The Economy Is In A Death Spiral, Prepare For The Big Event – Episode 711

Economy In A Death Spiral
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Greek banks will now stay closed until Friday. Greece asks for a bailout from the central bankers. Greece is preparing an alternative currency, some business are using the drachma to price their goods. Victoria Nuland visited Athens in March, is there a coup planned in Greece. Microsoft lays off 7800 employees. NYSE shuts down for 3 hours plus on a computer glitch. The economy is in a death spiral and the big event will hit the U.S. to bring the economy down and it will start WWIII. BRICS will bypass the dollar and trade in their own currency. FBI wants access to everyone’s encryption even if it violates your rights. Ukraine is ready to default by the end of July. Libya’s peoples government rejects the UN peace plan. BRICS may rebuild Syria’s infrastructure.

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Current News – 07.08.2015


Third Bank Holiday Keeps Greek Banks Closed Until Friday

  • After the Greek government had promised that banks would open on Tuesday, July 7, a second bank holiday extension was officially announced on Wednesday. Banks will now remain closed until Friday.

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