Terrorism, Distractions, Spying And The Removal Of The Peoples Rights – Episode 128


In this report we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. The world is on edge because the US government agencies (NSA) have intercepted communications that there is a terrorist threat across the world. Meanwhile the government is trying to limit the rights of the people, the economy is doing worse and the all the calculated number, GDP, unemployment and inflation numbers are all fake. The government has shown unemployment has gone down but realistically the number of jobs increase is due to people falling off and the number of part times has increased.

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Current News


Uncollected Greek Taxes Rise To Record €60 Billion, One Third Of Greek GDP

If the Greek people are unemployed and Greece needs to layoff 25,000 people to receive more debt, how can people expect to pay there taxes when they lose their jobs. They are surviving on what they have and the last thing on their mind is to pay a collapsing government.

  • While Europe, and especially Germany has been understandably “displeased” with having to provide billions in bailout upon bailout funding to Greece every year starting in 2010, all the more so following recent news that Greece has already spent some 75% of its bank bailout cash with no discernible improvement in its economy to show for it, Europes’ taxpayers will unlikely be any more pleased to learn that as of the end of June, a whopping €60 billion in past due taxes (an all time record) was owed by Greek businesses and individuals to the state. This is an amount that is 20% greater than the entire external cash handed over by the Troika to keep Greek banks afloat, and represents nearly 30% of imploding Greek GDP. Continue reading “Terrorism, Distractions, Spying And The Removal Of The Peoples Rights – Episode 128”