The Cabal Initiates The First Event, Let The Games Begin – Episode 1460

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The Cabal Initiates Event #1, Let The Games Begin
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Global equity markets are about to do something that has never been seen before. They have been rising for 13 consecutive months. The fUS has never let an audit of the gold reserves, one theory is that the gold is not there and another is that the gold is so low quality they don’t want anyone to inspect it. The BRICS are now completing the transition process, once everything is in place parts of the financial system will start to move towards the east. Obama tries to convince the public not to listen to social media. South Korea captures the Chinese vessel that was smuggling oil to NK. Russia & Turkey sign S400 deal. The first event has been initiated, we have seen this before. The cabal places groups of people in different cities and pushes protests which they hope will create larger protests. We are now seeing this in Iran. The last country on the list to have regime change was Iran, they are now pushing for this. The cabal has been spotted air lifting their paid mercenary army (IS) out of Syria. The cabal is now pushing to take back control and start an event around the world.

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Current News – 12.30.2017


“Perfect Year” – Global Equity Markets Are About To Do Something They’ve Never Done Before

  • Unless the world comes to a very serious end in the next few hours, global equity markets are about to do something they have never done before… rise for 13 consecutive months.
  • Not one losing month in 2017…


    • But it’s not just global equities, the S&P 500 is now up 14 straight months and in just a few hours will complete it first “perfect year” of positive total monthly returns ever


  • But not only was the upside incredible, there was no downside!! As Dana Lyons details, based on cumulative losses, stocks endured less adversity in 2017 than any other year on record, going back more than 100 years.
  • Specifically, we tabulated the amount of losses incurred during every down day in the market. We used the  Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) as it has a longer history than the S&P 500. And based on these calculations, the stock market enjoyed less adversity in 2017 than any other year in history going back over 100 years (our daily DJIA data begins in 1915).



US gold of low purity & that’s why audit of reserves will never be allowed – expert tells RT

  • The United States doesn’t let anyone see its gold reserves. Even if the Treasury has the number of billions it claims, they are not tradable, warns Singapore’s BullionStar precious metals expert Ronan Manly.
  • The US government claims to hold 8133.5 tonnes of physical gold in its official reserves. Fifty-eight percent is reportedly held in Fort Knox, Kentucky, 20 percent at West Point in New York State, 16 percent is said to be at the US Mint in Denver, Colorado and five percent is held at the NY Fed.
  • “The entire story around the US gold reserves is opaque and secretive. There has never been a full independent audit of the US gold reserves, and the custodians of the gold, the US Mint and the Federal Reserve of New York will not let anybody into the vaults to view the gold or to count it,
  • However, despite the numerous accusations against the US Treasury that it has much less gold than it claims, there is another reason, according to the expert – US gold is of bad quality.
  • “Even the details that have been provided on the supposed US gold holdings show that a majority of the gold bars are low purity and in weights that don’t conform to the industry standard ‘Good Delivery” gold bar specifications,” says Manly.
  • “So even if the US has the amount of gold it claims to have, most of this gold would not be acceptable for trading on the international market, and could only be used in swap transactions with other central banks that wished to swap Good Delivery gold bars for low purity and unusual weight US held gold bars,”  
  • Moreover, if the US Treasury gold holdings are falsified, it would put additional pressure on other central banks around the world, which have gold in the United States.


Russia And China Lay Economic Foundation Based On Golden Rule

  •   BRICS, BRI, SCO, EAEU and the like. These nations under the direction of China or Russia or a combination are laying the groundwork to be the driving force of the 21st Century and beyond.


    • We also continually report on gold moving from Western vaults to all points East. Most recently we discussed Kazakhstan and the importance of this nation both from a geographical position as well as natural resources like gold, rare earths and a wide variety of other elements within the borders of this growing nation.
    •  .
    • One law that has stood the test of time is the golden rule – he who has the gold makes the rules.
    • At this point it is well documented that China and Russia have been acquiring gold, swapping gold between countries through each nations banking system and recently announced their intentions to assist the three other BRICS (Brazil, India and South Africa) nations in building their gold reserves.  Russia’s gold acquisition efforts in 2017 as being the biggest year ever since Russia began reporting their gold holdings.
    • In November the Central Bank of Russia added 900,000 ounces (27.99 tons) of gold to her reserves, raising her total to 1828.88 tons or 58.8 million ounces. In October 2017, the Central Bank of Russia added 700,000 ounces (21.77243 tons) of gold to her reserves. In September 2017, the Central Bank of Russia added 1.1 million ounces (34.2138 tons).
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    • At the current pace Russia will pass China in global gold holdings and take the sixth position within the first 2-3 months of 2018. This simply shows how aggressive Russia is towards acquiring gold.



