Scare Tactics, Bribes And Assassinations All Failed Onto Plan “Y” – Episode 131


In this report we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. US controlled Saudi Arabia tried to bribe Russia with oil, gas and cash to remove their protection of Syria. Putin laughed at the bribe. CIA deputy director said the biggest threat would be the removal Assad and al-Qaeda was in control of the government. al-Qaeda tried an assassination of Assad, it didn’t work. The terror threat is still in place and the warnings are still in place. There is an eerie feel in the air that something is about to happen.

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Current News


Greek Youth Unemployment Soars To Record 65%

As the unemployment rate continues to rise it makes more difficult each time for the government to pay off the debt. Greece will be collapsing soon, it doesn’t matter if they continually receive bailouts, this is not sustainable.

  • RIP Greekovery.
  • What little hope there may have been that bad and/or deteriorating Greek economic data had peaked in the early part of 2013 and the country was set for a long overdue “recovery” was promptly extinguished following today’s latest release of the Greek May labor force survey.
  • The headline news for the broader population was ugly:
  • The number of employed was 3,621,153, a decline of 14,889 from April, and down 171,356 from a year earlier
  • The number of unemployed was a record high 1,381,088, an increase of 43,467 from April, and up 193,668 from a year earlier
  • The unemployment rate was a record high 27.6%, up from 26.9% in April and 23.8% a year earlier
  • But that was the “good” news.
  • The bad news? Greek youth (15-24 year old) unemployment halted its decline over the past few months only to explode higher from 57.5% in April to a whopping 64.9% in May! Needless to say this is a record high, and means that two thirds of all eligible for work youths can not find a job. That this is the most combustible combination for social upheaval if not war, is well known to anyone who has opened even one history book. Continue reading “Scare Tactics, Bribes And Assassinations All Failed Onto Plan “Y” – Episode 131″