The Calm Before The Economic Collapse Part 2 – Episode 76

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youtube_calm_economic_collapse2In this report we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. The world, stock market and the economy always seems to be ok right before the economic collapse.  The stock market is going up, the real estate is going up and people feel like everything is going ok and the people believe the economy is on the right track. But what they don’t realize is that the economy is teetering on collapse.

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Current News

Gun Control/False Flags

New York’s Bloomberg latest target of ricin letters

Looks like the false flag event for gun control is getting closer.  They are trying to paint gun owners as crazy dangerous people.

  • Letters mailed to New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg tested positive for the poison ricin, officials said Wednesday. Multiple sources reported that one of the letter contained references to the national gun control debate.
  • Investigators told the New York Times they believe both letters were sent by the same person. The second letter was addressed to the Washington building that hosts Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a gun control lobby group Bloomberg helps lead.
  • “The writer, in letters, threatened Mayor Bloomberg, with references to the debate on gun laws,” Pual J. Brown, the chief spokesman for the New York Police Department, told reporters Wednesday.
  • Both letters were intercepted before reaching Bloomberg and no reports of illness have surfaced. Members of the police department’s Emergency Service Unit who found the letter at a New York mail facility were examined as a precaution. Both envelopes were postmarked in Louisiana, according to CBS News.
  • The toxin can be fatal if ingested.

BREAKING: California Senate approves 8 gun control bills, including ammo registry

  • under Senate Bill 53, responsible gun owners would be required to submit personal information to the state, undergo a background check and pay a $50 fee before being allowed to buy ammunition. Their information would be stored in a state database controlled by the Justice Department and the individual would have to present photo ID at a gun store upon making an ammo purchase.
  • Additionally, gun dealers and ammo vendors would be required to obtain special permits to sell ammunition. Those gun owners or gun dealers/ammo vendors who fail to follow the law would face misdemeanor charges.
  • Excerpt from SB 53:
  • SB 374, which as the NRA-ILA noted, essentially bans the sale, purchase and manufacture of virtually all semi-automatic rimfire and centerfire rifles that do not have a fixed magazine and requires those who currently own such firearms (so called ‘assault weapons’) to register them with the state.
  • SB 396, a ban on standard capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.
  • SB 47, a bill that places onerous restrictions on “bullet buttons.”
  • SB 567, a bill that would reclassify certain shotguns as :assault weapons.”
  • SB 683, a bill that would require all gun buyers to take a firearm-safety certificate class.
  • SB 755, which would expand crimes that would result in a 10-year ban on owning or buying firearms. Additions include drug- and alcohol-related offenses, hazing, violations of protective orders and court-ordered mental health treatment.

DHS/Police State

Ammunition Order For DHS – Solicitation Number: HSFLAR-13-Q-00019

What is DHS preparing for with this Ammo?

  • The DHS Federal Law Enforcement Training Center requires the following items, Meet or Exceed, to the following:
  • 45 Long Colt – 250 gr. JHP total rounds 4000, 200, bx;
  • LI 002: 45 ACP 230GR JHP 1000 rounds per box total rounds 20,000, 20, mx;
  • LI 003: 22 LONG RIFLE CCI GREEN TAG COMPETITION RIMFIRE AMMUNITION total rounds 40,000, 400, bx;
  • LI 004: 30-30 160 gr. – this is being used for a Government gun. total rounds 4,680, 234, bx;
  • LI 005: 12 GAUGE #8 BIRDSHOT WINCHESTER AA LIGHT TARGET AA128 total rounds 20,00, 80, bx;
  • LI 006: 410 GAUGE #9 WINCHESTER AA TARGET AA4109 total rounds 10,000, 40, bx;
  • LI 007: .357 MAGNUM 180 GRAIN JHP total rounds 6,000, 300, bx;
  • LI 008: 7.69X39MM 123 GRAIN total rounds 5,000, 250, bx;

Cyber Attacks

 Cyber Attack Targets Australia Spy Headquarters

  • Despite sophisticated cyber defences, the layout and location of computer networks inside Canberra’s spy agency are now reportedly in the hands of hackers.
  • The cyber attack on one of the construction contractors of the Australia Security Intelligence Organisation building came from a server traced to China, Australian media reported Monday.
  • Foreign Minister Bob Carr said the attack would not damage Canberra’s ties with Biejing.
  • It’s got absolutely no, no implications for our strategic partnership. We have enormous areas of cooperation with China. I won’t comment on whether the Chinese have done what is being alleged or not.”
  • Previous cyber attacks forced late design changes to the $600 million building. China’s Foreign Ministry rejected the allegations saying “groundless accusations” would not solve cyber security issues.
  • Hackers were also reported to have stolen confidential information from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, home to the country’s foreign intelligence agency.

