The Cabal’s Plan Is Becoming Clearer, They Are All In- Episode 1385

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The Cabal's Plan Is Becoming Clearer, They Are All In
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BIS warns that the world is headed into a debt trap that will paralyze the world. Obamacare repeal is now out of the question, Obamacare will implode on its own. Catalonia pushes for independence as the referendum date approaches. US flies bombers very close to NK, the closest since the DMZ has been setup in 1953. Russia has proof that the US is working with the IS and the SDF. The truth is slowing coming out. The plan is create chaos with the Kurds in Syria and Iraq. Russia has been hit with fake bomb scares in the last week. Russia fears that this is the begging of a cyber event.

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Current News – 09.24.2017


  • Central banks are in danger of falling into a “debt trap” where they can’t take needed action for fear of triggering defaults and economic turmoil, a senior Bank for International Settlements (BIS) official said on Friday.\

  • In a speech in London, Claudio Borio, the head of the monetary and economic department at the central bank umbrella group, said it may be time for central banks to focus less on inflation and more on financial stability.
  • Low interest rates are encouraging record amounts of borrowing — as is the asset-buying stimulus employed by many central banks seeking to lift inflation. 



Obamacare Repeal Officially Dead After Cruz Says No

  • In a sudden change of heart that kills senate Republicans’ effort to pass a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare before a rule allowing Republicans to circumvent a Democratic filibuster expires at the end of the month, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is now saying he won’t support the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal bill.
  • Cruz, who revealed his position during a panel discussion at a Texas Tribune conference in Austin, suggested that the proposal also lacks the vote of Sen. Mike Lee, according to Politico. The Texas Republican said he and Lee offered amendments to the Graham-Cassidy proposal last week that would go further in bringing down Obamacare premiums but that the changes weren’t included in the latest draft of the bill.    

Geopolitical/Police State

“Go Out & Vote!” – Catalan Separatists Defy Spain, Distribute 1 Million Ballots Ahead Of Referendum

  • Following the confiscation of millions of ballots in recent days, and the Spanish governments’ pressure on local mayors to deter the October 1st independence referendum,  the grassroots groups driving Catalonia’s separatist movement defied Spanish authorities on Sunday by distributing one million ballots for the vote that  Madrid has called illegal and vowed to halt.

  • Catalonia’s separatists have pledged to hold the vote regardless of the central government’s wishes and rallied Sunday in public squares in Barcelona and other towns in the region.

  • Polls show the 7.5 million residents of Catalonia are roughly split on breaking with the rest of Spain, but as’s Don Quijones points out Madrid’s crackdown on Catalonia is already having one major consequence, presumably unintendedmany Catalans who were until recently staunchly opposed to the idea of national independence are now reconsidering their options.
  • If it spirals out of control, the conflict between Barcelona and Madrid could have ugly repercussions far beyond Spanish borders,



U.S. B-1B Bombers Fly Just Off Coast Of North Korea: 4 Reasons Why This Time It’s Different 

  • Just before North Korea’s foreign minister was due to address the United Nations, the Pentagon announced that U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers escorted by fighter jets flew in international airspace over waters east of North Korea on Saturday, in a show of force which “demonstrated the range of military options available to President Donald Trump.” The flight was the farthest north of the demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea that any U.S. fighter jet or bomber has flown in the 21st century, the Pentagon added.
  • The DMZ is a strip of land running across the Korean Peninsula near the 38th Parallel, separating North Korea from South Korea. It was created in 1953, following the armistice which ended the Korean War.



US not to strike on DPRK as it is aware Pyongyang has nuclear weapon – Lavrov

  • The United States would not deliver a strike on the DPRK, as they are confident Pyongyang has nuclear weapon, which may be used in response, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with the NTV weekly program on Sunday.
  • “On [North] Korea the US will not deliver a strike, as they not only suspect, but know for sure that they have nuclear bombs,” he said. “President [Vladimir] Putin reiterated a few times it is impossible to imagine the US or anybody else could have 100% information about absolutely all facilities.”



  •   the Iraqi Federal government asked the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to hand over international border crossings and its airports, according to an official statement of Iraq Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.
  • The Iraqi Federal Government also asked foreign countries to stop oil trading with the KRG and to deal with it in matter regarding airports and borders.
  • Abadi also stressed that the upcoming Kurdistan Region independence referendum on September 25 is “unconstitutional”, and that the Iraqi Federal Government “will not recognize its outcome”.   


