The Central Banks Move Their Plan Forward, Be Prepared And Cautious – Episode 1455

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The Central Banks Move Their Plan Forward, Be Prepared And Cautious
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Bitcoin tumbles today and then recovers, the central banks use this method to make people believe that it still ok to get into the crypto market, Goldman Sachs is now setting up a crypto desk. Canada’s housing is completely out the reach of normal everyday people. Consumer confidence is declining at the same time savings are declining and credit spending is up. Subway is closing hundreds of stores. While wages are declining, savings are declining and credit card usage is up are we suppose to believe people are buying homes. Sanctions are now in place of NK. SK says they would like to have peace talks with NK without preconditions. Saudi Arabia bombs the food storage areas in Yemen. Australia is now leaving Iraq and Syria. The Syrian Government is now asking the US to leave Syria. The Cabal is trapped, how will this turn out the clock is ticking down.

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Current News – 12.22.2017


Bitcoin Gets the Gold Treatment- Futures Roll Over FOMO Crowd

  • . Bitcoin as a potential alternative  to sovereign fiat is being strangled in the crib right now via futures listing in the US Yes it will continue to go up and down i nmassive vilatile moves, but now longs getting in using futures will lose money because of the volatility adn 

  • the leverage they cannot afford. This is a tax on the ignorant common man feeling the anxiety of missing out unfolding in real time.


Goldman Is Preparing To Launch A Cryptocurrency Trading Desk

  • IGoldman Sachs – using its pre-blockchain name for the time being – is in the process of setting up a trading desk to make markets in digital currencies such as bitcoin. The bank aims to get the business running by the end of June, if not earlier, two sources said. A third said Goldman is still trying to work out security issues as well as how it would hold, or custody, the assets.
  • Why the rush to have the world’s first dedicated institutional desk?


Canadian Housing Affordability Hits 27 Year Low

  • Nothing says Merry Christmas like a 27 year low for Canadian housing affordability. That’s right, real estate across Canada has not been this un affordable since the year 1990 Spoiler alert house prices tumbled shortly thereafter

“The deterioration in the latest two quarters, in fact, put Vancouver buyers in the worst affordability position ever recorded in Canada.”

  •  the percent of income the median family would have to use to service debt pushes above 50% in Toronto and Vancouver, a recession typically follows in Canada. Currently Toronto is at 71.7%, and Vancouver is at 79.87%.
  • Rising Interest Rates Will Erode Affordability in Short Term
  • With the Bank of Canada expected to follow our US counter parts in 2018, a couple more interest rate increases are sure to erode affordability even further.


UMich Confidence Disappoints As Bipartisan Divide Weighs On Hope

  • Hope is fading among Americans…

  • Consumer confidence continued to slowly sink in December, with most of the decline among lower income households.


US Consumers Tap Out: Personal Savings Rate Plunges To 10 Year Low While Americans Splurge

  • The latest confirmation that the US consumer is now effectively tapped out came moments ago when the Dept of Commerce reported that in November, Personal Income rose by a lower than expected 0.3% (exp. 0.4%), while US consumers continued to splurge at an accelerated rate, with personal spending rising 0.6%, above the 0.5% expected, as Americans decided to splurge on holiday products and services.
  • However, and speaking of savings, therein lay the rub, because as Americans splurged in November – and much of 2017 – the personal savings rate continued to decline, and in the latest month it tumbled from 3.2% to 2.9%, the lowest since November 2007, which as a reminder is one month before the recession started.

  • This incidentally explains the surge in credit card usages  .



Subway Closes 909 Stores In 2017: It’s The “Beginning Of A Crisis”

  •   for the first time ever – contracted in 2016, closing 359 U.S. locations. Bloomberg described the situation as the “biggest retrenchment in the history of the restaurant chain” whose total store count dropped 1.3% from 27,103 in 2015 to 26,744, while the company failed to keep up with the latest fast-food eatery trends.

