US Government Is Bankrupt And Continually Inflating Bubbles To Keep The Illusion Of A Recovery – Episode 795

Bubble, Debt Illusion of Recovery
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After 6 years of austerity in Greece over 36% are in poverty.  Home builder sentiment rises as existing homes sale and mortgage apps decline. Freddie Mac and Quicken loans take it to the next level to pump up the housing bubble, 3% down while home builders offer 0% down. The US Government is actually bankrupt. Saudi Arabia continues to pump oil, meanwhile the country is suffering and workers can’t be paid. Iran asks Saudi Arabia to cut production. TTIP rules are forcing governments to change their laws for food, pharmaceuticals and much more.Yahoo being sued for reading emails. Global warming is a complete hoax. US armed forces are creating equipment caches all across Europe. US and Japan are preparing to provoke China in the South China Sea. Russia increase sortie missions to 300. Russia bombing now forcing ISIS into Libya. Libya’s puppet government rejects the deal of one government. US preparing with proxy forces to invade Libya. US destroying power stations and physical infrastructure of Syria.

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Current News – 10.19.2015


After 6 Years Of Austerity, 36% Of Greeks In Poverty