The Chaos Around The World Begins On Schedule, Ushering In The Economic Crisis – Episode 1226

The Chaos Around The World Begins Right On Schedule
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In this news brief we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. We look to see if things are really that different. The central bank will not stop at just confiscating your wealth they will want your life. They want to enslave the people.

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Current News – 03.12.2017


Restaurant Sales And Traffic Tumble 

  •  most recent Restaurant Performance Index report by the National Restaurant Association, which lamented that “same-store sales and customer traffic levels remained soft” in January, which kept the Current Situation Index (tracking same-store sales, traffic, labor and capital expenditures) at 98.6 in January, the fourth consecutive month of contraction, and tied for the worst print in four years.

  • More concerning was the disclosure by restaurant operators, 50% of whom said same-store sales declined year-over-year, the second highest reading in recent history and second only to the 53% reported last August.

  • Restaurant Sales and Traffic Tumble in February
  • Same-store sales fell -3.7 percent in February, with traffic declining -5.0 percent 
  • The Restaurant Workforce
  •  slowdown in restaurant job growth reported in recent months. At the hourly employee level, 48 percent of restaurant companies reported that they planned to add staff during the first quarter, compared with 66 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016


“The Retail Bubble Has Burst” – Summarizing The Dark 4Q Earnings Commentary Of Retail CEOs

  • As evidence, Scott Krisiloff of Avondale Asset Management compiled the following sample of relatively downtrodden commentary from America’s largest retail CEOs, all of who seem to be throwing in the towel on hopes of any near term upside for their industry:
  • Everything is not awesome, in fact, it’s kind of awful
 “Our industry is the midst of a seismic shift, and, of course, you read the headlines. In fact, many of you write the reports, we’re operating in an incredibly challenging environment. All across the retail industry, many of our competitors are aggressively rationalizing their assets. They are closing stores, exiting markets. They’re cutting costs just to keep their heads above water. We’ve not seen this number of distressed retailers since 2009 in the Great Recession.”   – Target CEO Brian Cornell
  • Cheap debt created a massive retail real estate bubble that is now bursting right before our eyes
 “Retail square feet per capita in the United States is more than six times that of Europe or Japan.  Thousands of new doors opened and rents soared; this created a bubble, and like housing, that bubble has now burst.
  • However, it seems to me that North America could well have too many shopping malls. On a per capita basis, the US has twice the space of Australia and 5 times that in the UK.
  • It should also be pointed out that many tenants have a clause in their lease to reduce rents should an anchor close a store.




Jeff Sessions Asks All Remaining Obama-Appointed U.S. Attorneys To Resign

  •  The Attorney General has now asked the remaining 46 presidentially appointed U.S. Attorneys to tender their resignations in order to ensure a uniform transition.  


Trump Fires US Attorney Preet Bharara After He Refuses To Quit 

  • Finally, as a reminder, in 1993 Jeff Sessions was fired by Bill Clinton’s Attorney General Janet Reno in exactly the same way.

Judge Bars Enforcement Of Trump’s Revised Travel Ban

  • In the latest legal setback for President Trump’s attempt to change US immigration policy, a federal judge in Madison, Wisconsin, William Conley, blocked Trump’s revised travel ban on Friday, barring enforcement of the policy to deny U.S. entry to the wife and child of a Syrian refugee who was already granted asylum in the United States. Conley’s temporary restraining order applies only to the family of the Syrian refugee, who brought the case anonymously to protect the identities of his wife and daughter who still live in Aleppo.


