The US Has Zero Grain Reserves As The Global Economy Deteriorates – Episode 744

Global Growth Slows And There Are No Grain Supplies
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Greece is selling off bits and pieces of its country to the creditors. Greek deposits become eligible for bail-ins. Major retailer going out of business because of decline in sales and revenue. Building permits plunge in NYC as the property tax expires. Atlanta FED recalculates GDP to 1.3 as the auto industry increases production and channel stuffs dealerships. Bail-ins are coming to America and the FDIC will go after depositors. Global growth has slowed according to Moody’s and the US is not prepared for a major crisis, the US has no grain reserves since 2008. GMO researcher not so independent as he receives 25,000 from Monsanto.US vaccine court pays out over 3 billion dollars to those who are hurt by vaccines. DHS hiding information on the use of the cell phone kill switch. Ukraine pushing propaganda that Russia has 50,000 soldiers on the Ukraine border. US moving military assets, tanks and soldiers to Bulgaria. Assad’s army is gaining ground, US, Turkey and Israel prepare for a ground invasion into Syria. Buffer zone is now in the process of being mapped out in Syria.

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Current News – 08.18.2015


Greece to Sell 14 Regional Airports to German Fraport

  • The Greek government has decided to sell 14 regional airports to German company Fraport
  • The selling of the airports is part of a series of privatizations the Greek government has agreed to make as part of the bailout agreement.

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