Other News


10 Things Government Can Do That Would Land You in Jail

  • Do you still believe the government represents the people? Are you part of the majority that genuinely wants the government to do good things?
  • There remains a large portion of the population that believes government to be a force for good and they blindly support giving it more power even at the expense of their own liberty.
  • Perhaps government should be a force for good represented by the will of the people. But, unfortunately, that is not what it is. Instead, the government does horrible things including breaking laws that regular citizens would go to jail for.
  • Ask yourself, why is a “representative” government allowed to do things that regular citizens are not allowed to do?
  • When a government declares itself above the law of the land, then the people live in a imperial dictatorship, and a tyrannical one at that. It is the hallmark of a ruling class that lives with a separate set of rules than the rabble.
  • Take a look at the top ten things the government can do that would land you in jail:
  • Spying: Citizens are also increasingly being arrested for filming police or public buildings under wiretapping charges of all things.
  • Insider Trading: Yes, you will serve jail time like Martha Stewart did for using marginally helpful insider trading information, but politicians voted themselves exempt from insider trading laws. It must be nice to be exempt from the peasant’s laws.
  • Hacking: You will go to jail if you hack into someone’s cell phone or email account. The government, on the other hand, has legalized wiretapping and hacking to keep us safe. As they attempt to convince the public that nation-states and terrorists will engage in cyber attacks so that they can pass Internet control legislation, the U.S. and Israel are the only nations to publicly admit to attacking another nation with a computer virus.
  • Kidnapping: Kidnappers are some of the most deplorable criminals in society, yet the government engages in organized kidnapping. Corrupt family courts stripping children from their parents for things like legal medical marijuana, or attending a protest, and the NDAA authorizing indefinite detention for “suspected” terrorists and “associated forces”, proves the government are kidnapping people. What would happen if you did the same thing?
  • Stealing: Do you know that if you’re suspected of drug crimes, the authorities can confiscate your property? It’s called civil forfeiture and police departments make millions from this practice. And what happens if you don’t pay your property taxes?
  • Extortion: Some call taxes a form of theft, which it is, but it’s more appropriate to call it extortion. It’s no different than paying protection money to your local mafia. Over one-third of your working life belongs to the mafia. But, hey, at least you’re a slave for only a third of the year, right?
  • Counterfeiting: Between the Fed continuing to bail out failed banks to the tune of $83 billion per month and the fractional reserve banking system itself, the government via the Fed can print as much money as they want with no restrictions. It’s monopoly money, literally. Counterfeiting is a serious crime for anyone not sanctioned to do it. Even using competing currencies is against the law for regular citizens.
  • Molestation: Try putting your hands on anyone in the same manner as the TSA does to men, women and children on a daily basis in airports — you’d wind up in jail for quite a while. TSA-inspired VIPR teams are now roaming public transportation, while attendees at sporting events are groped before game time. New York City has drawn attention for its special brand of “stop-and-frisk” which is a nice way of saying illegally detain, interrogate, molest, and don’t go to jail for it.
  • Assault: Whether it is spraying protesters like bugs, acts of police brutality that populate YouTube all day long, or government-sponsored torture committed by agencies like the CIA, the government has proven more often than not to be above the law in every area of assault that would put a normal citizen in jail.
  • Murder: In the real world, you or I cannot carry out a premeditated murder without going to jail for life. But this is exactly what is being done with drones, as “security officials” decide on Terror Tuesdays at the White House if the bulls-eye goes on your forehead or not. When a government can murder anyone, anywhere at anytime via secret kill lists, the concept of a government of, by, and for the people has been erased and replaced by tyranny.