Putin Pushes For Peace In Syria At The Same Time Obama Pushes For War – Episode 775

Putin Pushes For Peace As US Pushes For War
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UMich consumer confidence declines as the people of the US lose confidence. US service economy is signalling a collapse. Final GDP Q2 numbers manipulated and revised. The lumber economy does match the new construction meme. Shiller reports the housing market and the stock market are overvalued, correction on the way. One by one central banks are losing control and as this control slips away so does the economy. Obama promised cheap healthcare, but now we see premiums continually rising. 72% say America is no longer a great country. DHS working a self destruct smart phone. Warning in Malaysia, US and Australia citizens should be on alert for terrorist attacks. US is going to leave and add troops in Afghanistan. US preparing for war with Russia in the Baltic’s. Putin has complete knowledge that the U.S. uses the IS as their proxy army and is now pushing to take Assad out. Russia submits UN draft resolution to make ISIS and international terrorist threat, US will not sign on to this.

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Current News – 09.25.2015


UMich Consumer Confidence Tumbles To Lowest Since October, Worst Drop In 4 Years