China Accelerates Dumping Of Treasuries As Elite Prepare For The Collapse – Episode 760

China Dumping Treasuries
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UK manufacturing has now been cut in half and the blame goes to China. More people are not counted in the unemployment figures to give the illusion that we are in a recovery. 689,000 native Americans lost their jobs in August. Automobile bubble is about to burst. The revenues of corporations are continually declining. This stock market crash is nothing this is just a little slump compared to the crash that is coming. China is now accelerating the dumping of Treasuries. China is now separating themselves from the private western central banking system. US now pushing to join the Arms Trade Treaty to remove the weapons from the American people. Canada’s Bill C-51 will turn Canada into a fascist country. Ukraine might default on Russia bonds. Putin moving his chess pieces in Syria to put US on the defensive. US says Russia’s interference in Syria might cause bigger problems, like destroying the US proxy army otherwise known as ISIS. Troops are now being prepared to march into Syria.

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Current News – 09.07.2015


UK manufacturing hit by turmoil in China