The Consent of the Conned – 10.09.17


  • Every single line item in our entire Bernie Madoff scam of a system is cooked.
  • It’s tempting to blame our leadership for perpetrating this systemic con, but every con requires marks who are willing to accept that what’s too good to be true is magically true.My theme this week is The Great Unraveling, by which I mean the unraveling of our social- political-economic system of hierarchical, centralized power. Let’s start by looking at how the basis of governance has transmogrified from consent of the governed to consent of the conned.
  • In effect, our leadership leads by lying. As we know, when it gets serious, you have to lie to preserve the perquisites and power of those atop the wealth-power pyramid, and well, it’s serious all the time now, so lies are the default setting of the entire status quo.
  • But all too many of us are willing to accept the lies because they’re what we want to hear.

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