Water-cannons, tear gas: Protest over right-wing leader’s visit turns violent in Naples (VIDEOS)

  • The heart of Italy’s third-biggest city was covered in thick smoke, as police used batons to fend off the rioters, who themselves had improvised clubs, and threw bins and other street objects at the law enforcement officers in a series of anarchic clashes, as the protesters retreated and rushed the cordons again and again.
  • The protests, which local media suggested were planned by left-wingers, anarchists, and radical football fans called the Ultras, were announced ahead of Salvini’s visit and, on Friday, a group had already occupied the hall where he was scheduled to address supporters the next day.
  • Salvini said that his rally would go ahead, and that he was not deterred by “a few rich kids protesting,
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Erdogan Calls Dutch “Fascists” After Turkish Foreign Minister Barred Entry

  • Erdogan launched a new diplomatic scandal when he accused Germany of “fascist actions” reminiscent of “Nazi practices” after various rallies organized by Turkish minister in Germany were cancelled ahead of an April referendum on granting Erdogan sweeping new presidential powers, he doubled down on Saturday after the Netherlands barred Turkey’s Foreign Minister from flying to Rotterdam, to which Erdogan responded by calling the Dutch “fascists” and his NATO partner a Nazi remnant”
  • Listen Netherlands, you’ll jump once, you’ll jump twice, but my people will thwart your game,” Erdogan said. “You can cancel our foreign minister’s flight as much as you want, but let’s see how your flights come to Turkey now. They don’t know diplomacy or politics. They are Nazi remnants. They are fascists.”


Angry Turks Protest Near Rotterdam Consulate As Dutch Embassy In Turkey Closed Off

  • Update 3: The Mayor of Rotterdam has issued an order to vacate the city’s center, where the Turkish protesters are situated 
  • * * *
  • Update 2: The escalation may lead to a spike by Turks in the Netherlands, with some speculating that a curfew is imminent:
  • Update: Gert Wilders has just chimed in, responding to the Turkish Family Minister who earlier in the day was barred by Dutch police from entering the Turkish consulate:

Go away and never come back @drbetulsayan and take all your Turkish fans from The Netherlands with you please.

  • * * *
  • Hundreds of demonstrators waving Turkish flags gathered outside the Turkish consulate in the Dutch city of Rotterdam on Saturday night, demanding to see the Turkish minister for family affairs as a diplomatic scandal between the two countries escalated.


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Protesters take down Dutch flag & put up Turkey’s at Istanbul consulate (VIDEOS, PHOTO)

  • Turkish protesters outside the consulate general of the Netherlands in Istanbul pulled down the Dutch flag and replaced it with Turkey’s as a diplomatic row escalates between the two countries.
  • NTV reports that the Dutch flag was taken down at midday for about an hour on Sunday before being restored above the consulate.
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Kiev stops water supplies to Lugansk – company

  •  At night on March 11, Kiev stopped water supplies to the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) from the Western water purification plant, which is in the territory controlled by Kiev, press service of the Luganskvoda Company said on Saturday.


Trump Should Make a Deal With North Korea

  • On several occasions during the election campaign last year, Trump made positive comments about talking with North Korea. Now he can, and should, put that into practice. As Winston Churchill famously said, “to jaw-jaw is better than to war-war.”


US accuses Moscow of aiding warlord in battle for Libya oil ports

  • A fierce battle for control of Libya’s oil ports is raging this weekend as worried American officials claim that Russia is trying to “do a Syria” in the country, .
  • The fighting between Haftar’s forces and militias from western Libya is focused on Sidra, Libya’s biggest oil port, and nearby Ras Lanuf, its key refinery.


Russia Starts Preparations to Modernize Naval Base in Syrian Tartus

  •  Russia has started survey works at the naval maintenance facility in Syria’s Tartus, which are necessary for its modernization and the capital works are expected to begin by the end of the year,
  • upgrades at the naval base in Tartus would begin this spring and take around five years to complete.


Assad reiterates no one invited US to Manbij, all foreign troops in Syria without permission are ‘invaders’

  • Any foreign forces, including those from the US, that enter Syria without invitation are invaders, Syrian President Bashar Assad told Chinese media in an interview, noting that no one had given the US troops currently in Manbij permission to be there.”Any foreign troops coming to Syria without our invitation or consultation or permission, they are invaders, whether they are American, Turkish, or any other one,”
  • According to Assad, the US “didn’t succeed anywhere they sent troops, they only create a mess; they are very good in creating problems and destroying, but they are very bad in finding solutions.”