Obama takes jab at Trump over ‘irresponsible social media use’

  • Former US President Barack Obama has warned against the irresponsible use of social media, in a rare interview since stepping down in January.He warned that such actions were distorting people’s understanding of complex issues, and spreading misinformation.“All of us in leadership have to find ways in which we can recreate a common space on the internet,” he said. The former president expressed concern about a future where facts are discarded and people only read and listen to things that reinforce their own views. “One of the dangers of the internet is that people can have entirely different realities. They can be cocooned in information that reinforces their current biases.
  • Comment: Thanks Mr.O-bomber, for explaining exactly what your liberal left are doing with social media.


Hong Kong Ship Seized After Transferring Oil To North Korea

  • Just days after we showed satellite images  which indicated that Chinese ships were trading oil with North Korean ships in a blatant violation of UN Security Council sanctions, South Korea said Friday that it was holding a Hong Kong flagged ship suspected of doing just that.
  • The Lighthouse Winmore is believed to have “secretly transferred” about 600 tons of refined petroleum products to the North Korean ship, the Sam Jong 2, in international waters in the East China Sea on Oct. 19, according to Bloomberg and the Associated Press.
  • The Lighthouse Winmore, a Hong Kong-flagged ship, is seen in waters off Yeosu, South Korea.

  • The Hong Kong vessel had previously visited Yeosu port on Oct. 11 to load up on Japanese oil products and departed the port while claiming its destination was Taiwan. Instead, it transferred the oil to the Sam Jong 2 and three other non-North Korean vessels in international waters
  • Satellite images



Russia, Turkey Sign Loan Agreement on Supply of S-400 Air Defense Systems

  • Russia and Turkey signed a loan agreement on the supply of Russia’s S-400 air defense missile systems in Ankara


US and Israel reach joint strategic plan to counter Iranian influence in Middle East

  •  Cabals Middle East focus turns towards Iran.
  • According to a new Axios report, the United States and Israel have reached a joint strategic work plan to counter Iranian activity in the Middle East. U.S. and Israeli officials said the joint understandings were reached in a secret meeting between senior Israeli and U.S. delegations at the White House on December 12th.
  1. Covert and diplomatic action to block Iran’s path to nuclear weapons – according to the U.S. official this working group will deal with diplomatic steps that can be taken as part of the Iran nuclear deal to further monitor and verify that Iran is not violating the deal. It also includes diplomatic steps outside of the nuclear deal to put more pressure on Iran. The working group will deal with possible covert steps against the Iranian nuclear program.
  2. Countering Iranian activity in the region, especially the Iranian entrenchment efforts in Syria and the Iranian support for Hezbollah and other terror groups. This working group will also deal with drafting U.S.-Israeli policy regarding the “day after” in the Syrian civil war.
  3. Countering Iranian ballistic missiles development and the Iranian “precision project” aimed at manufacturing precision guided missiles in Syria and Lebanon for Hezbollah to be used against Israel in a future war.
  4. Joint U.S.-Israeli preparation for different escalation scenarios in the region concerning Iran, Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.
  • Senior Israeli officials have confirmed that the U.S. and Israel arrived at “strategic understandings” with regard to Iran.


Cryptocurrencies could offer Iran way around sanctions

  • Post-sanctions integration in the international financial sector has been one of the main challenges in the Iranian economy since the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in January 2016. As such, one could anticipate that Iranian officials would welcome the emergence of cryptocurrencies as a platform for international payments. Notwithstanding, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has not yet officially sanctioned the use of virtual currencies. According to official statements, initial studies are being carried out on the technical as well as legal aspects of using such currencies in Iran.


