions are increasing. Ground troops are being readied to enter the no-fly zones to get Assad. NATO is now backing Turkey and the war is about to begin to get Assad. Be prepared for the event.

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Current News – 07.28.2015


Greek Economy Faces Total Collapse As Doctors Flee, Retail Sales Plunge 70%

  •  Wholesalers can’t pay for supplies. Importers’ foreign counterparts won’t trade. 
  • Greec’s cash crunch hit small merchants first. They are less able to get credit from their suppliers, especially those dealing in perishable products that are continually imported. 
  • Nobody is buying. “I haven’t had a single customer in two days,” he said Wednesday. He is shutting down his shop and says he doesn’t know when he will reopen.  Continue reading “Ground Troops Are On The Ready To Enter The Safe Zone In Syria – Episode 728”