US Government & Kiev Preparing For The Next Major Offensive – Episode 685

Ukraine Offensive Begins
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Greece will miss the June 5th payment and bundle the payments for later in the month. Jobless claims hit 42 year low according to the manipulated figures from the US Government. IMF panics tells FED not to raise interest rates. Twitter will not allow an application access to show deleted tweets from politicians. USA Freedom Act has nothing to do with Freedom, it is the opposite of Freedom. Philippines is constructing a military base near the Chinese Spratly Islands, that can house US ships. Ukraine beefing up military assets, using propaganda that Russia is invading to push the next major offensive to attack the South Eastern people in Ukraine. US pushing the removal of Assad in Syria.

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Current News – 06.04.2015


EU to put Greece further into debt by €35bn if it agrees to austerity

    • “Greece can get a considerable sum, €35 billion euros until 2020, provided that they implemented programs 

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