Rare Anti-Government Protests Grow In Iran, Reports Of Jammed Satellite TV Networks 

  • Rare protests in multiple cities across Iran, especially in the country’s second largest city of Mashhad,  observers say they are likely to grow in size and in intensity as economic grievances over high prices, corruption, and mismanagement have reached a boiling point.
  • w
      northwest Iran chanting “death to [President] Rouhani” and “death to the dictator”.


US State Department Hints At Iran Overthrow: Are We Witnessing The Early Stages Of Regime Change?

  • The US State Department has issued a formal condemnation of the Iranian government following two days of economic protests centering in a handful of cities, calling the regime “a rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos” while announcing support for protesters. It fits a familiar script which seems to roll out when anyone protests for any reason in a country considered an enemy of the United States (whether over economic grievances or full on calling for government overthrow).

Map via The Daily Mail

  • The media is already promoting a regime change narrative
  •   Israeli as well as Iranian opposition media commentators (and of course pundits in the US mainstream) have generally appeared giddy with excitement at the prospect that protests could spread inside Iran,


Is Iran the “World’s Leading Sponsor of Terrorism?”

  • Thirteen of the 14 Muslim Groups identified by the U.S. intelligence community as actively hostile to the US are Sunni, not Shia, and are not supported by Iran:
  • – ISIS (Sunni)
  • – The Al-Nusra Front (Sunni)
  • – Al-Qa’ida Central (Sunni)
  • – Al-Qa’ida in Magheb (Sunni)
  • – Al-Qa’ida in Arabian Peninsula (Sunni)
  • – Boku Haram (Sunni)
  • – Al-Shabbab (Sunni)
  • – Khorassan Group (Sunni)
  • – Society of the Muslim Brothers (Sunni)
  • – Sayyaf Group in the Philippines (Sunni)
  • – Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan (Sunni)
  • – Lashgar i Taiba (Sunni)
  • – Jemaa Islamiya (Sunni)
  • – Houthis (Shia)
  • There have been other terrorist attacks inside Iran bearing the handprint of support from the United States. Author Sean Naylor, Relentless Strike, which details the history of operations carried out by U.S. Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) over the past 30 years, sheds light on this uncomfortable truth:
  • “JSOC personnel also worked with the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK), a militant Iranian exile group that had based itself in Iraq after falling afoul of the ayatollahs’ regime in Tehran. The State Department had placed the MEK on its list of designated terrorist organizations, but that didn’t stop JSOC from taking an attitude of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” toward the group. “They were a group of folks that could transit the border, and they were willing to help us out on what we wanted to do with Iran,” said a special operations officer.”
  • The MEK were classified as a terrorist group, until the United States decided that as long as the MEK would help kill Iranians rather than Americans, that they were no longer terrorists. The MEK’s history of terrorism is quite clear. Among more than a dozen examples over the last four decades these four are illustrative:
  • During the 1970s, the MEK killed U.S. military personnel and U.S. civilians working on defense projects in Tehran and supported the takeover in 1979 of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.
  • In 1981, the MEK detonated bombs in the head office of the Islamic Republic Party and the Premier’s office, killing some 70 high-ranking Iranian officials, including Iran’s President, Premier, and Chief Justice.
  • In April 1992, the MEK conducted near-simultaneous attacks on Iranian embassies and installations in 13 countries, demonstrating the group’s ability to mount large-scale operations overseas.
  • In April 1999, the MEK targeted key military officers and assassinated the deputy chief of the Iranian Armed Forces General Staff.


US Reportedly Evacuates Daesh Leaders From Syria’s Deir ez-Zor Again

  • US helicopters have evacuated Daesh leaders from several areas across the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor to the country’s northeast, Syria’s SANA news agency has reported, citing eyewitnesses.
  • SANA reported that according to residents, the jihadists were evacuated Wednesday and flown to safety in al-Hasakah province, much of which is presently under the control of Kurdish and US forces.
  • Sources said that several US helicopters had conducted low-altitude flights into the al-Saad camp for temporarily displaced persons, landing near the al-Hasakah Dam in southern al-Hasakah province, bringing in terrorist leaders reported to have joined a new group of militants supported and organized by the US.
  • Previously, SANA said, US helicopters had evacuated 47 terrorist leaders to al-Hasakah, with injured militants reportedly sent to receive medical assistance from Medecins Sans Frontieres doctors.