  •   Subway representative said that another 909 locations have been closed in 2017, representing more than 3% of the chain’s 2016 U.S. stores.


Durable Goods Orders Stumble In November – Business Spending Drops Most Since 2016

  • Headline durable goods orders rose 1.3% in November (prelim), missing expectations of a 2.0% rise, but core durable goods fell in the preliminary November print – the worst drop since April.

  • Perhaps even more concerning is the 0.1% drop in capital goods new orders ex-aircraft and parts – i.e. business spending – this is the equal weakest print in 2017.


New Home Sales Explode Higher: Biggest Monthly Jump In 25 Years

  •  , new home sales in November soared by a near record 109K to 733,000 from a downward revised 624,000 in October (from 685,000 previously).

  • On a year over year basis, new home sales soared by a whopping 26.6%:



UN Imposes New North Korean Sanctions

  • Countries around the world will be ordered to expel North Korean workers, a key source of hard currency. Nations would also be urged to inspect all North Korean shipping and halt ship-to-ship transfers of fuel, which the North has used to evade sanctions.”
  • , the measure says countries can “seize, inspect, freeze (impound) any vessel in their ports” if there are grounds to believe the vessel was used to transport banned items. T


Seoul Ready for Talks With N Korea Without Preconditions – Unification Minister

  • South Korea is open to a dialogue with North Korea on issues of concern without preconditions, in order to mend ties between the two sides, South Korean Unification Minister
  • “If we can hold talks with North Korea, we are willing to have talks with the North over issues of concerns to it in an open-minded manner and without conditions. In that sense, we will make efforts to restore strained inter-Korean relations and make better ties to help resolve North Korea’s nuclear problem,”


Pence’s journey to Bagram was shrouded in secrecy

  • Vice President Mike Pence arrived in Afghanistan on Thursday for an unannounced visit with U.S. troops,
  • Pence’s journey was shrouded in secrecy, and only a few members of his own staff knew about the preparations. He slipped out of Washington on Wednesday afternoon so that he could arrive at Bagram Air Field near Kabul long after the sun had set Thursday. He traveled in a nondescript C-17 instead of a traditionally labeled Air Force Two.
  • He met with President Ashraf Ghani and the country’s chief executive,


Breaking: Saudi warplanes destroy food depot after allowing aid into Yemen

  • The Saudi-led Coalition bombed the Hodeidah food storage depot tonight after allowing aid into the war-torn country for the first time in weeks,
  • Prior to these bombings, the Saudi Coalition boasted about reopening the Hodeidah Port so that humanitarian aid could reach millions of suffering Yemeni civilians.


US ‘disqualified itself from Middle East peace process,’ Abbas says on Paris visit

  • The US has “disqualified” itself from the Middle East peace process due to its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in Paris on Friday. “The US are no longer an honest mediator in the peace process, we will not accept any plan put forward by the US,” Abbas said at a joint news briefing with French President Emmanuel Macron. A


Australia To End Its Operations Against ISIS In Syria And Iraq

  • Australia’s Defense Minister, Marise Payne, announced on December 22 that Australia will withdraw its six F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jets from the Middle East, and stop its airstrikes on ISIS in Syria and Iraq,
  • If the US remains alone in Syria, it will face an additional pressure from the international community as its presence in the country will be lacking any legal bases or proper support from its own allies.


Syrian government demands immediate withdrawal of US, Turkish troops from Syria

  • During the last session of the Syrian Peace Conference in the Kazakh capital, today, the Syrian government delegate, Dr. Bashar Al-Ja’afari, shifted his attention to the foreign actors operating inside Syria.
  • “We demand the immediate withdrawal of U.S. and Turkish troops from Syria,” Dr. Ja’afari stated on Friday.
  • The Syrian government has repeatedly demanded that Turkish and U.S. troops leave Syria, as neither entity was invited by Damascus to military intervene inside the country.