False Flags

Intruder Arrested After Entering White House Grounds With Trump Inside 

  • Shortly before midnight last night, with President Trump in residence, Secret Service arrested a backpack-carrying man who breached security by scaling a fence near the south entrance to The White House.

  • The Washington Post reports, the person scaled a White House fence Friday night and was arrested on the grounds of the presidential residence, according to the U.S. Secret Service.

The incident occurred about 11:38 p.m. on the south grounds of the executive mansion. Uniformed officers with the Secret Service arrested the person without incident, according to a statement.

Authorities said the person was carrying a backpack that was searched. It did not contain any hazardous materials,

State Department Urges Coroner to Keep Russian UN Ambassador’s Cause-Of-Death Secret

  • the State Department asked the New York Medical Examiner not to publicly release information about Churkin’s cause of death.

“In order to comply with international law and protocol, the New York City Law Department has instructed the Office of Chief Medical Examiner to not publicly disclose the cause and manner of death of Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations,”

1. You probably remember Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov — he was assassinated by a police officer at a photo exhibit in Ankara on December 19.

2. On the same day, another diplomat, Peter Polshikov, was shot dead in his Moscow apartment. The gun was found under the bathroom sink but the circumstances of the death were under investigation. Polshikov served as a senior figure in the Latin American department of the Foreign Ministry.

3. Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, died in New York this past week. Churkin was rushed to the hospital from his office at Russia’s UN mission. Initial reports said he suffered a heart attack, and the medical examiner is investigating the death, according to CBS.

4. Russia’s Ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin, died after a “brief illness January 27, which The Hindu said he had been suffering from for a few weeks.

5. Russian Consul in Athens, Greece, Andrei Malanin, was found dead in his apartment January 9. A Greek police official said there was “no evidence of a break-in.” But Malanin lived on a heavily guarded street. The cause of death needed further investigation, per an AFP report. Malanin served during a time of easing relations between Greece and Russia when Greece was increasingly critiqued by the EU and NATO.

6. Ex-KGB chief Oleg Erovinkin, who was suspected of helping draft the Trump dossier, was found dead in the back of his car December 26, according to The Telegraph. Erovinkin also was an aide to former deputy prime minister Igor Sechin, who now heads up state-owned Rosneft.

  • If we go back further than 60 days…

7. On the morning of U.S. Election Day, Russian diplomat Sergei Krivov was found unconscious at the Russian Consulate in New York and died on the scene. Initial reports said Krivov fell from the roof and had blunt force injuries, but Russian officials said he died from a heart attack. BuzzFeed reports Krivov may have been a Consular Duty Commander, which would have put him in charge of preventing sabotage or espionage.

8. In November 2015, a senior adviser to Putin, Mikhail Lesin, who was also the founder of the media company RT, was found dead in a Washington hotel room according to the NYT. The Russian media said it was a “heart attack,” but the medical examiner said it was “blunt force injuries.”

9. If you go back a few months prior in September 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s driver was killed too in a freak car accident while driving the Russian President’s official black BMW  to add to the insanity.

  • If you include these three additional deaths that’s a total of nine Russian officials that have died over the past 2 years that’s Aaron Kesel knows of – he notes there could be more.
  • *  *  *
  • So why is the State Department now trying to keep Churkin’s cause of death from the public?


In 1975, during the Church Committee hearings, the existence of a secret assassination weapon came to light. The CIA had developed a poison that caused the victim to have an immediate heart attack. This poison could be frozen into the shape of a dart and then fired at high speed from a pistol. The gun was capable of shooting the icy projectile with enough speed that the dart would go right through the clothes of the target and leave just a tiny red mark. Once in the body the poison would melt and be absorbed into the blood and cause a heart attack! The poison was developed to be undetectable by modern autopsy procedures.

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