U.S cautions citizens of possible unrest during Kurdish independence referendum

  • “In particular, U.S. citizens should avoid travel into and within territories disputed between the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and the Government of Iraq,” the travel warning said.
  • The KRG has resisted calls by the United Nations, the United States and Britain to delay the referendum. Iraq’s powerful neighbors, Iran and Turkey, strongly oppose the vote as they fear could fuel separatism among their own Kurds.


CONFIRMED: ISIS, the United States and SDF unite on the battle field against Syria and Russia

  • The Russian Defense Minsitry has released photos showing ISIS, the SDF and US special forces working side-by-side on the battlefield in Dier ez-Zor, Syria.
  • It has long been thought that the US proxy militia SDF is operating in collusion with ISIS in various parts of Syria. This has especially been the case in respect of Deir ez-Zor. In Deir ez-Zor, the Russian Defense Ministry has previously stated that the Syrian Arab Army and their allies are fired on most intensely from positions known to be held by the SDF.
  • Furthermore, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov recently stated,

“SDF militants work to the same objectives as Daesh terrorists. Russian drones and intelligence have not recorded any confrontations between Daesh and the ‘third force’, SDF”.

  • He added that Russia will not hesitate to target SDF forces that threaten the battle field progress and personal safety of Russia’s allies, namely the Syrian Arab Army.
  • Other reports surfaced of US military helicopters airlifting known ISIS commanders to safety as the Syrian Arab Army made its advance on the former ISIS stronghold of Deir ez-Zor. All of this has happened as the US is moving its proxy Kurdish led SDF forces from Raqqa to Deir ez-Zor, in a move that appears to be an attempt to stop Syrian forces from liberating their own country’s legally recognised territory.
  • Now, the Russian Defense Ministry has released a statement followed by 12 photos showing how SDF forces work alongside US special forces in ISIS controlled areas without facing any resistance from ISIS.



‘Areas With US Special Forces’ Are Source of Attacks in Syria – Russian TV

  • As the end of ISIS approaches in Syria, it is obvious who is really fighting them, and who has been pretending to fight them for the last 3 years. If the American led coalition would prefer not to fight terrorism in Syria, then the least they could do is get out of the way of those who have been doing it consistently and effectively. 


US Have Other Political Goals in Syria Apart From Fighting Terrorism – Lavrov

  •   Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Sunday did not rule out that the United States might have another goals in Syria apart from defeating terrorism, it would be clear after Daesh (terrorist group banned in Russia) is destroyed.
  • “When Daesh is destroyed, and Jabhat an Nusra [Jabhat Fatah al Sham, formerly known as Nusra Front, a terrorist group banned in Russia] with them, then it will become clear who is pursuing what goals in Syria,”


Cyber Attacks

Russia sees ‘full-scale cyberwar’ as bomb-threat wave continues

  • A wave of fake bomb threats across Russia has entered its second week in what a senior lawmaker called a “full-scale cyberwar” against the country that authorities are ill-equipped to fight.
  • About 400,000 people have been evacuated from more than 1,000 shopping malls, airports, and government and other buildings around the country since the surge in hoaxes began last week, according to the official Tass news agency. RIA Novosti said more than 100,000 people were affected on Monday alone. The calls are coming from outside Russia using the Internet, making them difficult to trace, officials said.
  • “It’s a full-scale cyberwar using telephone terrorism,” said Frants Klintsevich, deputy head of the Defense Committee in the upper house of parliament, said in a telephone interview. “We will respond.”
  •  So far, all of the hundreds of threats have turned out to be fake. Losses from the evacuations have reached at least 300 million rubles ($5.2 million) in the past week, according to the RBC newspaper.
  •   Hackers may use a chain of servers located in different jurisdictions — that may have conflicts with each other and don’t exchange information — to make a call, according to Nikitin. This, in addition to possible use of voice-modulation software and Google translate, make them impossible to trace, he said.


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  1. False attacks may have more psychological impact than the real thing!
    The real thing… Everyone is glad when it’s over.
    Better mental damage when you don’t know, who, when, and where.
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